TrueConf — Easy Video Conferencing


TrueConf's mission is to provide people with effective interactive video communication

Founded in 2003, TrueConf is the largest vendor of enterprise and consumer products and equipment for video conferencing in Eastern Europe. TrueConf headquarters are located in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Our solutions allow anyone to deploy a secure enterprise unified communications system in workplaces, meeting rooms or conference halls in 15 minutes. Hold meetings on all major platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

TrueConf was the first to introduce a range of unique projects to video conferencing market, including developments in the field of 3D video conferencing, scalable video coding algorithms, WebRTC technologies, mobile video conferencing, and gesture-based controls for video conferencing systems. Our solutions support UltraHD 4K video.

TrueConf's portfolio includes over 1500 successful deployments for government, education or financial institutions, and SMBs in different fields.

The company provides technical sponsorship to a number of nonprofit organizations in organizing and conducting video conferences and online broadcasting.


TrueConf company also develops and implements custom solutions in the field of video and audio data transmission, including software development.

  • Development of video conferencing and unified communications products.
  • Support and development of TrueConf Online and Conferendo cloud services.
  • Creating special solutions for education and healthcare, including video conferencing integration into distant learning systems.
  • Creating platforms for communications service providers, including satellite networks, to provide services among their subscribers.
  • Video conferencing integration services designed for specializes solutions, e.g. for banking systems (video ATMs), call-centers, and support services.
  • Modification and whitelabeling on customer's request.

TrueConf is ready to become your reliable partner in practical implementation of unified communications and video conferencing projects.