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TrueConf helps us run effective video meetings. Depending on the meeting’s type, we select one of TrueConf ’s video conferencing modes and communicate without limits. Additionally, thanks to BYOD concept, there isn’t much need for purchasing additional video conferencing equipment.

TrueConf is very easy to install and configure according to the needs of our organization. Seamless integration with Active Directory groups has also been a great asset for us.

TrueConf Server is one of the most complete and stable systems that we have deployed here in our network. We have also had great attention from technical support, who have always been able to answer all our questions.

We’ve created a completely automated bank branch to bridge the distance between the bank and our clients. With the help of TrueConf's state-of-art technologies we are doing our best to simplify customer experience.

TrueConf has proven to be extremely easy to work with, especially taking into account the size of our project. TrueConf Server completely realized our requirements for a helathcare conference solution.

The choice of TrueConf Server as a software to use was based on the cost benefit. Our top necessity was video conferencing in LAN, we tested other solutions that used additional hardware, but the cost was too high. TrueConf Server is an excellent solution for video conferencing with several additional tools and features.

It's an awesome PC based solution to the big VCS confusion most businesses face. At we use the WebRTC functionality to stream our monthly business brief’s to remote employees. Users like WebRTC as its easy for them to just click a link and enter the guest password and they are in. No plug-ins required, or faffing about.

TrueConf is easy to use and the quality is very good. In Germany there are high data safety requirements and there are only a few conference solutions left, while TrueConf delivered very good and flexible options.

TrueConf is a great and affordable full featured video conferencing solution that has allowed us and us to better collaborate among coworkers among our four offices within the US. Installation and configuration of TrueConf is very easy and straightforward, the video and sound quality are superb, and the collaboration tools are amazingly useful. We strongly recommend this solution.

We chose TrueConf because we needed a product that would run over our MPLS network. I did not want the video traffic to go over the Internet as Internet access in South Africa is not great. TrueConf was the perfect solution, setup took only a few minutes. It's a great product, that has amazing service to back it up.

TrueConf's solutions allow anyone to set up a corporate unified communications system with support of FullHD 1080p video and elements of collaboration in the shortest possible time on all popular platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android) for any type of usage on personal devices, in workplaces meeting rooms or conference halls.

TrueConf is the only product that leverages your internal network with in-house server capabilities, and brings all the flexibility of cloud and internet connected devices. It is a ‘magic bullet’ solution for our environment at any cost, and as it turned out, its cost was far more reasonable that supposed ‘flagship products’ in the market.

We needed a solution that allowed us to carry out training and meetings primarily between the UK and Singapore. All other solutions we tried used the Internet and as such because of the bandwidth and latency gave us very poor results. We implemented Trueconf because it monopolised our existing network infrastructure and as such gave us better quality than products that would use the internee.

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Department of Justice and Home Affairs SwitzerlandEducation & Government
TrueConf provides legal professionals with an unlimited amount of options for running video hearings inside and outside the courtroom Doors.
Royal Government of Bhutan BhutanEducation & Government
With TrueConf Server, the Government has established a secure 4K video conferencing system that reduces travel costs, boosts internal management and improves communication and work efficiency.
Istanbul AirportIstanbul Airport TurkeyBusiness & Industry
The visitors of Istanbul Airport can experience a new level of real-time customer service and get immediate help in a matter of seconds thanks to information video kiosk system powered by TrueConf SDK.
kolumanKoluman Holding TurkeyBusiness & Industry
Koluman Holding, one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey’s automotive industry, has replaced hardware MCU with TrueConf Server, a software video conferencing system. TrueConf integrates smoothly with existing SIP/H.323 infrastructure, delivering high quality video collaboration across five branches.
Commercial Bank of KuwaitCommercial Bank of KuwaitKuwait KuwaitBanks & Finance
TrueConf-based virtual banking system enabled remote consultations between clients of Commercial Bank of Kuwait and call center employees.
ZTM Bad Kissingen GermanyTelemedicine & Healthcare
TrueConf Server has improved the quality and performance of patient care in Rhön Klinikum and provided remote refugees with high quality medical diagnostics and timely treatment.
University of Oriente Santiago de Cuba CubaEducation & Government
With TrueConf Server, University of Oriente unites 10 branches and more than 100 employees all over Cuba and abroad.
Anygraaf Oy FinlandBusiness & Industry
TrueConf Server has become a perfect choice for Anygraaf Oy and helped the company’s employees save their time by participating in meetings and communicating with clients electronically on laptop, tablet or phone.

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