# Secure authorization

With the TrueConf Room Pro plan , you can protect the application from unwanted login using a password.

Set out access rules for TrueConf Room in the Security section of the settings sidebar.

Below you can fin our security implementation principles. To learn more about setup instructions, read our article.

# Security levels

There are various security levels:

# Security types

TrueConf Room supports the following types of secure authorization:

  • Password is a sequence of characters the administrator sets for security reasons. It should be entered manually each time you access the control panel. It is the only login method for administrator mode.

  • PIN code is a case-insensitive short sequence of characters generated automatically. Not only can it be entered manually, but it is also used to access the control panel via a link. It is a recommended login method for user mode.

Please note that secure login for users is available only if it has been configured for administrators.

The link with a PIN code is represented in the following way: [server]:[port]/[PIN], where:


If TrueConf Room works on the port 80 on a machine with IP address, you will need to use this link to access the control panel with a PIN code.

If you set a PIN code for user mode, the PIN will be embedded in the link on the main screen. This way, you can restrict access for users outside the meeting room, while meeting room participants won't need any additional measures to log in.