Remote Desktop Control

Desktop Sharing with remote control allows to demonstrate current desktop in real time to your parties without using third-party software or additional hardware. This will be an ideal solution in cases when you need to give examples, solve various computer problems, help in mastering new software and other demonstrational tasks.

Thus you will be able to show everyone what you are working on at the moment! All the documents at once, without special preparation or file transfer.

We recommend you to use the Content Sharing tool to share the window of a third-party application or a browser. This feature allow you to broadcast content as a video stream to all participants of the conference, including WebRTC users. Content Sharing is available in all TrueConf client applications for desktops: Windows, macOS and Linux.

Desktop Sharing is available in
vTrueConf Server
Over LAN / VPN / Internet
vTrueConf Online
In the cloud

How to Use Desktop Sharing During a Conference in Windows OS?

In the manual we described how to activate Desktop Sharing feature on PC.

How to Broadcast Your Screen Image in TrueConf for macOS?

In TrueConf for macOS client application you can demonstrate your screen image in a separate window. To configure the best image resolution and FPS rate, use the Preferences menu.

What More Collaboration Tools are Available in TrueConf?

Besides Desktop Sharing, TrueConf users can use Instant Messaging, Whiteboard, File Transfer and a number of other useful options. All this possibilities will help you and your collegues enjoy and enrich communication, making it as close as possible to a real face-to-face communication.