How to move TrueConf Server to another PC?

Konstantin Olmezov
August 2, 2018
Konstantin Olmezov
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Before moving the server, make sure you have stored the copies of the elements listed below.

Step 1. Save the server information

Registration Key

To  install a new server, you need a registration key. For security reasons you cannot get the key directly from TrueConf Server control panel. If you do not have a key at hand, look for TrueConf email containing a key in your mailbox. You can search it by ServerID, which matches the first five characters of the registration key. ServerID can be found on the main page of TrueConf Server control panel (Dashboard > Summary).

Server Configuration File

Follow step 1 in How to Backup / Restore TrueConf Server Settings. Download and save TCSettings.tcb file which contains current server configuration.

Work Path

Copy the folder assigned to your server and move its copy to the device where you will move TrueConf Server to. Default work path is C:/TrueConf, though the exact address can be found in Dashboard > Settings, in Work path block.

System registry settings copy

To open Registry Editor, click Win + R, type regedit in the opened window and click OK.

In the left panel of the Registry Editor, right click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > WOW6432Node > TrueConf folder and select export from the context menu.

Save .reg file with the registry status.

Step 2. Install TrueConf Server

Make sure that the newly installed server is of the same version as the original one. You can view the server version in the control panel: it is displayed in a special line at the bottom of the screen.

When you already know the server version, contact technical support to obtain the installation file for this version. Run the file on the target computer and wait until the server installation is complete.

If you want to move TrueConf Server to a virtual machine, first use the instructions for configuring virtual machines to work with TrueConf Server:

If you experience problems connected with improper configuration of the virtual machine, technical support does not advise users on how to configure them.
We do not recommend using TrueConf Server on virtual machines, since there are multiple difficulties with setting their parameters, and configuration requires an experienced administrator.

Step 3. Restore the data from step 1

Finally, you need to move the files created in step 1 to the new machine and restore the server configuration.

While following this step, the next server error will most likely to occur:

CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!

You can find out how to fix this error in our article “How to solve the problem” CHECK CERT: HW key is failed!”

Before executing the next steps, stop the server (if it has automatically started after installation). To do this, expand the list  in the right upper corner of the control panel and select System > Stop (if the first item in the list is Start, the server is already running and there is no need to do anything).

Server Configuration

Follow step 2 of the guide on how to to Backup / Restore TrueConf Server Settings, restore the server configuration from the TCSettings.tcb file that has been saved in step 1.

Work path

Copy the work path saved in step 1 to the new server work path, or change the path to the required one (see the example above).

System registry settings

If the server operates correctly after following all the steps described above, the restoring process can be considered complete.

In case problems occur immediately after the transfer, contact TrueConf technical support to restore the registry status from the saved .reg file.

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