TrueConf Server Free  — Self-Hosted Video Conferencing

  • 4K video conferencing and scalable SVC architecture
  • 100% on-premises video conferencing software for Windows and Linux
  • Cross-platform native apps for all major platforms
  • Up to 12 users and 1 SIP/H.323 connection
  • Easy to set up and control

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TrueConf Server: Video Conferencing Server

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Equip your team with the right tools for a more collaborative and productive remote working experience!

ZTM Bad Kissingen

ZTM Bad Kissingen


TrueConf is easy to use and the quality is very good. In Germany there are high data safety requirements and there are only a few conference solutions left, while TrueConf delivered very good and flexible options.

Waldemar Pautov, project manager

On-Premises Video Conferencing

On-Premises Infrastructure

IT administrators love TrueConf Server, because it can be installed instantly and deployed in 15 minutes in your company’s network. TrueConf is maintained by your system administrator, and does not depend on Internet connection or low bandwidth. We take care of your existing legacy infrastructure workloads and integration with business processes

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How to get started?

Download, install, and register TrueConf Server.

Create accounts for your employees in the User accounts section.

Send login details to your employees and share a link to your guest page where they can download client apps for all major OS.

Start video conferencing right away!

How TrueConf compares to others

Choosing the right video collaboration platform is foundational to any business, so we’ve compiled a few resources to help you pick one that best suits your needs. See why millions of enterprises choose TrueConf to let their teams collaborate without limits.

UltraHD video

4K Ultra HD Video Conferencing Quality

Gone are the days when 4K video seemed unattainable. UltraHD has already become a preferred choice for telemedicine, smart city, digital signage and simple offices. TrueConf provides 4K point-to-point video calls and group conferences without any additional licenses or support programs. We work closely with leading manufacturers of 4K cameras to deliver great UltraHD experience for PC-based video conferencing. The recommended 4k video call setup is further detailed in our blog post.

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Industry Recognition

Powered by award-winning video conferencing technology, TrueConf is honored to be recognized in IDC MarketScape and Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions for three consecutive years.

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No Limits on Features and Quality

UltraHD video conferencing. Cross-platform client applications. Convenient collaboration tools. Address Book with status and photos. Flexible administration. All of these features for free and forever.

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Supported Operating Systems









Unified Communications

Unified Communications? Yes!

Presence statuses, user groups and policies. You can even connect video surveillance systems, your PBX or existing video conferencing equipment over RTSP, SIP/H.323 to get in touch with remote users or access PSTN lines.

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Ad Hoc Conferencing

Thanks to TrueConf, your employees will be connected anytime, anywhere. Can’t join a meeting on your PC? No problem, TrueConf provides cross platform client applications for every OS. Want to run a quick update briefing for your department? With TrueConf, you can start a conference in several clicks. Schedule a meeting beforehand or create a virtual room to access it when you need it.

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Custom Layouts

TrueConf provides an infinite number of screen layouts for diverse user needs

WebRTC Conferences

Join in one click

No installs, no downloads, no hassle. Join meetings in your browser from desktops or mobiles.

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Unrivalled Video and Audio Quality

With scalable video coding (SVC) technology, you can be sure that every participant will get the best video and audio quality according to the capabilities of his device, communication channel, display resolution and selected video window layout.

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Unlimited Collaboration

Unlimited Collaboration

To make your workflow more efficient, we added support for content sharing, slide show, group messaging, voting and recording features into all of our client applications.

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Android / iOS

Amazing TrueConf Applications for Android and iOS

TrueConf popular free mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets have over one million downloads. And that should be no surprise, as they provide superb connection quality and full support for all TrueConf video conferencing modes.

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Amazing TrueConf Applications for Android and iOS

Embedding Video Conferences into Websites

Integration with third-party applications, services and websites is easy with the help of our built-in API and widgets.

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Flexible Licensing Policy

Flexible Licensing Policy

If your needs exceed what TrueConf Server Free has to offer, no problem! You can switch to an extended TrueConf Server license any time, and all your data will remain secured. Upgrading does not require reinstalling TrueConf Server and only takes 5 minutes.

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Self-hosted or Cloud Based

Self-hosted or Cloud Based

By choosing cloud version of TrueConf Server's communication platform you get the same level of interoperability as in TrueConf Server, guaranteed connection quality and our famous meeting apps for your team. Available on request.

Personal area picture

Conference Scheduler for All Users

Thanks to personal area, users can schedule and manage video conferences right from their TrueConf app without administrator help! The new tool also allows you to create virtual rooms and save conference templates.

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Is it really free to use even for commercial purposes?

Yes and yes.

How long is free license valid?

The free license is valid for unlimited time. However, you need to renew your free license every year through our website. We have a guide on how to do this in our blog.

Can I connect to legacy video conferencing equipment or PBX?

Yes, you can connect a PBX or MCU/Gatekeeper to TrueConf Server Free using SIP or H.323 protocols. You can also invite video conferencing endpoints and VoIP devices of third-party vendors that operate through SIP/H.323 protocol into the conferences. Additionally, the integration with video surveillance systems via RTSP is also available. Free version features one free SIP/H.323/RTSP connection.

How many users can I add to the server?

The maximum number of named user accounts you can create on the server is 12.

Does it support WebRTC?

Yes, it does. Users registered on the server can connect to web conferences created on the server's control panel via WebRTC.

Can I activate TrueConf Server Free without an Internet connection?

No, you can't. This feature is only available in the full version. If you need a trial version of TrueConf Server that operates offline please contact us.

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version (414.9 MB)

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Terms of Use for TrueConf Server Free

  1. Annual renewal of free license is required. It's free as well.
  2. The maximum number of registered users in this version is 12 (including registered SIP and H.323 endpoints).
  3. Constant connection to our registration server via the 4310 TCP port is required.
  4. Group conferences for up to 12 participants.
  5. The maximum number of simultaneous group conferences is 1.
  6. Calls to IP cameras, SIP, VoIP and H.323 endpoints are available. Maximum number of simultaneous RTSP/SIP/H.323 connections is 1.
  7. You have to submit a ticket to report an issue. Phone or email support is not available for free licenses.
  8. Video conferencing modes which are available in TrueConf Server Free: personal video calls, multipoint video conferences (everyone can see and hear each other), video lectures (host sees everyone, parties see only host), virtual meetings for up to 12 participants.
  9. Available collaboration tools: recording, chat, slide show and presentations, desktop sharing and remote control.