How To Screen Share: Top 3 Benefits

Visual aids are an important part of any business meeting. In a video conference, it is crucial to show content in order to keep all the participants well-informed and posted on the latest happenings in current projects. TrueConf applications offer screen sharing to make your meeting more productive. Share your desktop, show presentations, videos or charts to keep your meetings attendees engaged.

How To Screen Share: Top 3 Benefits

Screen Sharing Benefits


It takes one click to share your screen with your colleagues during the conference. Instead of emailing necessary files to all the participants, you can show them your desktop or a separate application to collaboratively work on projects.

Communication efficiency boost

During a video conference, it can be challenging to process and memorize every piece of the information provided by the speaker. TrueConf makes it possible to follow your colleagues and co-browse through presentation materials at the same time, improving clarity in business communication.

Increased interest and productivity

Visualization of content makes it easier for the speaker to single out the speech highlights as well as catch the interest of the meeting attendees. Screen sharing feature gets all the participants of the video conference equally involved in the meeting.

Real-time document comparison

With TrueConf, multiple participants can share their desktops simultaneously. Meeting attendees can toggle between the screens they are viewing or drag-and-drop the content window to a separate display.

How to Share Screen

With TrueConf, it is extremely easy to display your content both on desktops and mobiles: you can share your screen or a separate application in just two clicks! First, start the conference and select the screen sharing icon in the conference toolbar.

Choose the screen or application you wish to share. Now all the meeting participants can see the content you are sharing! You can stop sharing your content whenever you need by clicking on the red icon in the left bottom corner toolbar on your screen.

The screen sharing feature is available in TrueConf client apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Android TV.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

During video meetings, you can use a number of other useful collaboration tools that will definitely boost your business processes:

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