TrueConf Security

    We’ve built TrueConf to protect your privacy and give you full control over your information. When you choose TrueConf, you’re getting the most secure platform for all your communications and video meetings.

    TrueConf Security

    HIPAA Ready

    GDPR Compliant

    ISO 27001 Certified

    You are in control.

    You are in control.

    Imagine being able to control all your corporate communications and store them on your own servers. With TrueConf, you don’t have to share your corporate data with cloud services or anyone else. Run the entire meeting platform on-premises and inside your network.

    Check the benefits of on-premises deployment with TrueConf:


    All communications are hosted on customer’s premises with no third-party access.
    TrueConf administrators, employees or representatives do not have any access to customer’s meetings or communications.
    Each TrueConf Server instance serves only one company or organization and therefore is hardly likely to be a subject of hacker attacks.
    It is impossible to get access to your private communications by security or law enforcement agencies by sending a corresponding request to TrueConf.


    Information is stored on cloud servers, which may put at risk your corporate sensitive information.
    During meetings, video and audio data are processed unencrypted on the servers of cloud providers and can be accessed by service employees.
    Personal data can be leaked due to cloud service vulnerabilities. Cloud service employees can also have access to the databases.
    Recordings of your conversations can be available to any hacker in the Internet who has intercepted username and password from your account.

    Privacy is built in

    TrueConf respects your data privacy, gives you transparency and control over your communications with your team.

    Mandatory authorization

    PINs for every meeting

    Lock your meeting from uninvited participants

    Provide unauthorized users with limited guest access

    Industry’s best protection

    All signaling data and client-server connections secured with the latest version of TLS 1.3

    A single 4307 TCP port used for transmitting media and signal data between TrueConf Server and client apps, making it extremely easy for network admins to control and secure traffic

    Additional on-demand end-to-end encryption using VPN gateways

    Media data encryption with AES-256, SRTP or H.235 depending on the network protocol

    Efficient and customized version of VP8 video codec with additional SVC support used for communication between client apps

    Permission policies

    Permission policies

    • Limited access with IP address range or separate admin accounts
    • Provide access to the control panel only to the computers within your corporate LAN
    • Different user roles for managing meetings
    • TrueConf Security Admin role for viewing logs and reports

    Single sign on

    Integrate TrueConf Server with Active Directory to centralize user account management and restrict access rights to your corporate information.

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    Single sign on
    OAuth 2.0 secure authorization

    OAuth 2.0 secure authorization

    TrueConf Server APIs use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. OAuth 2.0 provides a number of advantages:

    • Working over the secure HTTPS Protocol
    • Delimiting application access to the API according to the role and configured permissions
    • Authorization using a complex short-lived access token without the need to visibly enter a username and password

    Proven solution for security-conscious organizations

    TrueConf is trusted by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world. We’re proud to streamline business processes for the organizations where complete privacy is mission-critical.