Video Conferencing for Government

For government institutions and organizations, reliable, secure and cost-effective video communication is above all. Eliminating the need to travel among branch offices is crucial to cut operational costs, enhance workflow and boost communication between remote departments. TrueConf Server brings premises-based communications together to meet the collaboration needs of your organization, protect your privacy and enable stable communication across remote offices.

Video Conferencing for Government
Department of Justice and Home Affairs

Department of Justice and Home Affairs

Switzerland Switzerland

TrueConf is very easy to install and configure according to the needs of our organization. Seamless integration with Active Directory groups has also been a great asset for us.

Giovanni Minasi, IT System Engineer


Virtual Meetings for Government

TrueConf Server is a great asset for high level meetings, as it provides UltraHD video quality and a set of cross platform applications to fit into any existing system or device. Share your ideas and collaborate with colleagues using 4K video walls to enable face-to-face interaction. With TrueConf, you can think big.

Video Conferencing for Government 4

Government-Compliant Security

TrueConf Server operates in secured LAN environment and ensures encrypted connection via TLS protocol. Additionally, TrueConf Server provides full integration with professional VPN gateways enabling end-to-end encryption of all corporate traffic between your network segments. With TrueConf, your employees can communicate securely within your organization while third parties are not able to monitor your communications. Video, audio, and content are additionally protected using AES-256 encryption standard.

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Video Conferencing for Government 5

Up to 36 On-Screen Participants

With symmetric conference mode, you can have display to 36 participants on a single screen with video, audio, screen sharing, and other collaboration features. TrueConf allows all users to participate to their full extent, giving you a much better feel of being there. The total number of participants in a single conference could be up to 1,000 users.

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Video Conferencing for Government 6

Reliable Communications

Government agencies are expected to perform their duties in difficult conditions where Internet connection is slow or unstable. TrueConf provides high quality video meetings even on slow channels and with low bandwidth when other communications lines may be down or unsafe. TrueConf also supports NAT/Proxy/Firewall traversal and efficiently manages disconnections

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Video Conferencing for Government 7

Record Everything

When working on complicated government projects or participating in large conference calls, it is important that you have a record of what was done. With TrueConf, every user's message, video and audio piece are safely recorded and stored on the server, so you don’t have to scribble down notes or annotation. TrueConf gives you the freedom to work at your own pace while still meeting guidelines.

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Video Conferencing for Government 8

Complete Interoperability with H.323/SIP Endpoints

Our built-in gateway features complete integration with third-party video conferencing endpoints and MCUs via SIP or H.323. All you have to do is register your existing VC equipment on TrueConf Server and call those endpoints like regular users.

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Video Conferencing for Government 9

BYOD: Stay Connected Everywhere!

Your colleagues can participate in video meetings from any location or device. TrueConf Server provides free client applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, browsers and even rooms! Mobile applications are available in the App Store and Google Play.

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