Free Video Conferencing Software

Free Video Conferencing System
  • UltraHD (4K): Powered by SVC technology
  • 100% on-premises software solution
  • Cross-platform apps for all devices
  • Up to 12 users and 1 SIP/H.323 connection

TrueConf Server Free Deployment
The Best Software Video Conferencing System

TrueConf Server is used by 15000 companies around the world connecting thousands of workplaces and conference rooms. The server is specially designed to work in your corporate nertwork. Deploying TrueConf Server takes only 15 minutes!

Amazon Web Services
Available on Amazon Web Services

You can install TrueConf Server on Amazon Web Services as easy as on a regular PC. By deploying your server on AWS you get guaranteed connection quality, gain full control over your communications and enjoy all the advantages of corporate private cloud for video conferencing.

No Limits on Features and Quality

UltraHD video conferencing. Cross-platform client applications. Convenient collaboration tools. Address Book with status and photos. Flexible administration. All of these features for free and forever.

Active Directory
Easy Administration with Active Directory

Leave manual user account management behind! Connect Active Directory or any other LDAP-compatible catalogue to TrueConf Server. All user info and user groups will synchronize automatically.

The Best New Video Conferencing Product at ISE 2016

TrueConf Server has been awarded by the annual Best of ISE Award as the best new video conferencing product at the Europe’s largest exhibition – Integrated Systems Europe 2016.

BYOD: Stay Connected Everywhere!

You can participate in conferences on any compatible device.TrueConf Server includes free client applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and WerbRTC.Mobile applications are also available in the App Store and Google Play.

WebRTC Conferences
Access with WebRTC: No Plugin Required

Connect to a video conference hosted on the TrueConf Server Free through a web browser and use video, chat and collaboration capabilities like desktop sharing and slide shows.

High Quality
Unrivalled Video and Audio Quality

With scalable video coding (SVC) technology, you can be sure that every participant will get the best video and audio quality according to the capabilities of his device, communication channel, display resolution and selected video window layout.

Content Sharing
Content Sharing

To make your workflow more efficient, we added Content Sharing, SlideShow, Instant Messaging, and Conference Recording features to our client applications.

ified Communications
Unified Communications? Yes!

Presence statuses, user groups and policies. You can even connect video surveillance systems, your PBX or existing video conferencing equipment over RTSP, SIP/H.323 to connect with remote parties or access PSTN lines.

TrueConf Applications for Android and iOS
Amazing TrueConf Applications for Android and iOS

TrueConf’s popular free mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets have over one million downloads. And that should be no surprise, as they provide superb connection quality and full support for all TrueConf video conferencing modes.

Embedding Video Conferences into Websites
Embedding Video Conferences into Websites

Integration with third party applications and services as well as integration with external web sites thanks to TrueConf API.

Flexible Licensing Policy
Flexible Licensing Policy

If your needs exceed what TrueConf Server Free has to offer, no problem! You can switch to an extended TrueConf Server license any time, and all your data will remain untouched. Upgrading does not require reinstalling Trueconf Server, and will only take 5 minutes to upgrade with our specialist.

Terms of Use for TrueConf Server Free

  1. Validity is unlimited. The only term is the annual renewal of the license.
  2. The maximum number of registered users in this version is 12 (including SIP/H.323/RTSP subscribers).
  3. Free server requires connection to the registration server through the port 4310.
  4. Participation in group conferences with up to 12 subscribers.
  5. The maximum number of active group conferences on the server is 1.
  6. Participation in WebRTC conferences is available, but without guest connections.
  7. Calls to IP cameras, SIP PBX and H.323 endpoints - available. Maximum number of RTSP/SIP/H.323 connections is 1.
  8. Tech support basic service plan. Use ticket system form to file a support request.
  9. Video conferencing modes available in free version: personal video call, multipoint video conference (everyone can see and hear each other) for up to 12 participants, video lecture (host sees everyone, parties see only host) for up to 12 participants, video meeting (any six participants along with a host can be seen and heard by all others) for up to 12 participants, recording, chat, slide show and presentations, desktop sharing.
  10. Collaboration tools available in free version: Recording, Chat, Slide Show, Desktop Sharing.

Knowledge Base

What is the term of validity of the free version TrueConf Server Free?

Validity of the free version is not limited, the only condition is annual license renewal through the website.

How to extend TrueConf Server Free (license)?

We offer two options: to extend an existing key or to get a new key after a complete license revalidation. Read more on our Blog.

Can I connect legacy video conferencing equipment or PBX?

Yes, you can connect a PBX or MCU / Gatekeeper to TrueConf Server Free over SIP or H.323. You can also invite to the conferences video conferencing endpoints and VoIP devices of third-party vendors, that operate through SIP/H.323 protocol. Additionally, the integration with video surveillance systems via RTSP is also available. One SIP/H.323/RTSP connection is available in the free version.

How many users can I add to the server?

The maximum number of added users on one server is 12.

Does it support WebRTC?

Yes, it does. Users registered on the server can connect through WebRTC. Guest login is not available in a video conference.

Can I register the server TrueConf Server Free without the Internet connection?

No, you cannot. This feature will only be available for those users who purchased standard annual or lifetime license for the TrueConf Server product. If you need a trial version of TrueConf Server that operates without the Internet Connection, please refer to the sales department on 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263) or via