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How to install and set up TrueConf MCU in 15 minutes

June 9, 2022
Aleksandr Parinov

Aleksandr Parinov

With TrueConf MCU, you can easily connect SIP/H.323 endpoints, IP cameras and TrueConf Server users in one meeting. The installation of TrueConf MCU takes no more than 15 minutes, just follow our simple step-by-step guide.

Before installing TrueConf MCU, make sure that your hardware meets our system requirements.

Choose your OS

Step 1. Download TrueConf MCU and get the registration key

  1. Go to the TrueConf MCU official webpage and click Download Free Version:

    Download TrueConf MCU

  2. Carefully fill out all the fields in the form.
  3. Click Download TrueConf MCU. The registration key will be sent to the email address you’ve specified in the form.

How to install and set up TrueConf MCU in 15 minutes 1

The registration key will be sent within 15 minutes. If you cannot find the email containing your registration key, please check the SPAM folder. If there is still no key, contact us in the live chat or in any other way convenient to you.

Step 2. Prepare your operating system

First of all, you should add the user who will install TrueConf MCU and get access to the TrueConf MCU control panel to your OS. You can use the account created when installing your OS.

You can use sudo to execute the commands listed below. Alternatively, you can first switch to administrator mode by running su - from the terminal and entering the root password. Additionally, when using an operating system with a graphical environment it is possible to install the TrueConf MCU package via a package manager available in your system, e.g. GDebi in Debian (you can install it by running sudo). Please note that sudo may be unavailable by default in your OS. You can check its availability using the sudo -V command.

Step 3. Install TrueConf MCU

A server in an open network connected to the Internet

Choose your Linux operating system to download the TrueConf MCU v. installation package:

Debian 10

Debian 11

Go to the folder where TrueConf MCU distributive has been sent. Follow our step-by-step manual and install TrueConf MCU by running the sequence of commands:

If the system requests the installation of additional dependencies, run the command:

In a private network without access to the Internet

TrueConf MCU installation requires some additional packages (dependencies). So, if the host is not connected to the Internet, you will have to adjust some system settings. Check TrueConf MCU documentation to learn more about installation in a private network.

Step 4. Installation test

To make sure that the server is running, enter the command:

Step 5. Register the Server

To use TrueConf MCU, you should first register it. There are two registration options:

Step 6. Add users to the address book

You can add users to your address book in order to avoid manual entering participants’ details every time when creating conferences on TrueConf MCU. You can add to it:

  • Users of TrueConf Server or other video conferencing systems that can be called via SIP or H.323
  • SIP/H.323 endpoints
  • IP cameras
  • VNC servers.

For your convenience, you can create groups of users added to your address book.

How to install and set up TrueConf MCU in 15 minutes 2

To add a user, go to the Address Book section and click Create → Contact. Follow the TrueConf MCU guide and enter:

  • user name
  • connection address format
  • call string in the required format.

You can also specify the user’s display name in meetings and upload the avatar.

In the same section, you can create user groups and add users to them.

How to install and set up TrueConf MCU in 15 minutes 3

Step 7. Enjoy video conferences

Before using TrueConf MCU, it is recommended to perform calibration.

Follow our guide to learn how to create conferences and connect to them. The administrator can also manage ongoing conferences.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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