TrueConf Server Pricing

Which license do I choose?
We offer several TrueConf Server licenses. If your organization is small and you won’t require more than 12 users, we recommend the Free version. If you represent an educational or nonprofit organization, you can choose an Academic license from the drop-down list (please note that we reserve the right to verify your organization’s status). If you represent a commercial or government organization, please select the Standard license.

The license for 300+ online users can only be purchased as a part of TrueConf Enterprise. Please note that the prices quoted on this page are relevant only to TrueConf Server for Windows. To get a quote for the Linux-based version of TrueConf Server, please contact us.

How long is the license valid?
We offer one-year license for a period of 365 days and lifetime license without limitation of validity. You can switch from one-year license to lifetime license at any time.

Who are 'online users'?
Online users are those subscribers and devices connected and authorized on TrueConf Server; in other words, they have "online" status. The users who are authorized on the server but are not having any communication sessions at the moment are also counted as online users.

The number of users connected to TrueConf Server simultaneously

LDAP - is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol which helps to integrate your system with existing corporate address book. For example, with Microsoft Active Directory.

UDP Multicast - is a high-level communication protocol that coordinates the one-way transmission of data in a packet data network, which allows to send data directly from client to client and increases overall network performance.

Extended and Full technical support will help you to quickly resolve any issues with TrueConf Server and our skilled technical support and software engineers will process your requests with high priority.

Learn more about the various support plans we offer.

Защита от DDoS-атак позволит обезопасить сервер видеосвязи от атак, которые путём отправки больших потоков данных нагружают ПО и оборудование и в итоге приводят к недоступности сервисов коммуникаций. Это поможет поддерживать стабильность общения в компаниях, для которых высок риск хакерских атак, и как следствие избежать расходов на восстановление работоспособности после таких инцидентов.

Built-in SIP / H.323 / RTSP gateway enables TrueConf Server and its endpoints to communicate with legacy video conferencing equipment, Skype for Business users, PBXs and telephony. Gateway can act as a gatekeeper or a SIP registrar for 3rd-party equipment, which will appear in Address Book as normal TrueConf users.

Otherwise TrueConf Server can register itself on existing PBX, MCU or gatekeeper to ease communications through Firewall and NAT. Of course VoIP devices, legacy equipment and VMRs can be accessed directly through gateway in both directions during video calls and multipoint sessions. Gateway also supports stream capture via RTSP protocol which can be used to connect to IP cameras and surveillance systems.

Basic package includes support for 1 connection.

Streaming support enables video conference broadcasting to third-party platforms or streaming services. You can stream your conferences for up to 1 million users: the number of participants is limited only by technical characteristics of streaming solution. We recommend using CDNvideo, YouTube, Facebook or Wowza platforms.

Note: TrueConf Server is not a streaming service and does not provide scaling for streams.

Personal video calls - point-to-point video conference with two participants both seeing and hearing each other.

Multipoint video conferences - multi-point video calls make it possible to connect up to 36 participants at the same time where everyone can see and hear each other. The number of participants in a video conference is limited by your license plan.

Virtual Meeting allows to bring up to 1,500 participants in a single video conference. During Virtual Meeting up to 36 speakers can be selected by a moderator or conference owner in real time. Every speaker can be seen and heard by other participants. This conference mode is a perfect choice for large meetings, as it allows every participant to play an active role while maintaining low bandwidth usage. The number of participants is also limited by your license.

Video lecture - a special type of a video conference where up to 49 participants can see and hear only the owner of such conference while he or she can see and hear all of them simultaneously. The number of participants in a video conference is limited by your license plan.

All communication occurs within your local network and under your supervision. TrueConf Server does not require an Internet connection.

However, if you are using a Free License, you will occasionally need to check the license validity via the Internet using TCP port 4310.

Why Is It Secure to Use TrueConf Solutions?

  • All connections are secured with TLS/SSL protocol.
  • All data is encrypted using AES256.
  • We use proprietary transport layer.
  • Can be deployed within LAN/VPN/DMZ netwroks.
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party data encryption systems.
  • Only one TCP port is required.

Built-in scheduler will not let you miss important meetings.

User groups - allow you to split users into groups with different levels of privileges, e.g. the ability to create personal or group video conferences or use collaboration tools.

Video recording - allows to record and store audio and video streams from any participant for future reference or edit.

Instant Messaging - allows users of the TrueConf client applications to exchange text messages during a video call or a group video conference, as well as when not in the conference.

Slide show allows you to demonstrate slides, photos, drawings, diagrams and other documents to remote participants.

Screen sharing (or remote desktop sharing) - enables a live video broadcast of your desktop screen to multiple parties.

Read more on the page TrueConf Client Applications.

Phone, email and live chat support are available within 30 days after the purchase for all the customers. Our representatives will be glad to assist you during business hours using our ticketing system.

To cut response time and get more support options, please check our paid support plans.

Federation is a very effective scaling mechanism that allows you to unite multiple TrueConf Server units into a single system. As a result, users from different servers are able to see who is online or offline and make calls to each other as if they were on the same server. Redundancy and load balancing is built in, certainly.

Please contact our Sales Department for details.
Phone: +1 833 878-32-63, E-mail:

TrueConf Server license for 300+ online users can only be purchased as a part of TrueConf Enterprise solution, a modular and scalable video conferencing system for large organizations.

TrueConf Enterprise benefits:
  • Easy scaling and balancing of video conferencing infrastructure across entire organization.
  • Great customization and branding capabilities.
  • Suits best for telecom operators, service providers, enterprises and government organizations.

TrueConf Directory, TrueConf License Manager and Integration with DLP extensions are included to TrueConf Enterprise package by default. Please contact our sales team to get the most accurate estimate according to your needs.

Public Web Conferences - allows invite guests (users not registered on TrueConf Server) to a public conference and communicate with them just like with registered users during the conference.

Every public conference comes with an external web page that contains the conference description and ways of connecting to the conference.

You can also embed a video window of the public conference in an external webpage.

The number of users connected to TrueConf Server simultaneously

Please contact our Sales Department for details.
Phone: +1 833 878-32-63, E-mail:

To purchase license for %max_connections SIP/H.323 connections please contact us. Prices are available upon request.

If you would like to connect a large number of SIP/H.323 devices, try TrueConf MCU, a software-based video conferencing bridge for standards-based endpoints. Learn more→

To purchase license for %max_connections guests please contact us. Prices are available upon request.

Для приобретения пакета премиальной технической поддержки, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами. Цены доступны по запросу.

The number of online users can not be less than the number of SIP/H.323 connections.

The number of online users will be increased to %online_users.

The new generation of conference rooms

TrueConf Room is PC software to equip corporate conference rooms with 4K video conferencing capabilities.

To get a full-fledged video conferencing endpoint, all you have to do is to install TrueConf Room software on any Windows computer and connect speakerphone and camera of your choice via USB and display over HDMI. Pro version provides different access policies for administrators and users and has no "TrueConf Room Free" watermark above the video.

TrueConf SDK allows you to develop custom video conferencing applications based on the TrueConf engine or add support for video conferencing to an existing application.

Users do not have to install dedicated TrueConf apps: all features will be available within your application.

This extension allows applications based on TrueConf SDK to connect to TrueConf Server.

TrueConf Server Licensing Explained

  • We license only "online" users, the number of accounts on TrueConf Server is unlimited!

  • All TrueConf client applications are available free of charge and don't require CALs or separate licenses.

  • Support for telephony, legacy VC systems, PBX, MCU, Active Directory, streaming and webinars is built into product.

  • If you are an educational institution, a healthcare organization or an NGO, choose the Academic, Healthcare or NGO license respectively. These licenses require validation and provide a 50% discount off the normal price.

  • Our pricing policy is very flexible: the larger the scope of your license is, the less you have to pay for a single online user, while the price for additional features is fixed and does not depend on the license scope.

  • Save with TrueConf! If you decide to extend or upgrade your license we'll deduct the amount you've paid us for previous license proportionally to the number of days left in it.

Payment Options

You can buy online from our e-commerce provider 2Checkout (, Inc.) who offers various payment options including bank cards, PayPal and purchase orders. All prices listed here are recommended retail prices and are subject to change without notice.

If you'd like to make a wire transfer or get a signed contract, please contact our sales team at We care about VAT and local taxes, which are excluded from our prices and vary from country to country. We'll be happy to transfer your order to a local reseller for assistance. Some regional restrictions may apply. We can also invoice you in your local currency if required.

Technical Support

When purchasing any license, every customer receives a basic technical support plan. When you purchase an Extended or Full technical support plan, you get faster response time, higher priority for your cases, and other useful features.