How to Share Content to a Meeting in TrueConf Room

Dimitry Zuykov
September 26, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

You can share all types of multimedia content (e.g. images, documents and video from your browser) to a meeting in TrueConf Room by connecting a laptop or a mobile device to the conference. Thanks to this feature, remote participants will be able to view your HD content in a video meeting.


You can also learn here how to set up access to TrueConf Room for administrator and meeting room attendees.

Step 1. Prepare your device

Install TrueConf client application to the device that will be used for content sharing during the meeting.

TrueConf client applications are available for all popular platforms. In our blog you can find guidelines on how to authorize using:

Step 2. Join the conference from TrueConf Room

Join the TrueConf Room conference from your client application. To learn how to do it, see our blog post.


If the conference was created in TrueConf Room control panel you only need to call the user whose TrueConf Server account was used to authorize in TrueConf Room (this account is marked with an asterisk in the address book as the conference owner).

Step 3. Share your content

Start content sharing from your device with a single click (read user manuals for TrueConf for Windows and Android). All conference participants will see the content you are sharing.

Make sure you have turned off speakers and microphone in the toolbar that appears in the upper part of the application window to avoid echo effect.

How to share content during a video call with TrueConf Room

At the moment you cannot share content during a video call from TrueConf Room. If you are currently in a video call, finish it and create a group video conference for two participants (i.e. TrueConf Room account and your partner) and follow the guidelines described in this manual.


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