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TrueConf Server Free

Free video conferencing solution suited for all video conferencing modes with up to 12 participants. It includes client applications for any platforms, a range of collaboration tools, support for WebRTC conferences and full interoperability with SIP/H.323 equipment.

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TrueConf Server

Designed for group video conferencing in private networks at any level of complexity, TrueConf Server guarantees secure, reliable corporate communication. TrueConf Server is easy to deploy, scale and integrate with LDAP, corporate PBX or SIP video conferencing endpoints.

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TrueConf Online

This Cloud-based video conferencing service offers the majority of TrueConf Server features without the need to install a dedicated video conferencing server. To start using your TrueConf Online service, all you need is a webcam, a microphone or headset, and Internet access.

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TrueConf Terminal

TrueConf Terminal is PC software to equip corporate conference rooms with 4K video conferencing capabilities.

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TrueConf Enterprise

IP-based solution for large-scale companies and Telcos. TrueConf Enterprise is a set of several TrueConf Servers with a common users database which works as a single unit.

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Specialized software that can be easily integrated into existing hardware systems, e.g. ATMs. Video kiosk can also be installed as a separate terminal or a video panel.

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Specialized PC software used in small and medium-sized meeting rooms to automatically track speakers using beamforming technology and PTZ camera.

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Software system for large conference & meeting rooms designed to work with multiple PTZ cameras and TrueConf Terminal.

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TrueConf API

With many years’ experience of video conferencing development behind us, we are happy to share TrueConf’s best solutions with our users and customers. Many of TrueConf’s functions are available in the form of various SDKs and APIs. Bring to life your most daring video conferencing and collaboration ideas with the help of our development kits!

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Why TrueConf?

Choose video conferencing solution that best fits your needs. TrueConf provides on-premises and cloud products for businesses of any size, software for meeting rooms, contact centers and video banking. If you want to integrate video into existing offerings or create completely new video conferencing solutions, TrueConf offers a range of SDK and APIs for all popular platforms.

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