Video Conferencing for Education

With TrueConf, video conferencing for education is easy and efficient! We help educational institutions create learning opportunities for students all over the world. Thanks to TrueConf video conferencing, you can study anytime, anywhere and from any device. Our solutions integrate smoothly into everyday classrooms using desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and Internet connection.

Video conferencing for education
University of Oriente Santiago de Cuba

University of Oriente Santiago de Cuba


TrueConf Server is one of the most complete and stable systems that we have deployed here in our network. We have also had great attention from technical support, who have always been able to answer all our questions.

Ernesto Eduardo Diaz Conde, System Administrator

TrueConf Server Free

TrueConf Server Free is a powerful UltraHD video conferencing and collaboration software platform for corporate networks. The solution enables up to 12 users and 1 SIP/H.323 connection.

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TrueConf Server Academic License

TrueConf academic license provides up to 50% off TrueConf Server product license for educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits worldwide.

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TrueConf Server University

TrueConf Server University offers a completely free webinar platform for the U.S. educational institutions only. It includes all the features of TrueConf Server Free + 100 online guests for holding webinars.

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TrueConf Server University: Video Conferencing for Education

With 4K video conferencing and a great collaboration tool set, you can bring video conferencing into your classroom! TrueConf provides a completely free on-premises webinar platform for the U.S. educational institutions. With TrueConf Server University, up to 100 students can join the webinars from any device without any additional plugins or software.

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Run Webinars

TrueConf Server enables schools, universities and other educational institutions to run large online events for up to 250 participants. Setting up TrueConf webinar is simple. It takes seconds to schedule your conference and invite your guests. Students can easily join from any desktop, laptop, mobile device, or conference room.

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Conduct Video Lectures

Video lecture mode is specifically designed for distance education. In this mode all participants can see and hear only the speaker, while the speaker can see and hear all the students. Students are focused on the class instead of distracting each other. Video lecture mode is perfect for educational lectures, workshops and trainings where feedback from attendees is not required.

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Video Conferencing on Any Devices

TrueConf client applications support all popular operating systems including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and WebRTC for browsers. Regardless of the device you are using, you can join TrueConf conferences ad hoc or via protected link.

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Collaboration Tools Enhance Education Workflow

TrueConf provides all the collaboration tools you need for running video lessons. Set up your own interactive video conferencing classroom: upload your slide decks and presentations, exchange messages in chat, or share your desktop with students. With multiple collaboration tools, you will forget about the distance between you and your students.

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Record and Archive Lessons for Future Playback

With TrueConf, you can record your lessons and share it with students in one click. Your video sessions will be automatically recorded and saved in the specified folder on the administrator's computer.

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Expand Access to Students with Slow Internet Connection

High video quality is guaranteed even on slow and unstable communication channels. TrueConf solutions are working on the basis of Opus audio codec and VP8 SVC video codec, which are considered the best by the industry experts. Regardless of the number of virtual students, the teacher will be able to easily communicate the necessary information to each and every one.

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