How to share content during video conference with TrueConf Room

Elizaveta Nesova
September 26, 2019
Elizaveta Nesova
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With TrueConf Room, you can share any multimedia content from your laptop or mobile device connected to TrueConf Room. Thanks to this feature, meeting room attendees can see your content in HD quality on the TrueConf Room home screen.

You can also learn here how to set up access to TrueConf Room for administrator and meeting room attendees.

Step 1. Prepare your device

  1. Install TrueConf client application on the device which will be used to share content from. TrueConf client applications are available for all popular desktop and mobile platforms.
  2. Visit our blog to learn how to log in to an application for your OS. You can request your username and password from your system administrator.

Step 2. Connect to TrueConf Room

  1. Open TrueConf Room control panel by scanning QR code or following the link.
  2. Press Create Event.
  3. Select conference mode, enter conference name and press Edit to add conference participants.
  4. Enter your name or TrueConf ID in the field above the user list.
  5. Find yourself in the filtered list and press “+” in order to add yourself to the conference attendees  (the list in located the right corner of the control panel).
  6. Add other participants to the conference in the same way using their TrueConf ID or names.
  7. Save settings.
  8. Press Start in order to start the conference. You will receive an invitation to join on your client application.

Step 3. Share your content

Start sharing your content in TrueConf client application on your device (see guidelines for Windows and Android in our blog). Your content will be seen by all conference participants.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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