TrueConf vs. Skype for Business

TrueConf offers a secure self-hosted alternative to Skype for Business.

Looking for Skype for Business alternatives?

Here are six reasons to consider TrueConf

Secure video conferencing

Privacy and security

Enterprise-level security, offline operation, end-to-end encryption and complete control over your communications.

Award-winning 4K video conferencing

Award-winning 4K video conferencing

Get your team together and run 4K video conferences with up to 1600 participants.

Total interoperability

Total interoperability

TrueConf natively works with the tools you like to enable one click to join from any platform or device.

Collaborate without limits

Collaborate without limits

Collaborate on shared files and documents with group chat, screen sharing, polling and recording.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

From our seamless onboarding process, trainings and live demos, we are with you every step of the way 24/7.



Reliable video conferencing solution embraced by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.

One platform for all needs

One platform for all needs

With TrueConf, award-winning 4K video conferencing, collaboration tools and advanced interoperability are already integrated into a single product. To provide the same set of features, Skype for Business requires the purchase and installation of additional servers and software licenses. TrueConf, in turn, offers ease of administration and cost-effective deployment and support.

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4K: A real game changer for your business

Today UltraHD resolution is hitting the video conferencing market: 4K video makes you feel like you are really in the conference room with everyone else. TrueConf is one of the few vendors on the market that provides award-winning 4K video meeting experience for free — with no added costs and complex setups.

Simple Guide to 4K Video Conferencing

Powerful integration capabilities

TrueConf Server features native support for SIP and H.323 protocols and provides seamless integration with any video conferencing endpoints and telephony. In its turn, Skype for Business requires purchasing an external third-party gateway to enable this option.

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Easy Control

Every IT administrator's dream

IT administrators love TrueConf Server, because it can be installed instantly and deployed in 15 minutes in your company’s network. To start using all Skype for Business features, it is required to administer at least 5 servers with Windows Server. With TrueConf, there is no need to additionally hire IT specialists or sign expensive contracts with system integrators. Just submit a ticket to our technical support and receive inclusive high-level assistance to get your video conferencing issues immediately solved.

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Smart Layouts

Smart layouts and large-scale meetings

TrueConf users gain full access to an unlimited number of layouts during multipoint video conferences. Place video windows in your own order, make participants bigger or smaller in one click, drag video windows out of the application or even move them to a separate screen. There are no limits, even with the maximum number of participants in a group conference.

Future trends

Future trends

TrueConf is an award-winning video conferencing and collaboration vendor. The number of TrueConf users is constantly growing as we have been creating brand-new communication and meeting room solutions. As to Skype for Business, Microsoft has already announced the date the service will no longer be accessible for all users without exception. Skype for Business Online will be retired in 2021, and Skype for Business Server will receive mainstream support until 2024.

How does Skype for Business compare to TrueConf?

TrueConfSkype for Business

Current prospects

One-year license or lifetime license.

Skype for Business Online will be retired in 2021. Skype for Business Server support will be available until 2024.

Deployment type

On-premises or cloud.

On-premises or cloud.

Offline operation


Compatibility with SIP/H.323 endpoints

Requires purchasing an external third-party gateway.

Dial out and telephony

Available upon purchasing all three levels of CAL licenses.

Integration with CCTV systems

Advantages for business

Active Directory Import

Automatic user and group synchronization between the server and LDAP directory, eg. Active Directory.

Single network port operation

Capability of a video conferencing system to operate through a single network port.

Quality and user experience

4K (UltraHD) video support

Unlimited video layouts

Users are free to choose custom video layouts or pick one of the available options.

Two video layout options: active speaker and gallery view with up to 5 users.

Pricing and trial period


The number of registered users on a server is unlimited. Only active users or devices are licensed.

The number of users or devices is licensed.

Easy-to-use online pricing calculator

Number of users in a free version

12 users for unlimited period of time.

180 days trial period.

Conferencing capabilities

Maximum number of on-screen participants.

The maximum size of multipoint layout for a single screen without cascading enabled.

36. Up to 100 on request.


Role-based conferencing

A conference moderator in real time appoints one or several speakers, who are seen and heard by all other participants.

Multi-monitor configuration

Capability to display conference participants and/or content stream on the second and third screen connected to an endpoint.

For content only.

Multilanguage interface and technical support

Interfaces only.

Client app for Android TV

Browser-based client applications

Client app for Linux

Meeting room experience

Meeting room solution availability

Via Skype Room Systems compatible endpoints.

Automatic speaker tracking

Multiple PTZ cameras control for discussion system

Don’t take our word for it!

Customers who've happily switched to TrueConf

Commercial Bank of Kuwait

Commercial Bank of Kuwait


Thanks to TrueConf, we managed to deploy a budget-friendly video banking system that did not require complicated software, big-ticket equipment or large-scale developer support. By implementing solution, we improved our quality of client service and optimized business processes with reduced costs.

Bader Qamhieh, Head of IT Department

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