How to fix «CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!» error?

Konstantin Olmezov
August 1, 2018
Konstantin Olmezov
Categories: Knowledge Base

The number of companies using TrueConf Server is growing day by day, as well as the number of tickets submitted in our technical support department. In this guide we will explain what to do when your TrueConf Server has stopped and is not working, even if it looks like everything is ok and your license is active.

Why TrueConf Server Hardware Key Can Unbind

  • after major update of your operating system (OS);
  • if your OS changed;
  • after OS activation;
  • If your PC parameters have been changed.

When one of those parameters have been changed, your security system may signal TrueConf Server to stop launching. This is why you need to record all your parameters on virtual machine.

How to record PC parameters on virtual machine?

All Enhanced Hardware Locking requirements (six items) should be met on your virtual machine.

What if my registered server stopped?

When you found out that your TrueConf Server has stopped, registered status, the first thing you should do is to check server log. Enter TrueConf Server web manager, proceed to settings tab and press View log button. Here you can view all recent server events.

TrueConf Server may have stopped because of the following string:

01/01/2000 10:00:00|0| 096c| UNKNOWN| CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!

Below you can find information on how to fix this error.

What is HW key and how to fix it?

HW key (hardware key) is a checksum connected to the hardware part of your physical or virtual machine. If checksum has been changed, your license may be used on the other server. This is why we stop the server to make sure your license is not endangered. The following components influence the checksum:

  • CPU details;
  • Network card MAC address;
  • OS.

Please, submit a ticket and TrueConf technical support will fix checksum connected to your license for free.

To submit a ticket and change your HW key, fill out the form or contact us via email When submitting a ticket, please specify if your server hardware has been changed, as well as your virtual machine type if any. We will do everything possible to assist you within 1 working day.

Once the HW key error has been fixed by the technical support, re-register the server.

Before you reset your registration, make sure you have the registration key that was used for previous server registration. You can look it up in your the mailbox by searching for the name of your server (e.g. ub1ra), as registration key string always starts with the name of the server.