Meeting Scheduling

Plan video meetings in advance by setting the date, time, duration, and establishing a regular schedule for conferences.

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Video conferencing modes for any task

Scheduled Conferences

Create events with dates, times, and durations, as well as schedule regular video meetings, either in the client application calendar or in the admin panel!

Scheduled Conference

Virtual Room

Create a virtual room where the conference will be available for connection via the link at any time.

Virtual room
All on screen

All on screen

All participants see and hear one another.



Participants can see and hear only the speakers appointed by conference moderators.

Smart Meeting

Smart Meeting

Everyone sees and hears the participants when they start talking.

Video lecture

Video lecture

The lecturer can see and hear all students while they can see and hear only the lecturer.

Integration with Calendars

Add conferences to any events in the Outlook and Thunderbird calendars using special add-ons to schedule meetings without distracting from the workflow.

Integration with Calendars

Video Overview

TrueConf video conferencing solution offers a wide range of conference planning tools — everything is in your hands!

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Why TrueConf?

Evaluate the advantages of TrueConf in relation to other communication platforms.

  • The secure video conferencing solution that is deployed inside your corporate network
  • Secure messenger with personal and group chats, working even without an Internet connection
  • Up to 1,500 participants in one video conference
  • A wide range of tools for collaboration
  • Client applications are available for all popular operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.



TrueConf Server 5.3.4: updates and improvements


TrueConf Server 5.3.3: updates and improvements


TrueConf Server 5.3.2: updates and improvements