TrueConf vs. Microsoft Teams

TrueConf offers a secure self-hosted alternative to Microsoft Teams collaboration platform.

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Six reasons why TrueConf is better



Self-hosted solution, enterprise-level security, encryption and complete control over your communications.

Award-winning 4K video conferencing

Award-winning 4K video conferencing

Get your team together and run 4K video conferences with up to 1600 participants.

Total interoperability

Total interoperability

TrueConf natively works with the tools you like to enable one click to join from any platform or device.

Remote meeting management

Remote meeting management

Create a custom video layout for all meeting participants and manage attendees’ audio/video devices remotely.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

From our seamless onboarding process, trainings and live demos, we are with you every step of the way.



Reliable video conferencing solution embraced by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.

Locked Notebook

Protecting privacy without impacting quality

TrueConf’s on-premises approach guarantees unrivaled privacy and communications control. Enjoy the industry's best video conferencing experience and meet the safety precautions of your IT department with TrueConf.

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Multi-vendor interoperability

TrueConf Server features native support for SIP and H.323 protocols and provides seamless integration with any video conferencing endpoints and telephony. In its turn, Microsoft Teams doesn’t integrate with other solutions natively and requires third-party service subscription.

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Virtual town hall meetings in 4K

With TrueConf, you can gather up to 1600 participants in a 4K video meeting. Microsoft Teams allows HD video conferences with up to 250 participants.

Simple Guide to 4K Video Conferencing

Remote meeting management

With TrueConf, you can quickly and effectively manage your meeting remotely. Control attendees’ cameras and microphones, set global and individual video layouts, or lock layouts for all meeting participants to keep them focused on the agenda.

Purpose-built for video conferencing

Purpose-built for video conferencing

Built with users in mind, TrueConf ensures a seamless onboarding process for you and your colleagues. Our intuitive and easy-to-use interface provides you with the tools you need for enterprise-class video collaboration and boosts user adoption rates. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, provides limited flexibility and requires time for teams to gradually adopt the tool.

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How does Microsoft Teams compare to TrueConf?

TrueConfMicrosoft Teams

Market vision

Software server for use within a corporate network.

Cloud-based video conferencing service.

Deployment type

On-premises, hybrid or cloud.


All-in-one infrastructure

Requires purchasing more expensive licenses or add-ons. H.323/SIP gateway is missing.


Compatibility with H.323/SIP endpoints

Native integration powered by built-in gateway.

Third-party service subscription required.

Integration with CCTV systems

Quality and user experience

4K (Ultra HD) video support

Unlimited layouts

A user independently selects a layout in real time. Not just for a conference but for every participant and for every spot on the layout.

Users are free to choose custom video layouts or pick one of the available options.

Conferencing capabilities

Max number of on-screen participants

36. Up to 100 on request.


Conferences streaming

Requires Live Events or Microsoft Stream license.

Virtual rooms

Capability to create a conference with a fixed name (CID) which can be accessed any time.

Video lecture mode

Far-end camera and microphone control

Meeting room experience

Ability to build your own room endpoint using meeting room software from the same vendor

Available with Microsoft Teams Rooms compatible endpoints.

Control via browser or mobile application

API for endpoint's control and customization

Pricing and maintenance


Licensed based on the maximum number of online users.

Licensed based on the number of users who can schedule conferences.

Cost of functional expansion

Low. The price of additional options does not depend on the number of users. No need to purchase new servers.

Very high. The price of additional options scarcely depends on the number of users. Mainly users need to choose a more expensive MS Teams plan to gain required features.

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Customers who've happily switched to TrueConf

Commercial Bank of Kuwait

Commercial Bank of Kuwait


Thanks to TrueConf, we managed to deploy a budget-friendly video banking system that did not require complicated software, big-ticket equipment or large-scale developer support. By implementing solution, we improved our quality of client service and optimized business processes with reduced costs.

Bader Qamhieh, Head of IT Department

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