TrueConf ID

TrueConf ID is a unique TrueConf user identifier designed for authorization in client applications and participation in video calls and conferences.

As a rule TrueConf ID looks like that: <user>@<server>. Where: <user> is user’s name entered during registration; <server> is  TrueConf server name.


User george on TrueConf Online cloud service:

User maria on corporate TrueConf Server

TrueConf ID cannot be used as an email address. Users will not receive emails sent to their TrueConf ID.

How to obtain TrueConf ID

During registration in TrueConf Online

Press Sign Up/Personal Area in the upper part of our site.

TrueConf Online login window will open. Press the link Sign Up in its bottom part in order to start registration on the service.

TrueConf ID 1

Registration form page will open where you should put in the desired login  <user_id>  in the first field from the top.

Fill in all further fields and pass standard registration procedure.

TrueConf ID 2

How to create account on the server

This section is written for TrueConf Server administrators

Press Add a user  in Users → User Accounts section in the control panel. A form will open with a list of fields. One of them will be TrueConf ID.

TrueConf ID 3

After that information added by the user including his TrueConf ID will be shown on the User Accounts tab.

TrueConf ID 4

Now the user can authorize on your server using the assigned TrueConf ID and password.

How to use TrueConf ID

Authorization in TrueConf application

Start TrueConf client application. Press Sign with TrueConf ID .

TrueConf ID 5

In order to log in simply put in <user_id> (without @<server>, as the application has already connected to   TrueConf Online service server) . Then press Sign In.

TrueConf ID 6

If necessary you can connect to TrueConf Server corporate server in the application settings. Please, refer to the User Guide to pass this procedure.

How to add users to your address book

Start typing the necessary TrueConf ID in the field over the address book. Application will filter the list of TrueConf Online service users according to the typed line. If the user was found click on him or her once. A panel will appear (where you can choose chat, call and user’s profile) where you should press button TrueConf ID 7 . The user will be added to your address book.

You can call or chat with the user using the same procedure.

TrueConf ID 8


Connection between servers

Complete TrueConf ID (including both user and server name) when users from different TrueConf Servers become connected to one system.

In this case TrueConf ID acts as a call string, and all procedures in it.