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You can buy online from our e-commerce provider 2Checkout (, Inc.) who offers various payment options including bank cards, PayPal and purchase orders. All prices listed here are recommended retail prices and are subject to change without notice.

If you'd like to make a wire transfer or get a signed contract, please contact our sales team at We care about VAT and local taxes, which are excluded from our prices and vary from country to country. We'll be happy to transfer your order to a local reseller for assistance. Some regional restrictions may apply. We can also invoice you in your local currency if required.

The features described on this page are available starting from TrueConf Server 5.3 and later.


Who is a PRO user?

PRO users are users authorized on your TrueConf Server who have the right to participate in group conferences.

How are licenses spent when connecting from multiple devices, for example, from a phone and a PC?

Each TrueConf Server user can log in to their account from multiple devices simultaneously. The license for an online user is linked to their device: If they are logged in simultaneously from a smartphone and a PC, then two licenses for an online user will be required. At the same time, TrueConf Server does not require PRO licenses until you start participating in a group conference. The number of devices from which the user participates in conferences does not affect the expenditure of the PRO license, since it is assigned to the user's account (his TrueConf ID), and not to the device on which he is authorized.

How are licenses spent when using federation to combine different TrueConf Servers?

If external subscribers connect via federation and participate in the conference on your TrueConf Server, they do not consume your server's PRO licenses. Conversely, if your users participate in conferences on another server through federation, they will only need your PRO licenses.

How many user accounts can I create in TrueConf Server?

Any version of TrueConf Server, whether paid or free, allows for the addition of any number of users.

Is AD/LDAP integration supported for importing a list of users?

Yes, any version of TrueConf Server, both paid and free, supports importing accounts from various LDAP: Active Directory, 389 Directory Server, FreeIPA, ALD Pro, etc.

How many directories does the «LDAP/Active Directory and UDP Multicast» extension allow you to connect to the server?

You can connect one AD/LDAP catalog in TrueConf Server control panel. However, when utilizing Microsoft Active Directory, it becomes possible to work with multiple domains from various forests.

Can unauthorized users join a video conference?

Yes, with TrueConf Server and TrueConf Server Free, you can host public conferences that non-authorized users can join. Their number is determined by the number of purchased guest connections within «Public Web Conference» extension.

What is a guest license?

Guests are unregistered users who can participate in public conferences (webinars) held on TrueConf Server. The available number of guest connections is determined by the «Public Web Conference» extension. Guest connections do not require PRO licenses and always have the right to connect to conferences. For example, if you have 20 PRO licenses and 50 guest licenses, then up to 70 participants can join your webinar. TrueConf Server Free provides 1 guest connection.

Can meeting rooms and H.323/SIP endpoints be connected to a video conference?

Yes, they can. Standard SIP and H.323 protocols are used for calls to TrueConf conferences from meeting rooms and hardware endpoints. The number of such connections is determined by the SIP/H.323/RTSP gateway extension. Server Free provides 1 SIP/H.323 connection.

Can I register H.323/SIP endpoints on the server?

Yes, you can use the built-in SIP/H.323/RTSP multi-gateway. Registering endpoints (for example, Polycom RealPresence Group or TrueConf Group) on TrueConf Server allows admins to manage them as regular users: view presence statuses in the address book, add to server-side user groups, invite to conferences, etc. You don't need to set up a new configuration on the gateway, just create an endpoint account in TrueConf Server control panel and register it on the server using device settings.

Can I connect a PBX to TrueConf Server and what license do I need to do this?

Yes, you can integrate your corporate SIP PBX, e.g. Cisco UCM or Asterisk, into TrueConf Server. Then PBX subscribers can call server users and join conferences hosted on it. This is done via the built-in gateway that reserves 1 connection per each active user. Voice calls are also available backwards — from TrueConf users to PBX subscribers — thanks to the dialer built into TrueConf client applications.

How many simulcasts can I run with «Streaming» extension?

Each conference can be broadcasted to only one streaming service simultaneously. The total number of simulcasts is not limited by the license, but they consume additional server resources. We recommend that you check the system requirements and contact our support team for load planning, if you need to run multiple broadcasts at a time.

How does basic support differ from paid support?

All TrueConf users can contact our technical support team to promptly resolve any emerging issues or get advice on the products. There are 3 support packages available — basic (free), extended, full — that differ in ticket response time and the list of solvable issues. For more details, please follow the detailed description of our Technical Support Packages. For example, the basic package does not provide help on integrating with AD/LDAP, utilizing the TrueConf API, or configuring port settings.

Why is technical support for TrueConf Server for Linux more expensive?

TrueConf Server supports installation on multiple Linux versions that require special settings for both the OS and related solutions. In this regard, it may take more time for a TrueConf representative to assist with issues that arise when working with Linux.