Virtual meeting

Virtual meeting is a perfect video conferencing mode for organizing briefings, board meetings, town hall meetings, and webinars.

Virtual meeting

Up to 36 presenters on screen

Present and interact with audience in real time

Push to talk

Up to 1,000 attendees

Push to talk, ask questions, vote, or request to become a speaker.

Control participants

Advanced host controls

Change meeting roles and control participants’ devices in real time.

Capture your meetings

Meeting recording

Capture your meetings for future playback and sharing.

Flexible scheduling

Flexible scheduling

Be prepared: schedule your meeting beforehand and invite participants via email.



Join from any computer, mobile device, browser or video-enabled room.

Pass the ball

With TrueConf, passing presenter rights is as easy as ABC. During the meeting, any attendee can become a speaker by sending a request to the moderator. This makes it easy to manage and moderate large-scale meetings without the need to keep everyone’s mic muted.

Pass the ball
Virtual Presentation

Take your virtual presentation to the next level

Presenters can use multiple collaboration tools to get their message to the audience.


Keep your audience engaged

Your attendees will always follow the meeting agenda thanks to TrueConf interactive tools:

  • Chat: Ask questions and exchange ideas in personal and group chats.
  • Push-to-talk: Talk whenever you need with short audio remarks.
  • Polls and attendee-raise hand: Take polls, vote or raise your hand to express your opinion.
  • Become a presenter: Ask moderator to promote you to a speaker to share audio, video and content with others.

Meet anywhere

All users are guaranteed to join your meeting regardless of the device, browser, meeting platform or room system used.

Meet anywhere
Real-time meeting management

Real-time meeting management

With TrueConf, moderators can quickly and effectively manage your meeting remotely. Control attendees’ cameras and microphones, promote attendees to speakers and vice versa, set global and individual video layouts, or lock layouts for all meeting participants to keep them focused on the agenda.

Live stream to millions of viewers

Running a large-scale virtual meeting? Stream it to Youtube, Facebook Live or other popular streaming services so millions can view your content.
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Youtube streaming
Lock your meeting

Lock your meeting

Thanks to advanced host controls, you can keep uninvited participants out of your meetings. Meeting lock helps keep your conferences secure by making sure no extra participants can join — even if they are authorized users.

Feel the difference

Try TrueConf for your next big meeting.

Feel the difference


What is the maximum number of participants in a virtual meeting?

With TrueConf Server, you can run virtual meetings for up to 1,000 participants.

With TrueConf Online — 120 participants.

Can I schedule and hold virtual meetings if I’m using TrueConf Server Free?

Yes, you can run virtual meetings for up to 12 participants with TrueConf Server Free.

Can I join a virtual meeting from my browser?

With TrueConf Server, you can join any meeting either from your client application or from your browser. Please read our guide on how to join web meetings to learn more.

What roles are available in TrueConf virtual meetings?

If you're organizing a virtual meeting with multiple attendees, you may want to assign roles to each participant to determine who can do what in the conference. There are four available roles:

Owner: the person who is organizing the meeting.

Moderator: a person assigned by the conference owner to manage the meeting.

Presenter: a meeting participant who is sharing their audio, video and content. Presenters are assigned by the conference owner or moderators.

Attendee: a meeting participant who the meeting information is being presented to. Attendees cannot be seen or heard by other participants; they can engage in the meeting using chat, reactions, or push-to-talk.

Why would I make someone else a moderator in my meeting?

Moderators are responsible for managing the meeting, e.g. enabling/disabling audio/video devices or changing participants’ roles. Moderators can take control over the meeting while the conference owner is busy.

How do I change my role to presenter?

Just send a corresponding request to the moderator of the meeting.

How do I change a video layout for all meeting participants?

Go to the advanced meeting management and set common or individual video layouts in real time. This option is currently available for conference owners.

How do I control participants' audio and video devices?

The conference owner or moderators can enable/disable participants’ cameras and microphones in the contact’s context menu. Advanced device configuration is available in the advanced meeting management section.

Can I invite SIP/H.323 room systems to join my meeting?

Yes, if you are using TrueConf Server. You can invite SIP/H.323 endpoints to virtual meetings as well as to connect to IP cameras (RTSP).

Can I schedule a virtual meeting?

Yes. TrueConf Server administrators can schedule meetings in the TrueConf Server control panel, while TrueConf users can schedule meetings both on the guest page and in their client applications. You can learn more on how to schedule your meetings in our guide.

How can I lock my meeting?

When scheduling a private meeting, go to the advanced settings and uncheck Enable uninvited users to join the conference. Only invited participants will be able to join your meeting.