Video Conference 36-on-36

Symmetric video conference with %n participants

Multipoint Video Conferences is a video conferencing mode involving more than two users who can hear and see each other.

TrueConf group video conferencing is more than just video communication as it represents a fully functional collaboration tool: group text chat, slide show, screen capturing, desktop control and screen sharing.

UltraHD 4K Resolution

Forget about the blurry picture - enjoy UltraHD 4K video meetings simulating actual meetings. Cancel the tickets and reservations and use video conferencing services instead of business trips.

Select a video conferencing solution
Video Conference Streaming
Video Conference Streaming

With TrueConf Server you can broadcast your video conferences in real time across any audience. We have supported the standards of modern streaming industry which give you an ability to organize broadcasts even for up to 1 000 000 users with popular services and solutions for content distribution.

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Public Conferences and Webinars

TrueConf Server allows to create public video conferences available for unregistered users and federated accounts. You can easily create webinars across your network and Internet.

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Remote Meeting Management

During business meetings it is important for the moderator to keep the meeting moving professionally and solve any technical issues without interrupting the speakers. With TrueConf, you can quickly and effectively manage your meeting remotely. Control attendees’ cameras and microphones, set global and individual video layouts, or lock layouts for all meeting participants to keep them focused on the agenda.

Free video conferencing
Free Video Conferencing for Small Teams

Use free video conferencing services to reduce business costs.

Cloud video conferencing solution - TrueConf Online.
On-premises video conferencing solution - TrueConf Server Free.

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SVC Technology
HQ Video Conferencing Regardless of The Conditions

Participants using different types of endpoints (laptops, tablets) receive the best possible video quality depending on the screen resolution and performance of their devices.

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The Video Layout Control

Make video windows larger or smaller to have the best view of all conference participants. You also can expand speaker window or display every participant in a separate window.

Flexible Collaboration Tools

To increase the efficiency of your teamwork, we have equipped users with content sharing, slideshows, remote desktop control, group chat and conference recording capabilities.

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Knowledge Base
What is the maximum number of participants in a multipoint conference?

TrueConf Online - 20 participants.
TrueConf Server - 36.

Can I invite SIP/H.323/RTSP subscribers?

Yes, if you are using TrueConf Server. You can invite PBX subscribers and users of third-party applications (SIP/H.323) to multipoint video conferences as well as to connect to IP cameras (RTSP).

Can I join a multipoint video conference through a browser (WebRTC)?

Yes, if you are using TrueConf Server. Please read instructions on how to join a video tutorial through a browser.

Can I schedule a multipoint conference in advance?

Yes. TrueConf Server administrators can schedule meetings in the TrueConf Server control panel, while TrueConf users can schedule meetings both on the guest page and in their client applications. Yon you can learn more on how to schedule your meetings in our guide.

Can the host of the conference rejoin it?

Yes, there are a few ways to do it.