TrueConf is the best free video conferencing for remote teams, which provides client applications for all popular platforms and rich collaboration tools for your employees, such as video conference recording, chat, screen sharing, slideshow, reactions and much much more.

TrueConf is more than just video conferencing. It takes cares of your employees - for you. At its on-premises core, there’s native integration with your business processes and your existing infrastructure. Try TrueConf free video conferencing software and enjoy unparalleled 4K video collaboration!

Free Video Conferencing

Why TrueConf

Video is the best tool to connect remote employees, establish a rapport and  build trust. When extended to teams, and combined with collaboration tools, video conferencing can revolutionize the way people work together. TrueConf is the answer to all your business needs. We offer unparalleled video quality, scalability, and excellent collaboration tools. Take a look at the key advantages of TrueConf video conferencing and make a difference in your business processes.

Free Video Conferencing for Enterprises

TrueConf Server Free provides free video conferencing & collaboration tools for businesses of any size. TrueConf Server Free is suited for all video conferencing modes with up to 12 participants. It includes client applications for all major platforms, a range of collaboration tools, support for WebRTC conferences and SIP/H.323 integration. TrueConf Server Free is specially designed to work in your enterprise network.

Scheme of Operation

Free Server For LAN Video Conferencing - Scheme of Operation
Free Video Conferencing

Free Video Conferencing in the Cloud

TrueConf Online is a cloud service with a range of rich collaborative tools and an easy-to-use interface. TrueConf Online is a cost-effective solution for meeting with your partners and colleagues anytime, anywhere. FullHD video calls and group video conferences are free for up to 25 participants.

4K Telepresence Experience

4K Telepresence Experience

Forget about the blurry picture - enjoy UltraHD 4K video meetings on that big fancy screen in your conference room. Cancel your bookings and reservations and use video conferencing instead of business trips.

Simple Guide to 4K Video Conferencing

Your Communications Stay Private

TrueConf provides the highest level of security via AES-256 encryption, which makes it a perfect solution for government organizations, state agencies and other companies that require full security and privacy. LAN prevents traffic interception and unauthorized access to your equipment. Your video, audio and content runs safely on your machine, and your administrator gets online monitoring and advanced reporting.


Scalable Video Coding Architecture

Thanks to support for Scalable Video Coding (SVC) each conference participant receives an individual set of video streams from other participants according to the conference layout, bandwidth, and the endpoint’s capabilities. The server itself does not perform transcoding, which significantly lowers infrastructure costs and requirements.

SVC technology
Flexible Collaboration Tools

Flexible Collaboration Tools

To increase the efficiency of your teamwork, we have equipped users with content sharing, slide show, remote desktop control, group chats and conference recording capabilities.

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Desktop Applications

Mobile Applications for Smartphones and Tablets