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TrueConf provides business video conferencing software to connect desktops, mobiles, phones, Skype for Business and H.323/SIP endpoints and much more across your entire organization. Whether you are a widely branched enterprise or a small startup, TrueConf premises-based meeting solutions will definitely meet the collaboration needs of your company. TrueConf smoothly integrates with Active Directory, easily scales, and provides frictionless cross-platform experience. Give TrueConf video conferencing a chance to become a real game-changer in your business.

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TrueConf Enterprise
Business Video Conferencing Keeps Your Teams Connected

Interact with your colleagues face-to-face thanks to TrueConf Server enterprise video conferencing system! TrueConf Server scales easily for small or large deployments, supporting multiple platforms and optimizing bandwidth. Bridge the distance between geographically dispersed offices and remote teams. Video conferencing removes the sense of distance, cuts your travel expenses and gives your employees a sense of closeness and engagement.

Run Group Meetings

Run weekly meetings, give presentations or conduct training sessions: with TrueConf Server, you can bring up to 250 colleagues in a single conference. TrueConf has all kinds of video conferencing modes to match your enterprise needs: from video lectures to multipoint conferences, there are no limits to your meeting experience.

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Collaboration tools
Business Collaboration

Collaboration is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to interact effectively, improve team workflow and always stay connected. TrueConf is all-in-one platform which provides all the collaboration tools you need: instant messaging and file sharing, slideshow and desktop sharing, video communication and conference recording.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Gail full control over your communications by deploying TrueConf solutions in your enterprise local or virtual network. With TrueConf you can go completely offline and run video sessions without Internet connection. TrueConf features several protection levels and is HIPAA compliant. Your conferences will always be securely protected: all data exchange is carried out within your network via TLS with additional encryption according to the AES standard.

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Invite Anyone

With TrueConf webinar platform, you can expand your meeting experience beyond your company! Setting up TrueConf webinar is simple. It takes seconds to schedule your conference and invite your guests. Webinar attendees can easily join from any desktop, laptop, mobile device, or conference room.

Out-of-the-Box Interoperability

One of the key challenges TrueConf solves for enterprises is native interoperability between various systems, platforms, and devices. Your employees are free to use the device they are most comfortable with to boost workflow and increase productivity. Additionally, you can run video meetings with Skype for Business users and invite them to the conferences as easily as any TrueConf client.

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Easy Administration with Active Directory

Forget about manual user account management! Connect Active Directory or any other LDAP-compatible catalogue to TrueConf Server. All user info and user groups will synchronize automatically.

Integrate your Business Processes

Want to integrate video conferencing into your own solution? Nothing can be simpler! With TrueConf SDK and API you can embed video conferencing into ATMs, video kiosks, contact centers or applications. TrueConf team is happy to share our experience with you and find a perfect solution to match your needs.