Working in a Private Network

TrueConf Server is a secure solution for LAN video conferencing in corporate networks.

TrueConf Server Network Scheme

Benefits of Using LAN

  • Full independence and local infrastructure.
  • Server is maintained by your system administrator.
  • Users do not depend on Internet connection, low bandwidth or various malware that can be caught in the public network.
  • Fast troubleshooting within the local network. For example, if SIP gets disconnected, the administrator can promptly solve this problem with minimal losses.
  • Reliable security thanks to media streams encryption via SSL. SSL protocol keeps you audio, video and textual data safe using data authentication process.
  • Highest level of security via AES-256 encryption. Recommended for government organizations, state agencies and other companies that require full security and privacy. LAN prevents traffic interception and unauthorized access to the equipment.
  • Users of different TrueConf Server instances can seamlessly connect with each other over LAN via federation. In this case you can see presence statuses of other TrueConf users and run video conferences in one private network.