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Getting Started with TrueConf

How to install TrueConf Server Free in 15 minutes?
Top 5 Benefits of TrueConf Video Conferencing
TrueConf Server comparison
How to Equip Presentation Room?
How to Assign Roles to Participants during Conferences and Webinars
How to Send Conference Reminders to All Invitees
How to Connect Participants to a Conference via a Link and without Registration
How to Stream Conferences
How to Add Recurrent Conferences to Participants’ Calendar
How to Connect to an IP Camera During a Video Conference
How to Make a Video Presentation from Client Applications
How to Co-browse Documents and Websites together with Colleagues
Integration with LDAP
How to Do Polls During Video Conferences
How to Record Presentations and Conferences
How to View Conference Statistics and Reports

TrueConf Server Deployment

Do I need a powerful server?
How to install TrueConf Server Free in 15 minutes?
How to deploy TrueConf Server on AWS
TrueConf Server start-up troubleshooting
Can you install TrueConf Server on a PC with a web server installed?
How to Move TrueConf Server to a Different PC
How to Add Video Conferencing to Your Interactive Kiosk?

Configuring Virtual Machine for TrueConf Server

How to configure Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2?
How to configure KVM Hypervisor on Ubuntu Server?
How to configure Xen hypervisor on Ubuntu Server 14.4.05?

 H.323 / SIP Interoperability

How to register TrueConf Server on the external H.323 gatekeeper
How TrueConf Users Can Make a Test Call via SIP/H.323/RTSP
How to add meeting rooms to your TrueConf address book
How to Assign Default H.323/SIP Servers When Setting Up the Gateway
How to Call SIP/H.323 Users and Devices from TrueConf Applications
How to call H.323 endpoint from TrueConf?
How to call Polycom SIP endpoint from TrueConf?
How to enable multipoint support on a Polycom HDX Series 6000/7000/8000/9000 endpoints?
How to connect speakerphone to the TrueConf Server
How to set up telephony on the example of TrueConf Server and Asterisk integration?
How to join conferences and call TrueConf users from a regular phone?
How to register SIP endpoint on TrueConf Server?
How to change video layout displayed on H.323 / SIP devices during a video conference?
How to share content via BFCP and H.239 in TrueConf Server?
How to Integrate TrueConf Server and Cisco Unified Communication Manager via SIP

 Active Directory / LDAP Integration

How to add several groups from Active Directory/LDAP to TrueConf Server
How to setup user data synchronization between TrueConf Server and Active Directory?

 Video Conference Streaming

Setting up TrueConf RTSP streaming with Wowza Streaming Cloud
How to stream your video conferences on Facebook
How to stream TrueConf video conferences on YouTube
How to stream TrueConf video conferences via CDNvideo?

Third-party Services Integration

TrueConf Server integration with Slack
Protocol «trueconf:» designed to interact with TrueConf Client Applications
How to Connect TrueConf and Skype for Business Users
How TrueConf Server users can join a meeting on BlueJeans

 Usage of TrueConf Server API

How to get started with TrueConf API
Embedding TrueConf video conferencing into your website
How to use TrueConf API to make video calls from the website
How to test TrueConf Server API

TrueConf Server Configuration

How to backup / restore TrueConf Server settings
How to update TrueConf Server?
How to renew TrueConf Server Free license?
How to configure TrueConf Directory?
How to fix «CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!» error?
Which logs are required to submit a ticket to the technical support department

TrueConf Server Administration

Why do you need UDP Multicast in video conferences
Which ports does TrueConf Server use
How to control the TrueConf Server out of network
How to solve a problem with access to the control panel
How to connect external users
How to schedule a video conference on the server side of TrueConf Server
Reports on previous conferences
How to play video conference records on the server?
TrueConf Server: where to look for client applications
Where to get MSI Installer of TrueConf client application to distribute in Active Directory?
TrueConf Server: group policies
How to connect users from different TrueConf Server instances
How to host a webinar using TrueConf Server?
How to register TrueConf Server offline?
How to update client apps on TrueConf Server?
How to send emails with TrueConf Server

Desktop Client Applications

Do all participants need to install TrueConf client application to communicate?
How to Apply a GPO to TrueConf for Windows Users
Managing address book in TrueConf client applications
Can the users within the local network communicate with the users connected via the Internet?
How to invite your colleagues into the conference?
How to join TrueConf video conferences?
Simple guide to 4K video conferencing
Chat file transfer: new feature available
How to make a video call on Linux
How to use desktop sharing during a conference
How to Share Audio Content During a Conference
How to broadcast video from two web cameras simultaneously in TrueConf client application
How to use slide show during a conference in client application for Windows, macOS and Linux
How to record a video conference and content
How to make a telephone call from the client application
How to install TrueConf for Linux
Symmetric group conference with TrueConf for macOS
How to make a video call on macOS
How to take polls during video conferences in TrueConf for Windows 7.3.0?
Launch TrueConf client applications via command line parameters
How to fix OpenGL error in TrueConf for Windows?
How to connect to RTSP sources (IP cameras) during TrueConf conferences
How conference participants are placed on the screen and how to change their order
How to divide conference participants into speakers and attendees
How to broadcast additional content, files and messages together with the video
How to use Dante-enabled audio devices in TrueConf video conferencing
How to schedule a conference in TrueConf for Windows
Conference moderators
The ultimate guide to conference modes
PTZ camera remote control
What is a role-based conference (virtual meeting)?
How to conduct a video lecture using TrueConf
How to organize a role-based conference on TrueConf for macOS
Common questions about TrueConf client applications
How Can the Conference Owner Rejoin the Meeting
How to use TrueConf on Windows XP

Mobile Client Applications

How to install TrueConf client app on iOS 8 and below
How to make video calls on Android?
How to make a video call from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)
How to make calls to SIP/H.323 endpoints from TrueConf for Android app?
How to make calls to SIP/H.323 endpoints from TrueConf for iOS app?
Video call from iPhone to Android
TrueConf for Android: how to record logs
How to add and delete contacts in TrueConf for Android
How to Disable Microphone in TrueConf Mobile Client Application
Content sharing in TrueConf for Android and TrueConf for iOS
Group video conferencing on Android
How to add a new contact in TrueConf for iOS?
How to organize a role-based conference on TrueConf for Android
Group video conferences on iPhone and iPad with TrueConf
TrueConf video meetings on on iPhone and iPad
How to become a beta tester for TrueConf for Android

Web Conferencing 

How to create WebRTC conference?
How to configure HTTPS in TrueConf 

 Video and Audio Quality Issues

How to setup audio?
How to setup video?
How to remove background noise in video conferences for Windows
Quality of video in TrueConf video conferences
How to improve video conferencing quality?
How to Improve TrueConf Communication Quality Using QoS
Which codecs are used in TrueConf video conferencing software?

  TrueConf Online

How to manage TrueConf Online user account
How to create corporate group in TrueConf Online
How to organize an event on demand

How to provide distance education with TrueConf Online
How to call from TrueConf Server to TrueConf Online cloud
Managing user groups in TrueConf Online address book
How to create a multipoint video conference in TrueConf for Windows
How can I make a payment for a corporate group?
How to make a video call on Windows
How to Boost Your TrueConf Video Conferencing Experience
Do all participants need to install TrueConf Online client application to communicate?
How to invite or call telephone user
How to invite colleagues and friends to join TrueConf?
What is the main difference between corporate group administrator and individual user accounts?
What happens if I call a user with unknown status?

TrueConf Room

How to limit access to TrueConf Room in the meeting room
How to share content during video conference with TrueConf Room

TrueConf Tracker and TrueConf Weathervane

How to update sound processor of Phoenix Audio Condor?
Camera preset control via command line in TrueConf Weathervane

TrueConf’s Network Architecture

SVC-based architecture in TrueConf Server
Data transmission technologies in TrueConf solutions
Can TrueConf Server operate in a closed network?
How TrueConf Server protects user data?
Why does TrueConf Server Free need to be connected to registration server?

Other Questions 

What is TrueConf ID?
What does a Server Name mean
TrueConf vs Skype for Business 2015
Can I send messages to offline users?
What is the difference between a user and an online user?

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