• Video Conference

    UltraHD Video Conferencing Server and Apps

    For any device,
    on every channel
  • TrueConf 7.3

    TrueConf 7.3
    for Windows NEW

    New look, new features and
    native 4K support.
  • TrueConf Server Free

    TrueConf Server Free

    Now supports
    up to 12 users.
  • TrueConf Terminal

    Meet New
    TrueConf Terminal 2.0

    Free software for
    conference rooms.

TrueConf Server:
A Cutting-Edge Video Conferencing Platform

Solid platform for your communications
  • Cuts expenses of video conferencing infrastructure.
  • Client apps for any platform.
  • 100% on-premises software solution.

Easy Integration with Your IT Resources

TrueConf plays nicely with your IT services
  • VPN networks, LDAP, calendars and even NAT.
  • Third-party video conferencing and telephony endpoints, PBXs and MCUs.
  • Streaming and video surveillance systems.
  • Testimonials
    ZTM logo
    TrueConf is easy to use and the quality is very good. In Germany there are high data safety requirements and there are only a few conference solutions left, while TrueConf delivered very good and flexible options.
  • Testimonials
    Paddington Gold Company logo
    Paddington Gold Company
    One day I ran across the TrueConf.com website. We decided to download the trial version and test it. We were satisfied not only with the superb quality of sound, but also with the quality of video. There were no crackling and or delay. In other words...
  • Testimonials
    Leroy Merlin logo
    Leroy Merlin
    The video conferencing system is based on dedicated video conferencing server TrueConf Server, which was chosen by Leroy Merlin after being thoroughly tested. Video communication is supposed to become an alternative to telephone conferencing.
  • Testimonials
    Shelter Products, Inc. logo
    Shelter Products, Inc.
    TrueConf Server is, by far, one of the best solutions we have evaluated. TrueConf helps us to save time and money by scheduling one meeting and delivering the information we need one time instead of traveling to each location and delivering the infor...
Your Solution
UltraHD Video ConferencingUltraHD Video ConferencingSpecial video conferencing modes for business, meetings and education
Cross-Platform BYOD Client ApplicationsCross-Platform BYOD Client ApplicationsFor Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android
Unlimited Number of UsersUnlimited Number of UsersServer is licensed based on the number of online users
According to plan terms
Up to 12 named accounts
Interoperability over SIP/H.323 and Video Surveillance SystemsInteroperability over SIP/H.323 and Video Surveillance SystemsEasily integrates with PBXs, VoIP telephony, legacy VC equipment and video surveillance systems
1 connection
On-Premises SetupOn-Premises SetupAll communication performed within the enterprise LAN / VPN network
Internet connection required
WebRTC Web ConferencingWebRTC Web ConferencingFull-duplex plugin-free communication via browser
Active Directory and LDAP IntegrationActive Directory and LDAP IntegrationConvenient administration and synchronizing of user's data
Autonomous WorkAutonomous WorkServer does not require constant Internet connection
Skype IntegrationSkype for Business integrationCalls between TrueConf and Skype for Business users and legacy endpoints integration
Slack IntegrationSlack IntegrationTransform your Slack conversation or channel into UltraHD group video conference