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Software Video Conferencing Server Videoport Enterprise

VideoPort Enterprise is a software-hardware complex designed to provide video conferencing inside large workgroups of within big companies. VideoPort Enterprise server was able to support video communication among several thousands of simultaneous on-line users and hold a number of simultaneous video communication sessions.

The functionality is the same as the one available with VideoPort SBS Plus.

All these products have been very successful, and every their successor has been updated with aim to meet the ever rising demands of the customers. Today we are happy to present the latest version of the VideoPort VCS server which has incorporated all the recommendations and suggestions of our users.

Since May, 2010 VideoPort SBS Plus products line has been replaced with a newer solution – TrueConf Server 4.2.5. For support and upgrade of the previous versions please contact us by phone 1-347-TRUECNF (1-347-878-3263) or e-mail