TrueConf Kiosk

TrueConf Kiosk is ready-to-use software for customer service applications and call center integration that brings improved customer care and allows white-labeling opportunities to suit your company’s needs. TrueConf Kiosk source code is free to use, modify and distribute.

TrueConf video kiosk is installed on a Windows PC connected to a USB webcam, speakerphone, or handset to facilitate communication with customers. You are free to choose any hardware vendor you want, while we optimize TrueConf software for each particular case.

Note: to start using TrueConf Kiosk, you need to install and set up TrueConf Server.
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TrueConf Kiosk 1.0 (35.81 MB)

TrueConf Video Kiosk Benefits

Public Conferences and WebinarsVideo call from operator to customerUp to 1080p video quality dynamically adapting to communication channel
Set your company’s logoSet your company’s logoYour logo will be displayed at the top of the video kiosk screen
Set promotional videoSet promotional videoPromo video will be played on the video kiosk screen in standby mode
Easy customizationEasy customizationCustomize “Call” and “End Call” buttons and select the image that will be displayed on the screen when authorizing and connecting to TrueConf Server
Set virtual backgroundSet virtual backgroundThis feature is based on ChromaKey technology and allows you to select image of their choice to replace the real background during video calls and conferences
CallsVideo calls forwarded and transcoded into SIP formatWe automatically transcode the call for your contact center solution
SaveCalls and conferences recorded on the serverAll calls are automatically recorded in the highest quality. Recording format is convenient for post processing and transcribing
CollaborationOperator’s video replaced with contentAn operator can use this option to capture desktop or particular window on his/her PC (e.g. to show car design or account status to the customer)
QueueCall queue managementWe will automatically forward the call to the first available operator provided they are available in TrueConf client application
SupportDedicated customer support lineFor the customers using TrueConf SDK and API we provide a beneficial support pack for troubleshooting during pilot project developing
GitHubOpen sourceThe TrueConf Kiosk source code is free to use, modify and distribute. The application is available on GitHub as an open-source project for Visual Studio and Delphi.

TrueConf SDK for Video Kiosks: Additional Opportunities

With the help of TrueConf SDK, our software developer toolkit, you can expand TrueConf Kiosk functionality by adding extra features into the app according to your requirements.

Use TrueConf SDK to create custom solutions not only for video kiosks and contact centers, but also for telemedicine or distance education systems and Windows, Android or iOS-based apps. With our developer toolkit, you can integrate video conferencing into any existing application or create a completely new solution with additional white labeling opportunities.

TrueConf APIUser-friendly libraries for custom interactive interfacesWe provide full SDK pack including documentation, GitHub use cases and YouTube demos, which are of particular interest for developers
Public Conferences and WebinarsInvite more operators into your video callAfter you’ve added more than two operators, the video call turns into a conference with several participants on the podium
PrinterOperator’s content printed via video kioskOperator runs TrueConf virtual printer that automatically sends documents to print directly to the kiosk

TrueConf Video Kiosk in Use

TrueConf Kiosk API
  • Customer service automatization and staff cost reduction.
  • Maintaining eye contact with the customers.
  • Customer requests easily forwarded to the most qualified experts regardless of their location.
  • Serviced office space reduced and leasings costs saved.
  • Quality services provided to people with hearing and speech impairments.
  • Reduction of the average waiting time during busy hours.
Reliable Video Conferencing Infrastructure

Video kiosk technology is powered by TrueConf Server, which also provides full integration with third-party hardware systems. TrueConf Server is one of the most popular video conferencing solution in Eastern Europe.
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Conference Sessions Recording

To avoid disputes and boost quality service, the system automatically records all video calls.
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Integration with Existing Contact Centers via SIP Protocol

We automatically transcode calls from the kiosk into SIP protocol with support for video, providing transparent integration with third-party software run by contact centers. There is no need for operators to install client applications or take additional trainings.
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TrueConf Kiosk in Use

TrueConf Virtual Printer

With this application, operators can easily issue work orders, bills, tickets, receipts or any other documents and promptly send them to print right to the video kiosk. The customers can easily access the documents without leaving the kiosk.

Useful Integration Tools

TrueConf provides wide range of API and SDK toolkits that can be used to easily integrate video conferencing services into existing desktop or mobile applications or new solutions, such as video kiosks.
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