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Deployment of TrueConf Server

Do I need a powerful server?
How to install TrueConf Server Free in 15 minutes?

Configuring virtual machine for using TrueConf Server

How to configure Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2?
How to configure KVM Hypervisor on Ubuntu Server?
How to configure Xen hypervisor on Ubuntu Server 14.4.05?

H.323 / SIP Interoperability

Why do I have sound problems when using the G722.1C audio codec?
How to set up telephony on the example of TrueConf Server and Asterisk integration?

Active Directory / LDAP Integration

How to add several groups from Active Directory/LDAP to TrueConf Server

 Video Conference Streaming

Setting up TrueConf RTSP streaming with Wowza Streaming Cloud

 Third-party Services Integration

How to make a call from a Website using Visicall?

 Management of TrueConf Server

Where to get MSI Installer of TrueConf client application to distribute in Active Directory?

Can you install TrueConf Server on a PC with a web server installed?

 Usage of Desktop Client Applications

Do all participants need to install TrueConf client application to communicate?
Can the users within the local network communicate with the users connected via the Internet?
How to invite your colleagues into the conference?

 Usage of Mobile Client Applications

How to make video calls on Android?

 Web Conferencing Questions

How to create WebRTC Conference?

 Video and Audio Quality Issues

How to setup audio?

 Usage of TrueConf Online

Do all participants need to install TrueConf Online client application to communicate?

Usage of TrueConf Terminal

How to activate TrueConf Terminal Pro?
How to share files during video conferences in TrueConf Terminal 2.1?

 Usage of TrueConf Tracker

How to update sound processor of Phoenix Audio Condor?

 General and Other Questions

What is TrueConf ID?

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