Instant messaging

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is a communication tool that lets users quickly exchange messages and files. Chat is an important means of business communication for personal conversations and team collaboration. Get your work done with secure group messaging in TrueConf client applications!

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Benefits of Instant Messaging

Team messaging. Use chats for group collaboration - to instantly deal with issues on a team level. Reduce corporate email clutter while maintaining persistent messaging with your colleagues.

For all platforms. With TrueConf apps, you can stay in touch with your team from any place. If you are busy and it’s not the right time for you to write an email or make a call, you can always contact your colleagues via chat.

Instant communication. Chat with your colleagues in private and public channels, ask questions during webinars, start discussions and come back to them at your convenience. You can even leave a message to an offline user - it will be delivered anyway, allowing for persistent asynchronous conversations.

Meeting minutes. Take notes on the topics covered during your video conference in the chat area. You can download them afterwards and share the meeting protocol with all the participants to remind them of the most important points.

File sharing. During a virtual meeting, it is often important to share files with your team. Send the necessary image or document into the group chat to make it available for all conference participants.

How to exchange messages during a video conference?

Conference Chat

In both desktop and mobile TrueConf applications, it is easy to start instant messaging. You can exchange messages, send attachments and even provide some emotional cues with emoji. To learn more about instant messaging with TrueConf, read our blog post.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

During video meetings, you can use a number of other useful collaboration tools that will definitely boost your business processes:

To learn more about how collaboration tools can help your business, read our blog post.