Slide show

Slide show is a series of pictures or photographic slides displayed on the screen one by one and used to present some topic to an audience. During video conferencing, the slide show feature allows you to demonstrate slides, photos, drawings, diagrams or documents to remote participants.

Use TrueConf to bring your presentation to life! With TrueConf, you are free to share your slides and share quality content to your remote colleagues and friends during video meetings.

Slide show

You need to open the web port on the server (port 80 by default, it is specified during the installation of the server) to use the Slide Show feature.

Slideshow Benefits

Communication efficiency. During video meetings, it is impossible to overemphasize visual content and aids. Thanks to the slide show, you can enable users to quickly show essential presentation or slides, hold trainings or remote seminars without the necessity to travel.

Credibility. Presentation is a basic for any public performance. With a simple slidedeck you can summarize your thoughts and cover any topic to your audience: capture their interest, develop their understanding, inspire their confidence and achieve your objectives.

Multimediality and creativity. Collect different types of content fitting your topic: graphics, diagrams, videos, pictures or animated gifs to make a truly unforgettable and dynamic audio visual presentation.

Screen Sharing or Slideshow

You can share content with other conference participants by sharing screen, but slideshow tool has certain advantages.

Screen sharingSlideshow
You have to switch between the shared content and conference window.You can control the slides directly from the conference window.
Header and borders of the shared window is always visible to conference participants.Only necessary information is shown, conference participants will not see any irrelevant content.
During the settings conference participants can see irrelevant information or private information, such as other windows, images, file location on your PC, etc.
You have to search for the files to be shared on your PC and remember their order.The slides can be prepared in advance, saved and shared during conference.
Video from the camera is shared in a small window at the bottom of the conference window.

The slides are shared in a separate video window (even during point-to-point video calls), so the conference participants can see both the speaker and the content.

How to demonstrate a presentation during video conferencing?

With TrueConf, you can show slides on desktop and mobile platforms, which is especially convenient for trainings, seminars, conferences, lectures and video tutorials. What's important, the slides are shared in a separate video window, so the conference participants can see both the speakers and the content at the same time. To learn more about how to use slide show during video conference, read our guide.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

During video meetings, you can use a number of other useful collaboration tools that will definitely boost your business processes:

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