Native Integration with SIP / H.323 Equipment

Connection diagram for SIP/H.323 equipment

TrueConf Server has built-in multi-protocol gateway which is fully compatible with digital PBX and third-party video conferencing endpoints and MCU operating via SIP, H.323, BFCP, H.239 and RTSP protocols.

TrueConf Server is Compatible with Every Major Brand


Compatible devices and software

Integration of video conferencing
Do you know that TrueConf offers free video conferencing software for rooms?

TrueConf Room is a specialized version of our Windows application. Install it on a PC in your meeting room and manage TrueConf Room from any tablet or remotely via browser! TrueConf Room provides full support for TrueConf protocol without invoking gateway. Install TrueConf Room — it's free to use!

Gateway Capabilities

  • You can call H.323/SIP endpoints and IP cameras from any TrueConf clients app.
  • And of course, H.323/SIP devices can call TrueConf users and join conferences.
  • You can even register existing video endpoints or SIP phones on TrueConf Server, which can act as Gatekeeper or PBX to them. It will also allow TrueConf users to track their online/offline status.
  • You can add your room video endpoint to the address book and treat it like any other user: make calls, invite into a conference or put onto the podium during video meetings.
  • Support for all popular video codecs up to 720p30. Upon request, our technical support will help you to enhance your video quality up to 1080p30.
  • Yes, we do support BFCP and H.239. Feel free to share your content in both ways.
  • We also support aliases, so you can address TrueConf users by short digit numbers from your conference phone dialpad.

Supported Protocols and Standards

  • H.323 stack: H.239 for content sharing; H.281, H.224, Q.922 for camera control; H.235 for media streams encryption; H.225, H.241, H.245 for signalling.
  • SIP stack: BFCP for content sharing; FECC for camera control; SRTP for media streams ecnryption, TLS for signalling data protection.
  • WebRTC: VP8 video codec, Opus audio codec, SRTP for streams encryption.
  • Video codecs: H.264, H.263, VP8.
  • Audio codecs: Opus, Speex, G.7xx series.

To ease things for you we write tutorials in our blog, please find some of them below. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to start a live chat with us.