Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions

TrueConf provides business video conferencing software to connect desktops, mobiles, phones, Skype for Business and H.323/SIP endpoints and much more across your entire organization. Give TrueConf UltraHD video conferencing a chance to become a real game-changer in your business.

Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions
Koluman Holding
Koluman Holding

Apart from easy H.323/SIP integration, TrueConf offered us user-friendly interface, flexible licensing policy, cross-platform applications, and great collaboration tools. TrueConf support team was always ready to assist us and explain everything ASAP.

Gökhan Türkmen, IT Manager

enterprise video conferencing solutions

Enterprise Meeting Software

Interact with your colleagues face-to-face thanks to TrueConf Server enterprise audio and video conferencing system! TrueConf Server scales easily for small or large deployments, supporting multiple platforms, mobile apps and optimizing bandwidth. Bridge the distance between geographically dispersed offices, businesses and remote teams. UltraHD video conferencing removes the sense of distance, cuts your travel expenses, connects meeting participants and gives your employees a sense of closeness and engagement.

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Run Group Meetings

Run weekly business video meetings, give presentations, share plans or conduct training sessions: with TrueConf Server video conferencing, you can bring up to 1,500 users in a single video conference. TrueConf has all kinds of video conferencing modes to match your enterprise needs: from video lectures to multipoint video conferences, there are no limits to your video meeting experience.

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Meetings business: Collaboration tools

Business Collaboration

Collaboration is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to interact effectively, improve team workflow and always stay connected. TrueConf is all-in-one platform for business video conferencing which provides users with all the collaboration tools you need: mobile apps, instant messaging and file sharing, slideshow and desktop sharing, audio and video communication and conference video recording.

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Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Gain full control over your business communications by deploying TrueConf video conferencing solutions in your company local or virtual network. With TrueConf your businesses can go completely offline and run video conferences without Internet connection. TrueConf features several protection levels and is HIPAA compliant. Your business video meetings will always be securely protected: all data exchange is carried out by users within your company network via TLS with additional encryption according to the AES standard.

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Webinar TrueConf

Invite Anyone

With TrueConf webinar platform, you can expand your meeting experience beyond your company! Setting up TrueConf webinar is simple. It takes seconds to schedule your video conference and invite your guests. Webinar attendees can easily join from any desktop, laptop, mobile device, or video conference room.

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Enterprise-grade interoperability

One of the key challenges TrueConf solves for enterprises is native interoperability between various systems, platforms, and devices. Your employees are free to use the device they are most comfortable with to boost workflow and increase company productivity. Additionally, you can run video meetings with Skype for Business users and invite them to the video conferences easily as any TrueConf client.

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Easy Administration with Active Directory

Forget about manual user account management! Connect Active Directory or any other LDAP-compatible catalogue to TrueConf Server. All user info and user groups will synchronize automatically.

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video conferencing software for business: SDK & API

Integrate your Business Processes

Want to integrate video conferencing into your own solution? Nothing can be simpler! With TrueConf SDK and API you can embed UltraHD video conferencing into ATMs, video kiosks, contact centers or applications and implement customer support. TrueConf team is happy to share our experience with you and find a perfect solution to match your needs.

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Try Small Business Video Conferencing for Free

Try Small Business Video Conferencing for Free

TrueConf Server is a free all-in-one video conferencing platform for remote work. The free version is perfect for small business video conferencing with up to 12 hosts. Enjoy unlimited 4K video calls and group meetings and use collaboration tools for teamwork to keep everyone engaged.

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How is video conferencing used in business?

Video conferencing expands business opportunities, significantly improving not only team interaction but also relations with business partners.The productivity of employees also increases naturally, since it becomes much easier for them to solve current tasks. Let's take a closer look at the possibilities of implementing online conferencing for business:

  • 1. Meetings

Whether it's regular discussions with the team, briefing with business partners, or sudden brainstorming sessions with colleagues, video conferencing provides effective communication with everyone, irrespective of their location. Online meetings have become a guarantee that everyone can participate in a conversation in real time.

  • 2. Collaboration

Video conferencing solutions are increasingly equipped with various sets of special tools that make remote teamwork much more efficient. As a rule, users have the greatest demand for screen sharing, file editing, and content demonstration, as these are real necessities for online discussions.

  • 3. Collaboration

Video conferencing enables enterprises to conduct remote seminars for the purpose of recruiting and training new employees. Such online classes not only help to save money spent on event organization, but also significantly reduce HR time.

  • 4. Collaboration

Video calls also make it much easier to conduct interviews with potential employees. Such interviews are much more personal than a telephone conversation and give greater insight into whether the person is suitable for the proposed position.

  • 5. Client Meetings

Video conferences are increasingly being used to discuss emerging issues with clients and customers. Discussions take place face-to-face, making interactions more productive and facilitating the resolution of disputes.

  • 6. Product Demos

Online conferences enable remote demonstrations of products or solutions, significantly reducing the costs of organizing events. At the same time, opportunities can be displayed both publicly and privately, depending on the chosen audience.

  • 7. Crisis Management

In critical circumstances, such as disease outbreaks or natural disasters, video conferencing can help businesses get through tough times by providing reliable communication between managers and employees. At the same time, each employee will be safe, in accordance with the rules of conduct for emergency situations.

What does encoded video mean?

Encoding is the process of converting video from one standard format to another using codecs, which determine the size of the resultant file. The most common codecs now are H.264 and H.265 (or HEVC), which enable you to maintain the quality of the original file.

The main purposes of video coding are:

  • 1. Compression

Whether it's regular discussions with the team, briefing with business partners, or sudden brainstorming sessions with colleagues, video conferencing provides effective communication with everyone, irrespective of their location. Online meetings have become a guarantee that everyone can participate in a conversation in real time.

  • 2. Compatibility

Depending on the device and platform, the supported video formats may vary significantly. However, thanks to coding, you can be sure that the media data is reproduced in the selected solution.

  • 3. Streamlining Bandwidth Use

Compressing video materials through encoding helps to optimize bandwidth usage. At the same time, streaming media data over the Internet eliminates buffering problems.

What is enterprise video conferencing?

Corporate video conferencing is a large-scale solution for remote interaction that ensures high quality of transmitted media data. This type of online meeting platform enables large enterprises and companies to securely discuss work-related matters, both internally and externally.

These solutions should include a number of features, without which they will be unable to meet the needs of large corporations:

  • 1. Scalability

Corporate video communication platforms must support a large number of users and multiple simultaneous meetings. The number of employees at large enterprises can reach several thousand, meaning that each of them needs a solution that works smoothly.

  • 2. Integration

The business communication platform should work seamlessly with tools for corporate interaction, such as email clients and CRM systems. Thanks to easy integration, users can schedule meetings, invite participants, and access data from the same software ecosystem.

  • 3. Security

The security of confidential data is one of the most important requirements for a corporate communication solution. As a rule, business platforms offer mandatory authentication, end-to-end encryption, and administrative control to ensure safety communication.

  • 4. Advanced Features

A set of collaboration tools that makes remote employee interaction easier and more efficient is now also a mandatory criterion for any corporate solution. AI-based features are gaining more and more popularity, taking part of the routine tasks of the conference host upon themselves.

  • 5. Support

Suppliers of corporate communication platforms are required to provide users with technical support to quickly solve any arising issues. Only with this approach can we ensure the stable operation of both the solution and the employees of the enterprise.

  • 6. Compliance

Corporate platforms must comply with industry standards that describe the necessary criteria for optimal performance. The most prominent examples are HIPAA in healthcare and FERPA in education.

Among the already proven solutions for corporate video conferencing, TrueConf stands out. A secure communication platform with a wide range of collaboration tools already helps many companies around the world interact productively with each other, regardless of their employees' locations.