TrueConf for Android: How To Record Logs

Alina Krukova
June 22, 2015
Alina Krukova
Categories: Tutorials

If TrueConf application becomes unstable on your Android device (issues with audio or video) we can help you. For this, you should record and send us the log data. In this article we will cover the instructions on how to enable logging in TrueConf for Android.

Step 1: Go the settings of the TrueConf for Android client application



Step 2: Start logging during a conference

In the settings menu, select Collecting logs – Start (this option will appear in the advanced settings after tapping the More button):

Collecting logs start

Start a video conference or a video call.

The Settings menu is not available during a conference. Therefore, first enable logging prior to creating a video conference.

Step 3: Complete the logging and send your log files to TrueConf technical support

To complete the process, tap Finish and select the Send option in the opened menu What to do with the log?:

Send logs

Step 4: Select the way of sending the logs

For example, if you wish to send the logs via Gmail, click the appropriate icon and the logs will be automatically sent to the email of the TrueConf technical support:

Send logs

That’s all =). After receiving your logs, we will solve your problem and your video conferencing will become even more convenient.