How to update TrueConf Server?

Dimitry Zuykov
May 25, 2021
Dimitry Zuykov

The following guide will help you update your TrueConf Server to the latest version. Follow our blog to stay in touch with our new releases or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates to your email.

Step 1. Check for update availability

Make sure that your licence type and its validity period meet the requirements for a free update. Otherwise your TrueConf Server will not function properly after the update. For example, all one-year licences can be updated for free, while lifetime license update availability depends on how long ago it was purchased and if a required type of technical support package was bought. Please read more about our update policy.

If your licence is not eligible for an update, please contact us (or our partner who provided you with TrueConf Server) to get more detailed information on possible ways to update your server.

Step 2. Create a backup copy of your TrueConf Server configuration

Before updating it is highly recommended to create a backup copy of your server settings, i.e. user accounts, scheduled conferences, server configurations. Almost all this data (except for security certificate settings for establishing connection to the server via HTTPS) can be saved in a single file. Proceed to Dashboard → Settings → Configuration section and click Backup Settings to generate a backup file.

Backup settings TrueConf Server

Should the server configuration get lost after the update you can restore them by clicking Restore Settings and selecting the file generated earlier.

You will also need the server’s registration key that was emailed to you during registration. The key can be found by its first 5 symbols that correspond to the server ID.

The server identifier is displayed in the TrueConf Server control panel in the Summary tab.

Step 3. Request an update

If you do not want to change the major version of your server (the first three digits e.g. 4.3.9 or 4.4.0) but only wish to add updates that would complement your current version, you can download the new installation file from our website and install it.

For information and assistance regarding updating the major version of the server we advise you to contact our technical support. They may provide valuable tips for any individual case. It is completely free and is available to everyone.

Step 4. Get started with the updated server

After the installation enter your registration key and if necessary restore your server settings from the backup *.tcb file created in step 1. This will complete your update. Now the server is ready to go!

How to Update Client Apps on TrueConf Server?

After updating TrueConf Server you can also update client app versions available for download on the TrueConf Server guest page  (latest client apps are required to participate in video meetings hosted on the latest TrueConf Server versions). New application versions are also available on our website.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.