Meeting Recording

During video conferences, participants usually share dozens of thoughts and ideas. But what if you want to refresh in mind the valuable things or send a full meeting recording along with minutes to your colleague? With TrueConf, it’s easy to start your meeting and capture it without installing additional plug-ins. And what’s more important — we guarantee that all your information will always be absolutely secure and protected.

Meeting Recording

Meeting recording benefits

Never miss a thing. A lot comes out of a video conference, and if you do not take copious notes or minutes you’re likely to lose the decisions (not to mention those who cannot jump on a meeting). With our meeting recording feature, it’s easy to capture important communication events and make them available instantly to those who need it.

Recognize what is essential. Can’t decide who to record during an important meeting? Don’t! Thanks to TrueConf, you can capture the selected users or all the conference participants seamlessly with a single click.

Track the progress. When important projects come to a close, it can be a tough task to accurately recall all the crucial moments that helped the work along. In this case, recordings have tremendous value in estimating conducted steps and reviewing specific details – a compelling reason to start capturing all your video meetings right now.

Be sure — your recordings will remain secured. Afraid that the third parties will obtain the company’s meeting recordings? Don’t worry — TrueConf takes care of your security. Our solution is on-premises, so only you or your server administrator may have access to your recordings. Besides, you will not be captured during the meeting once you’ve declined the recording request.

On-demand webinars

With meeting recording, you can turn your live conferences into on-demand webinars and build your company’s massive knowledge library. With a digital archive, there’s no need to ask your experts to repeat themselves – record professional training videos covering all necessary educational materials and quickly share them with your global audience on YouTube or other video sharing platforms.

Secure File Storage for Your Recordings

Meeting recording

Most industries dealing with sensitive data rely on self-hosted solutions for the security and privacy not often promised by cloud vendors. For example, many organizations need to comply with different regulation policies, such as GDPR or HIPAA. Imagine keeping your CCTV records in the cloud, potentially exposing confidential data to third parties and ultimately putting your company at risk of being non-compliant with your local data protection laws. On-premises platforms, on the other hand, ensure that your records are kept on-site in accordance with the rules.

Additionally, cloud providers offer limited cloud storage, while organizations may experience high latency while uploading recordings stored in a public cloud. In addition to cloud vulnerabilities, there may be outages due to which you won't be able to access important recordings. When using self-hosted solutions, users can access their recordings and download large video files quickly.

With TrueConf, all your recordings are stored on your local server, which means that access to your personal data is reliably protected and absolutely unlimited.

How to record a meeting?

Meeting recording

Thanks to TrueConf, you can securely capture meetings with a simple click and save them for future viewing. What’s more important, the recordings will also include all the shared content. To learn more about how to record your meetings, read our user guide.

Meeting highlight reel: Take minutes and view a short meeting recap record

Meeting highlight reel

Meeting highlight reel is a smart multimedia player that lets you watch your meeting recordings in a matter of minutes. Just push the record button, take minutes in a group chat and stay focused on your conversation during the meeting. TrueConf will capture every word carefully, creating supreme video recording synced with your chat messages for future use. While watching, you can always fast-forward the recording and get your meeting recap, returning to the most important discussion points and reviewing your agenda. Administrators can easily access and view all existing recordings before downloading and share them with other meeting participants.