Remote Desktop Control

Have you ever faced an issue with your PC you can’t fix on your own? With remote desktop control, you can facilitate distance support and troubleshooting on remote PCs or collaboratively co-edit documents and presentations with your colleagues during video meetings!

Remote Desktop Control

Benefits of remote desktop control

Remote assistance. Remote desktop control allows you to access your colleagues’ or customers’ PCs and provide remote support sessions.

Unlimited collaboration. Remote desktop sharing is designed to boost your business collaboration: co-edit documents, charts and presentations, co-browse web pages and much more!

Security. Only authorized TrueConf users can send you a desktop access request, which is granted only after you accept it. Remote desktop sessions are securely protected by TLS 1.3 with an industry-standard AES-256 cipher, so outsiders can’t intercept your personal data in any way.

Time and money saving. Your technical support department no longer needs to spend time and resources explaining the ways for your customers to do troubleshooting. With remote desktop control, you can access any device and provide support directly, saving resources of your IT department and keeping your clients happy.

Remote desktop management overview

Step 1. Start a conference and ask your colleague to switch to the screen-sharing mode.

Step 2. Click on the mouse icon in the top right corner of the new content window.

Step 3. Click on the Request control button, wait for your partner’s permission, and access the remote desktop.

Step 4. Once you're finished, release remote desktop control by clicking on the red mouse in the orange toolbar in the top left corner of the screen.

With TrueConf, multiple users can control a desktop simultaneously.