Video Conferencing Pricing

the Solution
TrueConf Online
VCaaS Cloud
Choose a plan
1 free plan and 3 paid starting from $29.95/month
TrueConf Server Free
On Premises for LAN/VPN
Free, no ads or hidden costs!
TrueConf Server
On Premises for LAN/VPN
Less than $10/user/month
Starting from $450.00/year
UltraHD Video Conferencing(Special video conferencing modes for business, meetings and education)
Up to 9 speakers and 120 participants
Up to 12 speakers and participants
Up to 36 speakers, 250 participants and 1 000 000 streaming viewers
Collaboration Tools(Desktop sharing & control, slide shows, whiteboard and more)
Cross-Platform BYOD Client Applications(For Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android)
Ad Hoc Meetings, Scheduling and Recording(Available in client apps and on the server)
Works through NAT, Firewall and Proxy(Doesn't require direct IP address or additional open ports)
TrueConf API(Flexibility to cooperate with third party applications and allows to integrate conferences and webinars with any website.)
Great Network Resiliency(Even 32kbps is enough for reliable video communication.)
Unlimited Number of Subscribers(Server is licensed based on the number of online users)
According to plan terms
Up to 12 named accounts
Interoperability over SIP/H.323 and Video Surveillance Systems(Easily integrates with PBXs, VoIP telephony, legacy VC equipment and video surveillance systems (RTSP))
1 connection
On-Premises Setup(All communication performed within the enterprise LAN / VPN network)
Internet connection required
WebRTC Web Conferencing(Full duplex plugin-free communication via browser)
Ease of Administration(Integration, user groups and policy management via web panel)
Public Conferences and Webinars(Video conferences available for unregistered users and federated accounts)
Video Conference Streaming(Broadcasting video conferences in real time across any audience)
Active Directory and LDAP Integration(Convenient administration and synchronizing of user's data)
UDP Multicast Support(Designed for video conferencing through satellite networks)
Scalability and Federation(Server instances can be connected together for load balancing and higher redundancy)
Autonomous Work(Server does not require constant Internet connection)
Slack Integration(Transform your Slack conversation or channel into UltraHD group video conference)
1 free plan and 3 paid starting from $29.95/month
Free, no ads or hidden costs!
Less than $10 / month per user

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