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Data transmission technologies in TrueConf solutions

January 15, 2019
Dimitrii Zuikov

Dimitrii Zuikov

TrueConf uses numerous data transmission technologies to ensure high quality and reliable video connection across all channels and devices.

One port operation

TrueConf video conferencing server has several features that make its administration easier:

  • Our own proprietary protocol;
  • Connection with TrueConf client applications through TCP port 4307;
  • Work in LAN/VPN of all configurations, including satellite connection channels;
  • Endpoints (PCs, browsers and mobile devices) do not require direct IP address to operate;
  • Automatic passing through firewall/NAT;
  • Operation through corporate proxy servers and VPN gateways.

Adaptive buffer

TrueConf client applications use data reception buffer which enables smooth audio and video playback during video conferences.

If data (audio, video, media streams) are supplied to the network unsmoothly due to network problems the buffer collects data during certain intervals and then plays them so as if they were collected without intervals. This allows restoring audio and video smoothness even if they were received from several participants with various delays.

Buffer size can be changed automatically depending on the network parameters: connection quality and speed, data reception smoothness, peculiarities of your equipment.

Dynamic regulation of data transmission speed

Connection channel width from server to client application may change depending on certain factors. When volume of transmitted data exceeds channel capabilities data can accumulate on the server. This can increase delays during calls and conferences.

When TrueConf Server detects excess of accumulated data it gives instruction to change data transmission speed in order to accomodate to the conditions of connection channel.

TrueConf client applications increase video frames compression coefficient correspondingly.

In TrueConf solutions audio encoding with variable bitrate is also used to decrease the amount of data transmitted when other conference participant keeps silent.


Scalable Video Coding technology is one of TrueConf Server basic features. This technology allows you to adjust video stream quality to the user conditions thus minimizing network load as much as possible without quality loss.

Group video conferences do not require video stream mixing and re-encoding thus seriously minimizing system requirements for video conferencing infrastructure.

Direct connection priority

Hole Punching technology used in TrueConf video calls via NAT allows you to establish direct connection when data are transmitted not through the server but directly between client applications thus dramatically increasing connection quality in corporate networks.

Thanks to this technology you can  run 4K video calls inside your office through TrueConf cloud video conferencing service. Such calls require connection speed at least 8 Mb/s.

Recovery in case of connection disruptions

After a short server connection disruption TrueConf client application automatically adds the user to the conference (or call) in which he or she participated before the disconnection.

If the connection could not be restored for longer time (No Connection caption appears) and video conference was not ended the user will receive request with invitation to return to the conference after the connection has been restored.

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