TrueConf MCU

TrueConf MCU
  • Software-based MCU server
  • Scalable solution for legacy video conferencing endpoints
  • Delivers individual layouts with dual stream support
  • Automated and ad-hoc meeting scheduling
  • Free trial version for Linux is available
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Version for Debian

TrueConf MCU control panel
MCU Interface
MCU interface reinvented

TrueConf MCU features a simple intuitive interface which ultimately leads to faster and easier conference management. View and monitor your meetings and devices, set up custom layouts, and track system performance in real time.

Complete interoperability with H.323/SIP endpoints

Make full use of your legacy video conferencing endpoints: send and receive content, manage customized layouts, control remote cameras, and connect through NAT.

Smart video layouts
Smart video layouts

Choose among multiple video layouts and fix it for all meeting participants or create a custom layout per each endpoint. With TrueConf MCU, you can manage panes on the fly and assign additional content slots, while our smart system autofills the layout for you.

Meeting controls
Meeting controls

In a meeting, you can manage participants thanks to advanced host controls. Enable or disable cameras and microphones, lock focus on a specific participant, or determine whose video to display during the meeting.

Manage your media

With TrueConf MCU you can receive or send any content or presentations via H.239 and BFCP protocols, record and stream video conferences, connect video surveillance systems, and play media content during meetings.

25+ Full HD Video Layouts
Unlimited opportunities with TrueConf Server

TrueConf MCU is fully compatible with TrueConf Server, a software platform for unified communications and collaboration. Connect TrueConf Server to enjoy 4K conferencing, group messaging, telephony and Active Directory integration and much more.

Unlimited Opportunities with TrueConf Server
High-level performance
High-level performance

With TrueConf MCU, you can be sure that each participant receives the best possible video conferencing experience thanks to enhanced CPU and GPU optimization.

Affordable infrastructure

Thanks to NUMA architecture support, TrueConf MCU supports video conferences for up to 256 participants. The system runs both in popular virtualization environments and any Linux distros with Intel or AMD CPU.

Technical support
You can trust us

At TrueConf we strive to ensure that our customers needs and expectations are met. Feel free to contact our technical support team — we are always ready to assist you in your native language.

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