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Online interview software for HR & Recruitment

HR managers need efficient communication tools when recruiting new employees or developing training programs. With TrueConf, you can hold virtual interviews, conferences, or webinars and share content using PCs or mobile devices. Our solutions will empower you to make a real difference for your team!

Online interview software for HR & Recruitment
Solid communication platform for hr recruitment

TrueConf Server: A Game-Changer in Business Communications

TrueConf Server will enable you to do digital interviews, host workshops and have online meetings with up to 1,500 participants. Connect to job applicants, managers, and co-workers in a matter of seconds from your phone, PC, or a conference room. Stay in touch with your team regardless of where you are.

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Organize Webinars with Online HR System for Small Business

Organize Webinars with Online HR System for Small Business

With TrueConf, businesses can run large HR webinars with video, audio, and screen sharing, which makes it easy to hold workshops for on-site or remote employees. More importantly, participants will be able to join conferences and webinars via their browsers or client applications in several clicks!

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Interviewing software: conference recording

Conference Recording: Key Videos are Always at Hand

With TrueConf, HR managers can record online interviews, conferences and workshops right from their client applications. Recruitment and training will become much more efficient as you can always review conference recordings or share them with managers and co-workers.

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Superb Video Quality on Any Device

TrueConf Server is a great asset for meeting rooms and conference halls, as it provides UltraHD video quality and a set of cross-platform applications to fit into any existing system or device. Now blurry images won’t prevent you from communicating with colleagues or business partners.

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Digital interview software: Content sharing is now easy

Content Sharing is Now Easy

TrueConf will allow your employees, job candidates and managers to make presentations, share their screens or exchange files from their PCs or mobile devices. You will be able to see this content from TrueConf client applications and hardware video conferencing systems.

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Equip Your Video Conferencing System in a Matter of Seconds

TrueConf Server is fully compatible with digital phones and video conferencing systems of all major vendors. Our solutions can easily bridge different standards and protocols which makes it easy to hold video meetings and online interviews from any conference room.

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Online hr software: scheduling meetings from your client app

Scheduling Meetings from Your Client App

Create and schedule conferences right from your client applications without asking IT administrators for help. Enable conference recording, invite participants and assign roles to participants in several clicks.

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Why is it beneficial to incorporate video interviewing software into the hiring process?

Video interviewing software speeds up the hiring process by 30% and attracts 65% of candidates who prefer it in the initial selection process. Incorporating this software into the hiring process saves time and cost, increases efficiency, provides access to a larger talent pool, improves collaboration, and enhances candidate experience.

Are there any free video interviewing platforms available?

Here are a few most common solutions used for video interviewing:

Zoom: Zoom is primarily known for its video conferencing capabilities, and has seen a 28% increase in its use for job interviews in 2023. The free plan allows for unlimited one-on-one meetings.

Microsoft Teams: This video conferencing software also grew by 19% as it is favored for use in corporate networks due to its integration with Office.

Skype: Skype is a widely used platform for interviews, especially in international contexts. It offers free one-on-one video calls and screen sharing.

Google Meet: Google Meet is part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). It offers free video conferencing capabilities, screen sharing and integration with other Google apps.

TrueConf: TrueConf provides free video conferencing solutions with an extensive array of collaborative tools and integrates with third-party video communication software and room solutions, enabling interviews to be conducted in a hybrid manner.

How do video interviewing platforms facilitate the hiring process for remote and international candidates?

• Eliminating Geographic Barriers: Such platforms have significantly expanded companies' ability to reach a global talent pool, eliminating geographic and time barriers.

• Efficient Hiring Process: Organizations using video interviewing methods significantly reduce recruitment costs by up to 50%, while speeding up the entire hiring process by 70%. This ensures faster candidate selection times, allowing companies to quickly attract the best talent and remain competitive in today's dynamic marketplace.

• Positive Applicant Feedback: Most job seekers appreciate the convenience and lower stress levels of video interviews.

What is video interviewing software?

Video interviewing software refers to a digital solution that replaces traditional in-person job interviews, allowing interviewers and interviewees to connect in real-time or asynchronously through recorded video responses. It provides features such as scheduling interviews, sending automated reminders, recording sessions, and sometimes even evaluating responses using AI.

Key features of video interviewing software

Live and On-Demand Interviews: Candidates can engage in real-time discussions or record their responses at a convenient time.

Seamless Interview Scheduling: Integrated calendars facilitate the coordination of interview timings.

Enhanced Candidate Evaluation: Interviewers can systematically score candidates and provide annotations within the platform.

Customized Branding: Organizations can tailor the interview interface with their own branding, creating a consistent candidate experience.

Benefits of video interviewing software

Convenience: Interviewers and candidates can participate from anywhere, reducing the need for travel and scheduling complexities.

Recording: Interviews can be recorded for future review, ensuring that team members can assess candidates at their own pace.

Collaboration: The software often includes features for team collaboration, allowing multiple hiring managers to share feedback and notes.

Scalability: It's easier to conduct numerous interviews over a short period, which is particularly beneficial for high-volume recruiting.

Customization: Many platforms allow the creation of custom interview questions and formats, tailoring the process to the specific needs of the role.

Analytical Tools: Certain software incorporates AI-powered analytics for assessing non-verbal signals and speech patterns, offering more profound insights into candidate answers.