Get Your Own Video Conferencing System in 15 Minutes!

Dimitry Zuykov
December 6, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

Detailed instruction on installation of TrueConf Server video conferencing system.

To get familiar with all the features of software video conferencing server TrueConf Server, we suggest you to get a free version of our product.

Video guide on how to install TrueConf Server Free in 15 minutes

Step 1: Download TrueConf Server Free and Get Your Registration Key

Carefully fill out all the fields in the form and click on Submit & Download to download the distributive.

Get a Registration Key

A registration key will be sent to the email address that you provided.

Registration Key Send

The key will be delivered in approximately 15 minutes. If it does not appear, check the SPAM folder of your mailbox; click request a key via live chat.

Step 2: Install TrueConf Server

After launching the installation package, install the server on your PC by following these instructions:

During the server installation you need to choose Web TCP Port and Database TCP Port. By default, these ports are 80 (or 8888) and 5432, if these values are available. However, you can also choose any other ports.

Your browser will automatically open TrueConf Server Control Panel (Web interface for configuring the server) after installation.

Step 3: Register Your Server

You need to register the video conferencing server and get a free registration key to launch it in your LAN.

Once you receive your registration key, enter it in the Registration Key field of TrueConf Server Control Panel and click Registration:

Web Manager

Step 4: Start the Server

Once the server is successfully registered, a sign will appear at the top of TrueConf Server Control Panel’s window:


A static IP address or FQDN is required for the server to work properly

Now you need to add users on the server side and share with them the link to download client applications.

Step 5: Adding Users in TrueConf Server

Go to the User Accounts tab and click Add User button:

Fill in all fields and click Add:


When creating accounts on the server-side, please share TrueConf ID and passwords among users who will conduct video conferences in LAN.

TrueConf Server Free permits to create up to 12 accounts.

Step 6: Setting up the External and Internal IP Address

To enable users to connect to your TrueConf Server instance from outside your LAN, you must make the server externally visible.

You must set up the external IP on your router. Read our tutorial about how to do this.

Step 7: Client Applications

All users must install client applications to conduct video conferences.

You just need to share among them a link to the Guest page with apps for major OS available for downloading.

The link to the Guest page can be found in the Web → Settings tab in the TrueConf Server Control Panel.

Get Your Own Video Conferencing System in 15 Minutes! 6

Step 8: Log in to the TrueConf Client Application

When launching the client application, please enter the TrueConf ID and the password you received from your server administrator.

Client Application

Step 9: Create a Video Conference

Detailed instructions on creating video conferences in the client applications you can find in the Knowledge Base section.

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