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How to fix «CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!» error?

July 8, 2020
Dimitrii Zuikov

Dimitrii Zuikov

When trying to launch TrueConf Server or and TrueConf Server Free video conferencing server, you may find out that once the launch process is over, it switches to the following status:

stopped, registered.

This article describes what might cause this problem.

What to Do When Your Registered Server Stops?

In this situation, the first thing you should do is to check the server log. To access it, open the TrueConf Server control panel and proceed to System → Server Log the upper right corner of the screen.


Server logs will contain the maximum amount of information if the Enable detailed logging option is checked in the Dashboard → Settings section.

Most likely, TrueConf Server has stopped since the log contains the following line:

01/01/2000 10:00:00|0| 096c| UNKNOWN| CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!

How to fix «CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!» error? 1

What is HW Key and How to Fix It?

A HW key (hardware key) is a checksum of configuration of your computer or virtual machine. If you change this configuration (e.g. by editing your CPU information or MAC address of your network card, reinstalling or updating your operating system), your hardware key may “break” and, as a result, TrueConf Server will stop and won’t launch.

It can also happen when you update your TrueConf Server instance to the latest major version (i.e. the first two digits of the version number updated, e.g. from 4.7 to 5.0).

In this case, the server is stopped by security service to avoid unauthorized use of its copy.

If you are going to update your TrueConf Server instance, please make sure that your current license is eligible for updates (check our renewal policy for more details).

TrueConf technical support will fix your hardware key for free. To that end, you should submit a ticket and tell us your server ID. Once our technical support fixes the hardware key, please re-register the server.

Before resetting the registration, make sure that you have the registration key that you entered on this server last time. It can be found in the registration email letter along with server ID.

To prevent the hardware key from breaking on the virtual machine, set the following operating parameters for your computer:

  • Hard disk size
  • Serial number (SMART)
  • MAC address of the network card (MAC)
  • Physical memory (MEM) size

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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