How to Share Files During Video Conferences in TrueConf Terminal 2.1?

Konstantin Olmezov
June 15, 2018
Konstantin Olmezov
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TrueConf Terminal 2.1 supports file sharing among conference participants. This article describes how users can share files and how administrators can set this function in their terminal.

How to Share Files?

There is a special page on the terminal server where all users can upload their files and download the files uploaded by other users. Only administrators can delete files from this page.

The file sharing page is public. To get started, you need to know the page link (this link is displayed on the terminal screen during the conference). PIN code is a part of the page address. By changing the PIN code, you limit participants of previous conferences from accessing new files.

Uploaded files are always available for download, but you can add the files to the page only during the conference.

How to Find File Sharing Page?

During the conference, the page address is displayed on the terminal screen over participants’ videos. In addition, a corresponding QR code is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. If you have a smartphone, you can enter the page by simply scanning this code.

If you participate in a conference outside of the meeting room equipped with TrueConf Terminal, ask your terminal administrator for the page address.

Once you have access to the page, simply select a file to upload (once you’ve selected a file, it’ll be immediately uploaded; no additional actions are required). Please note that you cannot delete the file that you upload—it can only be done by an administrator.

How to Switch On File Transfer Feature?

In the terminal control panel, enter Preferences and enable Show/Hide file transfer tools. Once you’ve saved your settings, a download icon should appear. By clicking the icon, you proceed to the File Transfer section.

File Transfer section has three main elements:

  1. Upload Page Address. Send this address to those users who do not participate in the conference via TrueConf Terminal (instead they may use client application or WebRTC);
  2. PIN Update Button. By clicking this button, URL will be changed and upload page will be unavailable at the previous address along with all uploaded files. You can change your PIN before the conference to make the files available only to new conference participants;
  3. Delete File Buttons. Use delete file buttons to clear the page prior to new conference or delete obsolete files during the conference.

You can also download files directly from the control panel by clicking the file name.

We recommend following the next steps prior to new conference:

  • delete obsolete files from the previous conference;
  • change PIN code;
  • send updated link to the new conference participants.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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