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TrueConf Server 4.3.9

20.04.2018 ( version)

  • Fixed: The server shuts down after sending several large files.
  • Fixed: Conference duration is displayed as one hour in invitation emails regardless of the actual conference details.
  • Fixed: The server is unable to call RTSP/SIP/H.323 devices in the scheduled conference.
  • Fixed: Unable to call H.323 endpoints in the conference if the endpoint and TrueConf Server have been registered on external gatekeeper.
  • Fixed: Unable to send invitation emails from the conference scheduling page in some SMTP configurations.
  • Fixed: Unable to share screen using public conference widget if TrueConf Server domains and web pages with embedded widget are different.
  • Fixed: Conference participants with unstable bandwidth might not receive audio and video from SIP/H.323 endpoints.
  • Changed: Improved Skype for Business integration
    • Added: SIP/2.0 301 Redirect request to Home Server command processing supported.
    • Fixed: Unable to call TrueConf from Skype client application when using several Skype for Business Front End servers.
    • Fixed: Unable to register TrueConf Server on Skype for Business 2015 if Login and Authorization name parameters are different in SIP Gateway settings.
  • Changed: TrueConf Server API
    • Fixed: Incorrect processing of identifiers starting with "#" (e.g. #sip).

14.02.2018 ( version)

  • Fixed: Unable to make phone calls using dialer in client applications even if Default VoIP server configuration role is set correctly.
  • Fixed: TrueConf Server incorrect registration status on Asterisk-based PBX via SIP protocol.
  • Fixed: Unable to continue offline registration process if browser window has been closed.
  • Fixed: Unable to connect to video lectures via portable application on the web conference page.
  • Fixed: Usage report data has been cleared after upgrading TrueConf Server from version 4.3.8 to 4.3.9.
  • Fixed: Role-based conferences with a large number of participants may shut down when server’s CPU doesn’t match minimum system requirements.
  • Fixed: Unable to join web conferences using portable client application if guest name contains "*" character.
  • Fixed: Unable to save changes in SIP and H.323 gateways settings if language was set to French.
  • Fixed: Calls from TrueConf Client 6.5.9 to Polycom VVX 1500 D via H.323 protocol terminate after 10 seconds.
  • Fixed: Not possible to adjust the maximum number of participants in a role-based conference if conference settings were edited.
  • Fixed: Unable to connect to SMTP server with invalid certificate SSL if "none" was selected as a connection security mode.
  • Changed: TrueConf for Windows updated to version
    • Fixed: The application may freeze during audio remarks under Windows 10.
    • Fixed: Once conference is finished the application shuts down if remote camera control window remained active.
    • Fixed: After the conference is finished the application shuts down if remote camera control panel was active during the conference.
    • Fixed: Portable client application was unable to connect to the web conferences on the server with self-signed HTTPS certificate.
  • Changed: TrueConf for macOS updated to version
    • Added: Support for 4K point-to-point (2160p) video calls.
    • Added: New layouts for group video conferences. Priority window now can be place in the corner, overlay, top or left positions.
    • Added: Support for retina displays and custom system DPI scale.
    • Added: Additional moderators now can be appointed during conferences.
    • Added: Temporary authorization support to join web conferences on remote servers.
    • Added: Sending contact details via chat using @username command.
    • Added: Voting and reactions during group conferences. Reactions menu is located in participants list windows.
    • Added: Support for images pasting from clipboard to chat sessions.
    • Added: Web conference HTTPS links can be called directly in the application to join the conference.
    • Added: Switching between main and additional video channels from SIP/H.323 endpoints when receiving content via BFCP and H.239 protocols.
    • Added: Support for extension numbers in dialer.
    • Added: Ability to choose default audio device for system sounds.
    • Added: Address book compact mode without users’ avatars display.
  • Changed: TrueConf Server API
    • Fixed: Unable to indicate time before 1 AM in schedule.time parameter for api/v3/conferences method.
    • Fixed: Request of user with numeric ID returned incorrect result.
    • Fixed: Request to delete a user from a group results in deleting of user’s account.

13.12.2017 ( version)

  • Changed: Automatic redirection from HTTP to HTTPS version of the conference webpage.
  • Changed: Missing screenshots added to documentation.
  • Fixed: v. 4.3.9 offline registration issues solved.
  • Fixed: Chrome blank page displayed on iOS devices when connecting to the scheduled conferences.

28.11.2017 ( version)

  • Added: IPv6 protocol support added for SIP / H.323 connections and for UDP Multicast conferences.
  • Added: Interface for SIP / H.323 connections individual settings management.
  • Added: Skype for Business 2015 and Microsoft Lync 2013 interoperability
    • Support for new protocols TLS, SRTP and ICE.
    • Support for Microsoft X-H264UC video codec.
    • Support for text messaging over SIP.
    • TrueConf users can call or invite Skype for Business users into the conference individually.
    • The number of simultaneous connections to Skype for Business users is limited by the number of SIP connections in TrueConf Server license.
    • Chatbot and a set of special chat commands were added to allow calls and conferences initialization from Skype for Business side.
  • Added: SIP/H.323 endpoints now can receive additional BFCP/H.239 content stream sent by other SIP/H.323 endpoints in a conference.
  • Added: ITU-T H.235 v.3 recommendation to encode media data over H.323 protocol supported.
  • Added: Support for FECC, Q.922, H.224 and H.281 protocols to control PTZ camera of SIP/H.323 endpoints. Users should use TrueConf for Windows 6.5.9 application to control far-end cameras.
  • Added: Moderator can adjust conference layout for all third-party endpoints (SIP, H.323, WebRTC participants and RTSP streams) and for server-side recording via WebRTC interface.
  • Added: Setting of the end date and time for scheduled conferences.
  • Added: QoS support using DSCP RTP markings for media streams.
  • Added: Deep and app links support for web conferences pages. This technique is used to quickly switch new users from browser to a mobile marketplace and then help them to automatically authorize and connect to the web conference.
  • Added: Open Graph tags for web conferences pages. Used to create rich previews when posting links to social media web sites.
  • Added: File sharing is now supported via chat for offline messages.
  • Added: Support for STARTTLS protocol in SMTP settings.
  • Added: TrueConf for Windows Beta version download link on the guest page.
  • Added: Selection between HTTP and HTTPS protocols for all web-based connections in web settings.
  • Added: “External address of TrueConf Server Web” is automatically pre-filled with external server addresses.
  • Added: Support for custom groups of contacts in users’ address books. Available in TrueConf for Windows 6.5.9 application.
  • Added: Information about additional extensions added to summary section of the control panel.
  • Removed: Users without group assigned and guests cannot have operator’s rights (being a moderator by default) any more.
  • Changed: WebRTC conference interface enhanced and functionality expanded
    • Added: New overlay layouts for video and content.
    • Added: Support for content capture in Chrome-based and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Chrome users have to install special TrueConf extension from Chrome Store.
    • Added: Moderator can manage conference participants: take to or remove from the podium, remove from the conference, turn on/off cameras and microphones, assign conference participants as moderators.
    • Added: Camera and microphone real time selection in UI during conferences.
    • Added: WebRTC participants can now receive files sent from desktop applications in chat.
    • Added: Moderators can manage conference video layout for all WebRTC participants.
    • Added: Support for Safari 11 browser in macOS.
    • Added: Adaptive display of web conference pages for mobile devices.
    • Added: Detailed error descriptions for web conferences.
    • Changed: Initial incoming video stream resolution for participants who just joined the web conference has been increased.
    • Changed: Chrome minimal supported version increased to v.62.
    • Removed: Support for asymmetric conferences in WebRTC application.
  • Changed: TrueConf Server API updated to version v3
    • Added: Authorization using OAuth 2.0 protocol methods.
    • Added: Request to get all available conference join methods.
    • Added: Application/json format for API requests.
    • Added: User status (online/offline) field in user objects.
    • Added: Request to get information about the conference owner.
    • Added: Request to invite user into a group conference with a certain ID.
    • Added: Support for guests authorization under known user ID. Useful for integration with external Active Directory / LDAP systems.
    • Added: Request to get server version and the list of its network addresses.
    • Added: Request to get file names of recording for a specific conference.
    • Added: conference participants are automatically invited to the conference created using API when any user enters this conference.
    • Added: Request to get the list of active conference participants.
  • Changed: Bundled TrueConf for Windows application updated to version 6.5.9
    • Added: Administrator rights are no longer required to install the application.
    • Added: Desktop capture using slide show tool with the help of dynamically generated slides. Slides can be delivered as BFCP/H.239 content to SIP/H.323 endpoints.
    • Added: Far-end camera control of SIP/H.323 endpoints PTZ cameras.
    • Added: Active video layout is automatically applied to the conference recording initialized on client application side.
    • Added: Echo cancellation setup for HDMI devices, e.g. TV speakers.
    • Added: Conference invitation button in private chat windows during the conference.
    • Added: Automatic creation of slides for *.ppt и *.pptx files drag & dropped into application window.
    • Added: Web conferences links can be called to join the conference.
    • Added: Logitech wireless clicker support for slide show tool.
    • Added: Support for TrueConf Virtual Printer.
    • Added: Moderator can turn on/off attendees’ webcams and microphones in a role-based conference.
    • Added: IPv6 support for to UDP Multicast conferences.
    • Changed: video conferences are recorded in the maximum possible resolution depending on available CPU resources.
    • Changed: UDP Multicast TTL parameter value increased to 5 (up from 1) by default. Might be useful for complex UDP Multicast networks configuration and satellite connections.
    • Changed: new emoji icons in chat.
    • Fixed: Memory leaks when calling SIP/H.323 endpoints.
    • Fixed: Video cameras connected via 1394 port do not operate correctly.
    • Fixed: Today’s chat history is not displayed when "Today" filter is set.
    • Fixed: User names containing emoji icons are displayed incorrectly in address book.
    • Fixed: Address book scroll bar sometimes displayed incorrectly during the conferences.
    • Fixed: "Access violation" error displayed when setting some PNG images as a camera source.
    • Fixed: "Access violation" error displayed when conference recording is saved to a system folder.
    • Fixed: Application shut down after operating system interface scale ratio is updated on Windows 7.
    • Fixed: When voice-activated layout switching is on, "Show video in a separate window" button is inactive.
    • Fixed: Application shut down when video source is replaced with some capture cards HDMI output.
    • Fixed: Slide show window flickers when slides are being switched.
    • Fixed: Application CPU utilization rises to 80-100% if conference record path contains several slashes in a row.
    • Fixed: The names of users who are not sending their video to a conference are not displayed in the layout.
    • Fixed: Networks path cannot be specified in Preferences > Chat settings.
    • Fixed: When the call is terminated user status is updated and address book is scrolled up.
  • Changed: Usage report now contains time zones, statistics for the participants connected via federation from other TrueConf servers, and statistics for guest users (eg. from WebRTC).
  • Changed: Now only a moderator can switch between video and content streams received from SIP/H.323 endpoint in symmetric conferences.
  • Changed: Offline registration process for server simplified.
  • Changed: HTML5 player is used by default (instead of Flash) in CDNvideo widget for conferences streaming.
  • Changed: Gateway performance during conferences with SIP/H.323 endpoints improved.
  • Changed: Memory consumption reduced for all types of conferences.
  • Changed: Performance of the module which sends image slides over HTTPS to client applications improved.
  • Changed: Email templates updated in SMTP settings.
  • Changed: Conference CID for private conferences is now generated using numbers only.
  • Changed: "\с\" prefix was replaced with "00" in calls from SIP/H.323 endpoints to TrueConf Server group conferences.
  • Changed: Unauthorized VoIP calls to PBXs connected to TrueConf Server (with “Default VoIP server” rule applied) are forbidden.
  • Fixed: Memory leaks on the gateway during SIP/H.323 conferences.
  • Fixed: WebRTC conferences stop when there is no free space left on the drive where recording are stored.
  • Fixed: 1-2 seconds length audio track containing the start of the conference was added to the end of the video recording if conference participants leave the conference before it ends.
  • Fixed: Calendar files in .ics format cannot be identified by some mail clients.
  • Fixed: H.323 devices cannot be added to the group conference via E.164 call format, e.g. #h323:\e\111.
  • Fixed: Asymmetric conference participants who joined the conference before the operator and the operators who entered the conference after these participants do not receive media stream from each other.
  • Fixed: Sony PCS-G50 video conferencing endpoint does not receive incoming video in group conference.
  • Fixed: Grandstream GVC3200 video conferencing endpoint sometimes disconnects H.323 calls if it was registered on TrueConf Server.
  • Fixed: Users cannot connect to the conference if the conference schedule has been changed from Non-recurrent to Without Schedule.
  • Fixed: Online users could not be invited to the running conference from the Conference list page in server’s control panel.
  • Fixed: Trusted domain users are not displayed in control panel in LDAP mode.
  • Fixed: Existing video recordings weren’t displayed in recording section of control panel if folder name contained Cyrillic letters.
  • Fixed: One minute authorization delay for large LDAP catalogues.
  • Fixed: When selecting group authorization in LDAP, group list is requested with a limitation of 1000 groups.
  • Fixed: LDAP group name is not displayed when LDAP group users are being viewed.
  • Fixed: If recurring conference with a weekly schedule starts in less than 9 hours, the countdown timer on conference web page was displaying next conference start time.
  • Fixed: All reported and possible XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: API GET requests sometimes cannot be sent using automatically generated API key.
  • Fixed: If a user connects to the conference using TrueConf Online application, his or her slides cannot be displayed for TrueConf Server users.
  • Fixed: A user with an ID containing cyrillic letters cannot be reached using SIP.
  • Fixed: Administrator authorization web page does not support Internet Explorer 9.
  • Fixed: Internet Explorer 11 does not display user groups in LDAP mode.
  • Fixed: Opera browser cannot connect to WebRTC conferences.
  • Fixed: A user with "0" in username cannot be edited.
  • Fixed: Users cannot be removed from group address book if their names contain slash ("/").
  • Fixed: Streaming settings for YouTube and Wowza cannot be saved during conference creation process.
  • Fixed: Call history was partially corrupted after client application is restart.
  • Fixed: Avatars and information about other server users cannot be retrieved in federation setup.
  • Fixed: Users cannot enter WebRTC conference if non-standard HTTPS port is used.
  • Fixed: Sometimes user’s password was updated if user personal details were edited using API.
  • Fixed: User list is not received upon request using API v2.0 in LDAP mode.

TrueConf Server 4.3.8

07.09.2017 ( version)

  • Changed: available memory allocation size increased during conferences with H.323 / SIP / WebRTC endpoints to enhance gateway stability.
  • Changed: TrueConf for Windows updated to version
    • Fixed: "Access violation" when moving cursor to the window of the participant who is not sending video.
    • Fixed: impossible to enter a group conference if in the Address Book the conference owner ID contains uppercase letters.
  • Fixed: circular references inside Active Directory catalogue stopped LDAP synchronization.
  • Fixed: Active Directory IDs containing cyrillic letters stopped LDAP synchronization.
  • Fixed: when substituting Asterisk default port (5060) with a non-standard port, calls cannot be accepted.

07.04.2017 ( version)

  • Added: Vietnamese language to the installer.
  • Changed: bitrate limit increased for very distant participants with high ping value.
  • Changed: the owner parameter is no longer required when creating a public symmetric conference via API.
  • Changed: TrueConf Client for Windows updated to version
    • Fixed: Bandwidth control presets are partially displayed in English locale.
    • Fixed: "№" is not recognized in chat.
  • Fixed: download speed limit operating incorrectly after changing.

03.03.2017 ( version)

  • Added: users can authorize in client applications and on the external conference webpage from Active Directory trusted domain.
  • Fixed: the list of the groups requested from LDAP limited to 1000 entries.
  • Fixed: when downloading Linux client application from the server guest page, the users were redirected to TrueConf home page instead of Linux distribution webpage.
  • Fixed: during LDAP mode, the conference owner with ID containing uppercase letters was not displayed in the conference participants list.
  • Fixed: grandstream GVC3200 video conferencing endpoint could not reach the conference if other SIP endpoints were taking part in this conference.
  • Fixed: in some cases Polycom HDX8000 video conferencing endpoint did not receive media content when joining the conference.
  • Fixed: in the Groups section, all the changes to the groups imported from LDAP could not be saved.
  • Fixed: SIP devices could not reach the server users from the external network via full SIP URI address (user@server).
  • Fixed: video calls to H.323 endpoints could terminate in 25 seconds after receiving h225_facility message.
  • Fixed: in WebRTC conferences and video recordings, black video windows of those users who disabled other conference speakers’ audio and video are displayed.
  • Fixed: the conferences created via Slack add-on unavailable for the maximum number of participants allowed by server license.
  • Fixed: 389 Directory user groups could not be imported into the server groups list while the users could successfully be added.
  • Fixed: SIP devices registered on the server and containing “.” (period) in its ID could not be reached.

01.02.2017 ( version)

  • Added: several moderators can be assigned while creating a group conference in control panel.
  • Added: operator rights for user groups. Members of the group with operator rights automatically become moderators when entering any conference on the server.
  • Added: maximum number of non-transmitting SIP/H.323 devices increased up to 100 endpoints during video meetings (role-based conference).
  • Added: maximum number of visible participants on a single screen increased up to 36 users in group conferences (symmetric and asymmetric).
  • Added: support for large user directories (more than 10,000 users) via LDAP protocol (Microsoft Active Directory, 389 Directory).
  • Added: AAC and MP3 audio support for external RTSP sources, e.g. IP cameras.
  • Added: audio and video encoding parameters for outgoing RTSP streams in control panel.
  • Added: file transfer between client applications via chat windows. Currently available only for TrueConf desktop applications.
  • Added: support for additional video stream from H.323 endpoints via H.239 protocol.
  • Added: content transmission support to H.323 devices via H.239 protocol using presentation and slide show tool in TrueConf desktop apps.
  • Added: moderators can now turn on/off participants’ cameras and microphones for participants connected over WebRTC.
  • Added: moderators can turn on/off audio and video streams from SIP/H.323 devices for all participants in group conferences run on TrueConf Server.
  • Added: TrueConf Server integration with Slack group messaging service. Slack users can create conferences on TrueConf Server on the go using /trueconf command.
  • Added: conference streaming support via CDNvideo service. Featured with automatically account creation and streaming parameters setup.
  • Added: unicode emojis support in conference titles and chat messages.
  • Changed: dial timeout set to 100 seconds.
  • Changed: users can choose public conferences join method: via WebRTC or using temporary client application for their OS.
  • Changed: additional contacts defined in a users group now displayed as a part of this group in Address Books of the users of this group.
  • Changed: on conference creation page conference type is set to symmetric by default (continuous presence).
  • Changed: users are not allowed to join the conference via Conference ID before the scheduled start time of the conference.
  • Changed: cyrillic characters support in user Call ID.
  • Changed: TrueConf Server API updated to version 2.0
    • Added: support for secure API interactions via HTTPS.
    • Added: conference launch and stop methods.
    • Added: tools for creation, edit and remove of user accounts.
    • Added: tools for creation, edit and remove of user groups.
  • Changed: TrueConf for Windows updated to version 6.5.8
    • Added: users can be invited to take the podium by double-click on their names in the conference participants list.
    • Added: conference owner can assign additional moderators from conference participants list via the context menu in real time during the conference.
    • Added: file transfer via chat. Users can transfer files by dragging them into chat window. Files are stored on the server.
    • Added: voice activation layout switching support, eg. speaking participant’s window is prioritized automatically. Activated in conference preferences settings.
    • Added: emojis support in incoming chat messages.
    • Added: new video layouts (overlay, left and top layouts) as an addition to existing corner layout option for prioritized participant window.
    • Added: video layouts automatically adjust to any display aspect ratio, including vertically oriented screens.
    • Added: inactive mic and camera icons display in user’s video window.
    • Added: support for JPEG/PNG/GIF (including animated GIFs) images transmission as a video source. You can also drag and drop image into the main application window to achieve this.
    • Added: Chinese simplified translation of the interface.
    • Changed: Reduced CPU load when capturing video from web cameras.
    • Changed: overlay video layout set as a default layout during group conferences.
    • Changed: chat links now open in a default web browser.
    • Fixed: issues with phone numbers display in Address Book.
    • Fixed: camera capture issues after sleeping or hibernation on a Windows machine.
  • TrueConf for macOS updated to version 7.1.3
    • Added: avatar display instead of a camera it is not presented.
    • Added: self-view window size and position can be adjusted during video calls.
    • Added: group invitations to the conferences from Address Book via the context menu.
    • Added: moderators can turn on/off conference participants’ microphones and cameras.
    • Added: ability for users to individually turn off audio and video reception from other conference participants.
    • Added: in-app support for uploading and updating of avatar.
    • Added: acces to files, chat history and Address Book in offline mode.
    • Added: ability to enter extension number using “*” sign in the dial pad.
    • Added: support for local PTZ camera control via VISCA and UVC protocols.
    • Added: support for direct connection between video call participants bypassing the server.
    • Added: authorization and connection to the conferences via TrueConf URI API.
    • Added: “Send message” and “Get back to the last message” buttons in chat.
    • Added: Presets for setting limitations on incoming and outcoming connection speed based on network type.
    • Changed: Audio and video quality enhanced.
    • Changed: Updated microphone test procedure.
  • TrueConf for Android updated to version 1.3.0 featuring Android OS 6+ support.
    • Added: push notifications about missed calls, incoming messages and conference invitations.
    • Added: support for pure audio calls with camera disabled when call is placed.
    • Added: support for direct connection between video call participants bypassing the server.
    • Added: support for Android 6+ devices.
    • Added: address book integration with user’s device contacts list.
    • Changed: audio and video quality enhanced.
  • Fixed: incorrect SIP/H.323 endpoints names displayed during conferences.
  • Fixed: WebRTC role-based conference participants can see and hear a moderator even if he or she has left the podium.
  • Fixed: not synced sound and video from Cisco E20 endpoint during video calls.
  • Fixed: working directory change cause conferences recording to broke on the server.
  • Fixed: modified Active Directory settings cannot be applied until the TrueConf Server service is restarted.
  • Fixed: Some H.323 endpoints couldn’t authenticate under TrueConf Server account.
  • Fixed: failure to remove elements from federation settings lists after resetting to default federation settings.
  • Fixed: failure to set conference ID as a recipient by default on H.323 settings page.
  • Fixed: when using a new IP address, the serves fails to work properly after the configuration settings have been restored from the backup file.
  • Fixed: avatars duplicated for those users who have similar ID but different Server Name domains.
  • Fixed: server fails to operate properly via HTTPS protocol if installed not in the default folder.
  • Fixed: sound issues during calls with Lifesize Team 220 endpoint.
  • Fixed: sound issues when recording SIP endpoint calls on the server.
  • Fixed: conference may stop when the system time has been changed on the server.
  • Fixed: server fails to work properly with Cisco AnyConnect network adapters.
  • Fixed: server fails to work properly when address added to the white list on the security settings page.
  • Fixed: delayed start of the video display for WebRTC conference participants.

TrueConf Server 4.3.7


  • Fixed in build sound distortions may appear when a WebRTC conference participant is using Chrome 53.
  • Added in build instructions for enabling HTTPS support for WebRTC conference pages in case untrusted certificate is used.


  • Added: ability to edit HTTPS settings in a dedicated section of TrueConf Server web interface.
  • Added: support for data transfer between TrueConf Server and web browsers using HTTPS.
  • Added: ability to receive content stream from Polycom HDX devices via BFCP protocol.
  • Added: support for slideshow demonstration from TrueConf client applications to SIP endpoints via BFCP protocol.
  • Added: automatic confirmation of recording requests for WebRTC peers.
  • Added: support for RTSP cameras with keep-alive and authorization.
  • Added: support for re-INVITE SIP mechanism which allows to change settings of an already launched video conferencing session.
  • Added: API for user account and conference management updated to version 1.1. See the changelog below.
  • Updated: license information section in server's web interface.
  • Updated: TrueConf for Windows updated to version 6.5.4.
  • Fixed: WebRTC video conferencing doesn’t work in browsers based on Chromium v.47 or higher.
  • Fixed: in some cases built-in web server denied to serve TrueConf Server API GET requests via HTTP.
  • Fixed: invalid PayloadType in OLC (G.722.1C) via H.323 protocol resulting in no sound on some Tandberg endpoints.
  • Fixed: known issues with displaying user names in multipoint conferences.
  • Fixed: call disconnects if an RTSP camera being called uses H.264 stream with number of reference frames higher than 1.
  • Fixed: call disconnects when Grandstream GVC3200 endpoint starts to send data in H.264 format.
  • Fixed: an unavailable audio codec is selected for Sony PCS-XG80 during H.323 calls.
  • Fixed: 'stuttering' sound from TrueConf Client on Yealink VC400 (G722.1C codec).
  • Fixed: TrueConf Client apps being disconnect in LDAP mode when editing it's group in the server's web interface.
  • Fixed: user's Address Books doesn't form in LDAP mode when syncing with Active Directory default groups, which are created automatically during domain setup.
  • Fixed: SIP endpoint is not authorized as a user if its ID contains hyphen symbol "-".
  • Fixed: users connected to the conference via WebRTC do not receive direct messages sent by users authorized on external servers (via federation feature).
  • Fixed: users synced from LDAP sub-groups are not able to authorize on a WebRTC conference page.
  • Fixed: video resolution changes on the conference record. The issue is seen in the VLC media player.
  • Fixed: error "Could not load slides on the server" in a single-use client app.

TrueConf API 1.1

  • Added: support for HTTPS.
  • Added: the ability to create of public multipoint conferences (webinars).
  • Added: sending request for launching and ending a conference.
  • Added: the ability to indicate the guest user name when embedding a public conference as an HTML5 widget on third-party resources.

TrueConf 6.5.4 for Windows

  • Added: /te command line parameter for launching the application in terminal mode and for switching to this mode on any incoming call.
  • Added: remote camera and microphone control of group conference participants by conference owner is supported between TrueConf 6.5.4 for Windows applications.
  • Added: peripheral devices automatically selected as active if being reconnected.
  • Added: simultaneous selection and interaction with multiple contacts in the application’s Address Book using CTRL and SHIFT keys.
  • Fixed: system's audio devices are removed from the list of devices available for selection by default.
  • Fixed: low sound quality issues when using Logitech B910 and C920 cameras.
  • Fixed: client app crashes when recording video from RTSP camera.
  • Fixed: irregular issues with no video signal received from Android participants connected to a conference via WebRTC.
  • Fixed: issues with sending/receiving slides when application is working with various types of proxy servers.
  • Fixed: application crashes in UDP Multicast conferences when switching between cameras.
  • Fixed: no avatar or user info shown in the User Search section if opened from context menu.

TrueConf Server 4.3.5


  • Added: new conference type public conference (also known as webinar), which can be joined by unregistered users from browser.
  • Added: entrance page for every public conference with detailed description.
  • Added: administrator can choose the limit for number of users on podium from 1 to 6 in scheduled role-based video meetings.
  • Added: video conferences publishing using RTSP Push to streaming servers or CDN services.
  • Added: ability to embed public conference video window into external webpages.
  • Added: API for working with a user’s Address Book.
  • Added: API to work with group conferences (creating and editing of conferences, viewing the list of conferences)
  • Added: settings page for federation configuration between different TrueConf Server instances and TrueConf Online.
  • Added: conference participants list into WebRTC app for browsers.
  • Added: exchanging personal messages in a WebRTC conference.
  • Added: mobile version of the WebRTC page.
  • Added: status of SMTP server connection (in SMTP section).
  • Added: user list is now displayed as a set of cards.
  • Added: SIP participants names are taken from SIP endpoint settings if possible.
  • Added: search for users when scheduling a conference.
  • Added: PDF guide covering offline registration process.
  • Added: Japanese localizations.
  • Removed: Support for Windows 2003 OS.
  • Changed: improved video resolution adjustment for SIP devices based on SDP parameters for H.264.
  • Changed: improved bandwidth adjustment for H.263+ codec.
  • Changed: accelerated retrieval of the participants list from LDAP.
  • Changed: TrueConf for Windows has been updated to version 6.5.2.
  • Changed: TrueConf for macOS has been updated to version 1.3.1.
  • Changed: TrueConf for Android has been updated to version
  • Changed: template of the conference invitation messages in SMTP settings.
  • Changed: scheduled conferences entrance page UI.
  • Changed: server logs have been merged into single journal.
  • Changed: users that are not in the TrueConf Server Admin group on server machine can be authorized to administer TrueConf Server.
  • Fixed: Inability to conduct WebRTC conferences in Chrome (since version 46).
  • Fixed: issues with connection to RTSP camera using authorization parameters.
  • Fixed: now you join a conference via WebRTC even if the server is operating in the LDAP mode.
  • Fixed: random disconnection of client applications every 15 minutes in some Active Directory configurations.
  • Fixed: no video from users, who authorized to a WebRTC conference using TrueConf ID entered in upper case.
  • Fixed: no response from H.323 endpoint when making a call to an offline user.
  • Fixed: incorrect display name of the user who send Slide Show to a WebRTC conference.
  • Fixed: the conference owner cannot be added to a conference’s participants list if TrueConf ID contains apostrophe.
  • Fixed: removed ability to rename a group in LDAP mode.
  • Fixed: issues when sending email via Yandex SMTP server.
  • Fixed: sudden conference recording termination.
  • Fixed: inability to stop the scheduled conference from admin panel.
  • Fixed: when updating the server, the path to the server working directory is overwritten.
  • Fixed: WebRTC conference indicator is displayed in Chrome address bar after user has left the conference.
  • Fixed: occasional inability to join a WebRTC conference using a link.
  • Fixed: Outgoing SIP domain field is filled incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Google Calendar does not recognize ics files in conference invitation email.
  • Fixed: Disconnect button in a user’s profile isn’t active if TrueConf ID contains upper case letters.
  • Fixed: WebRTC conference freezes after 10 to 30 minutes if some users connected to it using outdated versions of the Chrome browser.
  • Fixed: no audio signal on the TrueConf for Windows side when calling via H.323 using G.722.1 audio codec (specific to Polycom HDX 8000).
  • Fixed: deleted Active Directory groups were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed:inability to register a server if the server name starts with a number.
  • Fixed: occasionally no video in TrueConf Client when connecting to RTSP camera stream.
  • Fixed: username is displayed correctly only on the receiving side when making a call to a federated account.

TrueConf 6.5.2 for Windows

  • Added: Tatar localization
  • Added: cut to the clipboard using Shift+Delete.
  • Changed: improved quality of the video captured with Screen Capture tool during multipoint conferences.
  • Changed: improved video resolutions switching time during conferences.
  • Changed: call timeout increased to 100 seconds.
  • Changed: application full screen mode does not switch to normal mode when opening Chat window or receiving a message.
  • Fixed: caller ID was displayed instead of DisplayName in the dialog box of the incoming SIP/H.323 call.
  • Fixed: memory leak after changing video source from screen capture to a camera.
  • Fixed: application crashed if user rejoined the conference in which Slide Show presentation was being delivered.
  • Fixed: application crash when a nonstandard high resolution screen was being captured.
  • Fixed: audio playback speed in recordings was half of the normal speed in some cases.
  • Fixed: applications minimized to the tray were not presented on the list of applications available for screen capture.
  • Fixed: Screen capture stops to work when switching to another display.
  • Fixed: low incoming FPS when calling to and from SIP devices which transfer video at 60 FPS rate.
  • Fixed: no Disconnect icon in the Compact Mode.
  • Fixed: microphone sensitivity is set to minimum on the conference start.
  • Fixed: Logitech C270 camera stop working when video quality change from 480p to 720p.

TrueConf 1.3.1 for macOS

  • Added: new Slide Show collaboration tool.
  • Added: phone dialer to access PSTN lines.
  • Added: avatar upload for current user.
  • Added: support for automatic adjustment of Automatic Gain Control (AGC).
  • Added: collaboration tools icons to the conference control panel.
  • Added: active sound and video playback and capture devices selectors.
  • Added: active audio/video playback and capture devices selectors.
  • Added: display and editing of user groups in the Address Book.
  • Added: advanced Search among users and devices registered on the server.
  • Added: ability to edit user’s Display Name in the Address Book.
  • Added: the size of the main video window depends on the state of the Address Book (open / closed).
  • Added: notifications of missed calls and messages.
  • Added: incoming / outgoing call dialogue showing the call status.
  • Added: an ability to change the size of the detached video windows during a group conference.
  • Added: filter by Status (online / offline) for users and groups in the Address Book.
  • Added: filter by Call type (outgoing / incoming / missed) in Call History.
  • Added: filter by Chat room (individual / group) in the list of active Chat sessions.
  • Changed: improved connection quality between a client application and TrueConf Server.
  • Changed: improved video and audio quality.
  • Changed: updated UI.
  • Fixed: incorrect behaviour of web links in the Chat.
  • Fixed: incorrect Chat messages copying.
  • Fixed: Screen Sharing can now be used in a video conference regardless of the camera availability
  • Fixed: Address Book tabs disappearing after pressing Esc button.
  • Fixed: issues encountered when switching cameras on-the-fly during video conferences.

TrueConf Server 4.3.2


  • Added: Re-authorization is required after changing the user's password on the server side.
  • Changed: By default, authorization is enabled on the server for all administrators of the OS with TrueConf Server installed.
  • Changed: The call response time has been increased to 60 seconds.
  • Fixed: Issues with authorization of the server administrator.
  • Fixed: Issues with displaying incoming video in the latest versions of the Firefox browser if the user has not selected a camera.
  • Fixed: Issues with Slide Shows viewing in IE 9.
  • Fixed: The Invite participants button has been placed again on the group conferences page on the server.
  • Fixed: Issues with video occurring in WebRTC conferences if the recording destination path is specified incorrectly.
  • Fixed: When adding or editing a user on the server, the entered name is displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Issues with processing SIP messages.
  • Added new information to the user manual on H.323 calling.

TrueConf Server 4.3.1


  • Support for TCP KeepAlive for better energy saving;
  • Support for Slide Shows in SIP calls (beta, the feature can be enabled in the registry);
  • Avatars received from the client applications are stored on the server side;
  • Added: The ability to forcefully logout a user from the client application;
  • Improved checking of the connection to SIP and VoIP servers;
  • Improved security for the remote authentication of the TrueConf Server administrator;
  • Accelerated processing of large lists of users (more than 1000 entries);
  • TrueConf for Windows has been updated to version 6.5.1;
  • TrueConf for macOS has been updated to version;
  • Fixed: changes to some of the SMTP settings are not written to the registry;
  • Fixed: failure to call H.323 endpoints which do not support h.264;
  • Fixed: user status is occasionally not displayed if internal and external network addresses are specified;
  • Fixed: a message offering to download and install TrueConf for Windows does not appear when a user is trying to join a conference through the Internet Explorer 9;
  • Fixed: extra contacts are added to the address book when user adds an RTSP contact;
  • Fixed: the date is not indicated in the invitation when scheduling a meeting;
  • Fixed: Slide Show is not available in the client applications if Web Manager was not launched after installing the server;
  • Fixed: Issue with connecting to an RTSP camera if you call a user again;
  • Fixed: Server error in conferences where Screen Sharing is actively engaged;
  • Fixed: No incoming video signal from H.323 endpoints during incoming calls into a group video conference via its CID;
  • Fixed: Issue with adding users to a conference in French and Italian localization;
  • Fixed: A group name with an apostrophe is not displayed correctly in the Address book;
  • Fixed: An empty page is displayed in Internet Explorer if the conference has already started;
  • Fixed: localization errors;
  • Updated help file.

TrueConf 6.5.1 for Windows

  • Added: the captured window (Screen Capturer) is immediately brought to the front;
  • Added Turkish language;
  • Fixed: proxy server the proxy server blocked the Slide Show or uploading presentations;
  • Fixed: bugs in Slide Show sessions;
  • Fixed: Screen capturer is immediately selected if a user first runs the application on a device without a camera;
  • Fixed: the application would not launch if a user uses more than one video device;
  • Fixed: running application blocks the system reboot;
  • Fixed: the camera is being initialized by the minimized application if some USB device is connected or disconnected;
  • Fixed: the camera is being initialized by the minimized application if some USB device is connected or disconnected;

TrueConf 1.2.4 for macOS

  • Added the TrueConf digital signature. Now the security feature Gatekeeper does not block the application on the first run;
  • Added user avatars in the Address book;
  • Added: when a user switches chat between a compact view and a full screen, the message text is transferred to the input field;
  • Added: a standard TrueConf splash window is displayed when the application is launching;
  • Fixed: some user access control features in TrueConf Server groups are not supported;
  • Fixed: with the chat window open, the received messages are not marked as read messages;
  • Fixed: the client would not open when user clicks on a new message notification;
  • Fixed: issues occurring when trying to connect to the service after the loss of connection;
  • Fixed: when a third speaker enters the podium, the host’s microphone turns on automatically;
  • Fixed: FPS and bitrate are not displayed in the system information;
  • Fixed: "Online only" filter resets after restarting the application;
  • Fixed: random application crashes when joining a conference or signing in to the application.

TrueConf Server 4.3.0


  • Added Free server mode (FREE license is limited to 6 users and 1 SIP/H.323/RTSP connection);
  • The number of participants on screen in symmetric and assymetric conferences has been increased to 25;
  • Maximum joint resolution of group conferences has been increased to 6K (6400x3600);
  • Added the ability to rename groups;
  • Added sorting on the page "Connections";
  • Added support for H.323 connections (beta version);
  • Added the feature of changing password on the client side;
  • Added the ability to record conferences 1-on-1;
  • Added support for G.722.1 32 kHz in SIP calls;
  • Added user names above their video window in WebRTC conference;
  • Added display of status of connection to SIP server in Web Manager;
  • Added settings of SMTP authentication and security (page "SMTP");
  • TrueConf for Windows has been updated to version 6.5.0;
  • TrueConf for Android has been updated to version;
  • Added Italian and Belarusian localization;
  • Removed reference to the administrator login with the guest page for unauthorized IP addresses;
  • Removed start of the scheduled conference before the specified time;
  • Withdrawn support for server on Windows XP or Windows 2000;
  • Single-use client application for group conferencing through the Internet Explorer now has to pass safety checks by browsers;
  • Video recording quality on server now depends on video resolution;
  • Accelerated video encoding for SIP devices;
  • Revised Licensing section;
  • Fixed: Login on Guest page by administrator whose name consists of Cyrillic characters do not work properly;
  • Fixed: Blurred key frames when group conferencing on SIP terminal;
  • Fixed: Incorrect check of presence of the user in TrueConf Server admin;
  • Fixed: User status is not displayed;
  • Fixed: No redial through the RTSP (with a user and a password);
  • Fixed: User cannot enter a WebRTC conference if the server name contained a hyphen;
  • Fixed: The WebRTC video is not available if a server used more than one network interface.

TrueConf 6.5.0 for Windows

  • Implemented a virtual video device with the ability to capture desktop or any random application;
  • A new look of the application and icons, grouping of tool buttons;
  • Added support for scrolling Address book on touch screen;
  • Added the ability to upload view an avatar;
  • Added the ability to view detailed info on a user from the list of conference participants;
  • Added big application icon (for huge icons in OS);
  • Added ability to allow participants to take podium automatically;
  • Added switching of slides with the left and right arrow keys;
  • Added the ability to drag the main by a click anywhere;
  • Added detachable or combined with the main window address book and the relevant option in settings;
  • Added unfolding of a group in Address book when double-click on the group name;
  • Changed: The volume indicator of audio and video devices;
  • Changed: Settings of audio encoding when group conferencing, improved audio quality;
  • Changed: When selecting the maximum resolution of the streaming video, the maximum screen resolution of your interlocutor is now taken into account;
  • Increased strings size in Address book and the option to enable mode;
  • Improved operation of the application on tablets (Win8, x86);
  • Fixed: UDP peer-to-peer connections did not work;
  • Fixed: Hang of the application when switching devices;
  • Fixed: After switching to HD mode video is no longer displayed;
  • Fixed: Hang after a long asymmetric conference;
  • Fixed: "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error in Address book;
  • Fixed: Flickering elements if chat window when resizing the window;
  • Fixed: When inviting users to the group conference, extra users are being added;
  • Fixed: Features "Capture Screen Area" and "Capture Window" in Whiteboard do not work properly;
  • Fixed: Loss of offline messages;
  • Fixed: Video recording outside the conference (recording yourself) does not work;
  • Fixed: Chat tabs do not switch when using Ctrl+Tab;
  • Fixed: Hang when dragging files to the chat area.

TrueConf 1.2.3 for macOS

  • Improved application interface;
  • Improved Address Book;
  • Improved Call History;
  • Improved entering messages in chat;
  • Improved overall application stability;
  • Implemented dynamic update of user status in chat;
  • Added the ability to view user profile;
  • Added selecting option on the call/conference toolbar when right-click;
  • Added a separate group chat when conferencing;
  • Added network test of connection with the server;
  • Added the ability to use Push to Talk in a role-based conference without time limitations;
  • Added indicators of switched off devices of call/conference participants;
  • Added control of microphone volume during a call/conference;
  • Added strorage for chat list and Call History;
  • Fixed: Call interrupt when screen locks;
  • Fixed: errors when several incoming calls are processed;
  • Fixed: Corrected memory leak;
  • Fixed: Errors when viewing user name;
  • Fixed: Refusal to join a conference processed incorrectly;
  • Fixed: Application windows operation when recovering from sleep mode;
  • Fixed: Latency when starting a call;
  • Fixed: Confirmation of recording request did not work;
  • Fixed: incorrect operation of the client application after connection loss and recover;
  • Fixed: Incorrect handling of invitations to the conference;
  • Fixed: Automatic authorization error when registering using social networks.

TrueConf Server 4.2.5


  • Possibility to make adjustments to the resolution of video recordings and browser-based conferences (WebRTC);
  • The Search box appeared in LDAP groups’ selection window;
  • Implemented the ability to run the client application without prior installation with automatic entry into the conference for browsers that do not support WebRTC;
  • Implemented chat in conferences via WebRTC;
  • Ability to download TrueConf for Android;
  • Added new section to the Guest Page for TrueConf for Linux;
  • Added help section on connecting RTSP cameras;
  • Increased stream size in a group conference up to 2 Mbps from a participant;
  • TrueConf for macOS updated to 1.2.2;
  • TrueConf for Windows updated to 6.4.4;
  • Fixed: No connection to web conference when the server is behind a NAT;
  • Fixed: Offline chat messages were not received when the server is restarted;
  • Fixed: Polycom HDX 8000 got low resolution video (in CIF format) in group conferences;
  • Fixed: in LDAP mode the client applications did not display the names of the guest participants in a WebRTC-conference;
  • Fixed: Web manager did not allow to specify the path to the record that contained letters other than latin;
  • Fixed: Unable to login to the admin section if TrueConf Server was installed on MS Windows Server 2012;
  • Fixed: Upon registration, TrueConf Server did not always login to SIP server;
  • Fixed: Calls through VoIP gateway did not work when several users were calling;
  • Fixed: Contacts with special symbols could not be removed from the groups in address book;
  • Fixed: Unable to enter a hyphen in the network settings;
  • Fixed: In LDAP mode, the notification about a missed call via SMTP went to the wrong address;
  • Fixed: Unable not add a new user ID if it contained 0 in the beginning;
  • Fixed: In LDAP mode, users could not authorize if the login group was indicated in the wrong case;
  • Fixed: Frame rate dropped massively in WebRTC-conference if no participant sent any sound.

TrueConf 6.4.4 for Windows

  • Fixed: desktop sharing did not work in conferences between users connected through different servers;
  • Fixed: turning video on and off caused green screen to the person you were talking to;
  • Fixed: turned off microphone still recorded audio.

TrueConf 1.2.2 for macOS

  • Fixed client crash when using other than USB-cameras.

TrueConf Server 4.2.1


  • TrueConf for Windows automatically updates up to version 6.4.3.

TrueConf 6.4.3 for Windows

  • Improved video quality in small-sized windows in multipoint videoconference;
  • Guests are now arranged by name instead of number;
  • Improved the speed of user group maximizing/minimizing operations with many groups in the address book;
  • Fixed bad echo suppression;
  • Fixed slow desktop sharing;
  • Fixed: groups not allowed for the user are displayed in one of address directory menus;
  • Fixed: some users not displayed on the conference invitation list if they have ’/’ in their names.

TrueConf Server 4.2.0


  • Supported group video conferences with HD video (720p) from each of the participants (up to 4K, UltraHD in total);
  • The total resolution of video transmitted to browser increased to 720p;
  • Supported the ability to transmit audio and video from each participant to Internet browsers using WebRTC technology;
  • Normal and Guest authentification at the conference homepage;
  • Updated interface of WebRTC client application for browsers;
  • Support for common address books for groups of users, group address book managing, and the addition of multiple members to groups simultaneously;
  • Added registration of SIP gateway on external SIP servers (the ability to make calls via IP PBX that require authorization);
  • Added the ability to register multiple SIP devices (DECT/VoIP handsets, video conferencing terminals supporting SIP) on TrueConf Server (calling by TrueConf ID, 'offline/online' presence statuses in the Address Book);
  • Letters of notification for planned events;
  • Search in the list of users and filter by status (presence);
  • Improved display of selected groups from LDAP;
  • Ability to edit the Company box in user profiles;
  • Ability to edit administrator's contact list on the guest page;
  • Notifications on updates to the server;
  • Added TrueConf for Android installer application (ability to download the app for Android OS without going to Google Play);
  • Recording resolution on the server side increased to 720p;
  • Setting the path to save the records of conferences and the ability to delete records;
  • TrueConf for Windows automatically updates up to version 6.4.2;
  • Fixed the problem with automatic invitations of SIP clients from TrueConf Web Manager;
  • Fixed bug with administrator's authorization in case of mismatch of the domain register with that specified in the administrator's profile;
  • Fixed receiving the first frame in the RTSP camera stream. Earlier the image would be sent incomplete;
  • Fixed DisplayName of SIP contacts during incoming calls;
  • Fixed an automatic conference start after an invitation from the Web Manager is sent to a telephone number;
  • Fixed rare errors specific for SIP protocol.

TrueConf 6.4.2 for Windows

  • Formatting text in chat;
  • Added the ability to clear the chat history;
  • Added display of the number of contacts in the Address Book tabs;
  • Duplication of notification from tray to the taskbar (option available in "Preferences> General");
  • Desktop Sharing now works without installing drivers;
  • Fixed bug "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" in the Address Book;
  • Fixed: confused volume keys;
  • Fixed: not accepted Cyrillic domain in the mail during the registration;
  • Fixed: reduction in FPS after recording your own image.

TrueConf 1.2.1 for macOS

  • Reduced load on the CPU, the program as a whole is accelerated and improved.

TrueConf Server 4.1.3


  • Several bugs with SIP devices integration were fixed due to improved SIP protocol support;
  • Fixed a bug when main domain controller could be defined wrong if there are multiple domain controllers in the network and the LDAP mode in TrueConf Server is on.

TrueConf 6.4.1 for Windows

  • Added a built-in screen capture driver installation for Windows 8/8.1;
  • Fixed a problem with video freezing in HD mode during calls on PCs with certain versions of Intel HD Graphics integrated graphic processor;
  • Noises fixed during group video conferencing when CPU usage is high;
  • Fixed a bug with "Microphone Off" icon, that used to be displayed only once per user during a conference;
  • Fixed problems when establishing a call using Transparent Proxy connection to TrueConf Server;
  • Changed 'Alt + W' shortcut combination for closing chat tabs in some keyboard layouts.

TrueConf Server 4.1.2


  • Added support of TrueConf Directory;
  • Added an option to tweak automatic updates of client applications;
  • Web management tool can now show brief technical information about endpoints connected to WebRTC broadcasting;
  • The list of conferences in web management tool now shows "Recording" status if conference is being recorded;
  • Improved usability of "Network Settings" tab in the web configurator;
  • The host of the conference is automatically added to the list of participants;
  • Improved mechanism of adding multiple users;
  • Accelerated procedure for starting the server in large LDAP groups and optimized workflow;
  • SIP call to string is not case insensitive;
  • Black picture was corrected in WebRTC in case of a single broadcasting conference participant, i.e. broadcaster now sees his own image in the broadcast;
  • Fixed minor bugs in localizations;
  • Fixed Address Books synchronization issues;
  • Fixed bug that caused problems with video when calling SIP;
  • Fixed: no sound when calling from Android to SIP;
  • Fixed server error that occurred during SIP calls when the user did not respond.

TrueConf 6.4.0 for Windows

  • Full Unicode support in the application's interface, as well as in chat;
  • Application's design now matches the selected OS theme, including transparency;
  • Added the ability to select chat font;
  • Added status icon next to user's name in the chat;
  • User groups can be sorted alphabetically in the application's address book;
  • The ability to change the name for the contact immediately after adding it to the address book;
  • Updated icons of advanced conference statuses, as well as emoticons;
  • Chat module update boosted application's performance;
  • Supported new command-line options to specify the account information when the application starts.

TrueConf Server 4.1.1


  • WebRTC broadcasting is available in Firefox browsers;
  • WebRTC broadcasting through TCP is available, so additional servers may connect in case their browsers fail to connect via UPD protocol;
  • Web Configurator acquired Web / Security tab to manage Server's access rights;
  • Added the ability to change interface language in Web Configurator;
  • French, German and Dutch localizations are available;
  • Server's Trial period is extended in cases when there is no connection to the registration server;
  • Sound quality in WebRTC conferences is improved;
  • Video streaming from certain SIP endpoints is accelerated (unconditional key frame request from endpoint at the beginning of a conference);
  • Hissing sound during WebRTC broadcasts and in recorded video is eliminated;
  • Fixed errors during Server's installation and registration process on a certain operating systems configurations;
  • Fixed errors concerning restoration of backup files from previous versions;
  • Users who were added to the list of the participants, but failed to connect to a group conference in time stay on the list;
  • SIP users and users of external servers (via federation) may be invited to a scheduled conference.

TrueConf Server 4.1.0


  • Added multipoint WebRTC broadcasting (up to 100 simultaneous web participants);
  • Added the ability to record multipoint video conferences from Server in .avi format;
  • Added a tab for URL links settings to Web Configurator;
  • Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Czech localizations are available;
  • User lists, address books and lists of the conference participants appear faster;
  • License information in Server's web managing interface is expanded;
  • Web Configurator's menu now opens completely;
  • Added automatic Address Book management in LDAP mode;
  • Added the ability to restore Server's settings even with large number of users;
  • Added the ability to delete previously created user groups;
  • Added the ability to delete a started conference;
  • Fixed: e-mail address for sending an offline registration file is now displayed;
  • Fixed: there are no already added users in the conference's invitation list anymore;
  • Fixed: users blocked by LDAP protocol are not displayed in user list.

TrueConf Server 4.0.0


  • Web Configurator for distant server administration is available;
  • Online tech support chat widget is built into a Web Configurator and available when there is an Internet connection;
  • Server users can now visit guest page with download links for TrueConf Client applications;
  • Help page is built into Web Configurator;
  • Improved Russian and English localizations;
  • Better video quality when connecting to SIP devices with high bit-rates;
  • Video from SIP devices in not cropped during multipoint conferences.

TrueConf 1.1.0 for macOS

  • Aspect ratio and video modes of conferences are now 16:9;
  • Updated application's interface;
  • All incoming and outgoing video streams are in HD (1280x720p) resolution;
  • Interoperability with third-party audio and video devices is improved. The application is more stable on the whole.

TrueConf Server 3.4.0


  • Video quality restores faster after short-term connection failures in group conferences;
  • Resolution of transmitted video stream adjusts automatically to fit in video window of the receiving party in group video conferences;
  • Improved connection mode coordination mechanisms between built-in bridge and external SIP endpoints;
  • Added the ability to add phone numbers and prefixes to the Address Book for SIP calls;
  • Accelerated transcoding algorithms of Server's built-in SIP gateway;
  • Updated administrator's guide;
  • Fixed a problem with no video available when making calls on SIP endpoints of certain manufacturers;
  • Fixed a problem with automatic change of port settings to default after Servers Settings application is restarted;
  • Fixed errors in localizations.

TrueConf 6.3.0 for Windows

  • Aspect ratio and video modes of conferences are now 16:9;
  • FullHD (1080p) resolution is supported in both directions;
  • Renovated interface (Windows 8 style);
  • Added the ability it change audio and video devices "on the fly" during a video conference;
  • Added the ability to make calls on usual phone numbers (from external SIP PBX), phone numbers are shown in detailed user information;
  • Added the ability to record video in widescreen mode;
  • Added the ability to invite several Speakers in a row to take a podium without waiting for them to accept a request;
  • Modified password saving mechanism for authorizations at a proxy server;
  • Maximal network connection speed limits are now 4 Mbit/s;
  • Added the ability to auto-fill the address bar with Address Book search when entering TrueConf ID or user's name;
  • Hotkeys for turning audio and video devices on and off are available;
  • Mirroring of your own image can now be defined in personal settings;
  • Added Spanish and Czech localizations.

TrueConf Server 3.3.3


  • New user after LDAP import appears on a Server faster;
  • Speaker's video window after taking a podium appears faster;
  • Calling History feature in LDAP mode is improved;
  • Improved compatibility with third-party SIP devices.

TrueConf Server 3.3.2


  • SIP PBX gateway is added;
  • New Portuguese administrator's guide;
  • Polish localization is now available.

TrueConf 6.2.5 for Windows

  • Opus is now a default audio codec;
  • Updated built-in echo cancellation mechanism;
  • Polish localization is added;
  • Fixed problems concerning unsynchronizationof audio and video streams.

TrueConf Server 3.3.1


  • The number of simultaneous Speakers in Virtual Meeting is now 4;
  • Added a possibility to import LDAP groups when changing a mode;
  • Several differently located servers can now operate under a single LDAP directory;
  • Address Book distribution is available during complex LDAP operations;
  • Accelerated LDAP request processing;
  • Improved automatic authentication mechanism in LDAP mode;
  • Updated user channel management in group conferences (SVC 2.0);
  • Renovated Settings application interface;
  • Updated Russian and Portuguese localizations;
  • Fixed error concerning message delivery to users with capital letters in TrueConf ID;
  • Fixed an error when users were shown in a group only after adding another group.

TrueConf 6.2.4 for Windows

  • Mirroring of your own image in video conference;
  • It is now possible to work in Multicast mode in networks with package loss;
  • Slide resolution in Slide Show mode is higher;
  • Auto correct works better after server's updates;
  • Updated Help files;
  • Updated Russian, Ukrainian, German and Portuguese localizations;
  • Other minor fixes.

TrueConf Server 3.3.0


  • SVC technology is now supported;
  • WebM (VP8) video codec is updated;
  • Managing user profiles in LDAP mode is improved;
  • Cooperation between users of different servers in a conference is improved;
  • The maximum number of simultaneous connections in Role-based conference is now 120 users;
  • New bit-rate adjustment mechanism in group conferences is implemented.

TrueConf 6.2.3 for Windows

  • SVC technology is now supported;
  • WebM (VP8) video codec is updated;
  • Video conference recording mechanism is improved;
  • Statuses are available in video conference mode;
  • Updated German and Ukrainian localizations.

TrueConf Server 3.2.3


  • Video recording codec is now WebM (VP8);
  • Personal video calls are available in UDP mode;
  • Authorization error in Server's client application is fixed;
  • Accelerated connection time when connecting to a Server after changing Proxy settings;
  • Address Book updating after changes on a Server is improved;
  • Ukrainian interface localization is improved.

TrueConf 6.2.2 for Windows

  • Video recording codec is now WebM (VP8);
  • Default speed limits in channel settings are updated;
  • Added the ability to minimize your own image in 1-on-1 video calls by double mouse click;
  • The Host now has the "Cancel" button in closing a conference dialogue window;
  • Added the ability to record your own image aside of a conference;
  • Status icons are built into a client application;
  • User search result do not depend on keyboard layout anymore;
  • Some icons in client application are updated;
  • Address Book updating after changes on a Server is improved;
  • Renaming contacts in Address Book is improved;
  • Button that blocks a podium is removed when a Host declines a request to take a podium;
  • Added a possibility to group contacts in the Address Book;
  • New and improved info tips in Role-based conference;
  • Improved window and sign layout in video recording mode;
  • Ukrainian interface localization is improved;
  • Authorization error in Server's client application is fixed;
  • Minimal invitation waiting time when starting a Whiteboard session.

TrueConf Server (VideoPort VCS) 3.2.2


  • Role changing procedure in Role-based conference has changed: when all podiums are occupied, new Speaker automatically takes place of the last Speaker.

TrueConf Server 3.2.0


  • Video calls in HD (720p) quality are now available;
  • Desktop Sharing feature is added;
  • Federation between servers is available;
  • Added a possibility to group contacts in the Address Book;
  • Various fixes on client and server sides;
  • Dutch localization is available.

TrueConf 6.2.0 for Windows

  • High quality HD (720p) video calls are now supported;
  • Added Desktop Sharing feature;
  • Bigger button size in conference participants tab (for Virtual Meetings);
  • Switching to full screen mode on double mouse click;
  • Slide resolution in Slide Show feature is now 800х600;
  • "Pulse" skin is removed due to low compatibility with application;
  • Automatic taking a podium in Virtual Meetings on demand;
  • Updated registration form for new users in application;
  • Added signs for participants' windows in group video conferences;
  • Dutch localization is available;
  • English, German and French localizations are fixed;
  • Improved work of Collaboration Tools for double monitor configurations;
  • Removed excessive requests when using Slide Show, Desktop Sharing and Whiteboard features;
  • Improved recording mechanism for Virtual Meetings.

TrueConf Server (VideoPort VCS) 3.1.2


  • Client application automatically ends session if user disconnects from Configurator;
  • Full-scale license purchasing process for Server is automatized on Configurator.

TrueConf Server 3.1.1


  • Offline registration is now available;
  • Full-scale license purchasing process for Server is automatized on Configurator;
  • When user is deactivated in VCS manager, he/she automatically "logs out" from Client (not available in LDAP mode).

TrueConf 6.1.1 for Windows

  • Added the ability to connect to a conference's Host via "Call" button;
  • Theme box is added to a conference invitation form;
  • Connection to a conference via Host's call from address bar.

TrueConf Server 3.1.0


  • HQ (640x480) video mode is now available;
  • The maximum number of simultaneous connections is now 100 users.

TrueConf 6.1.0 for Windows

  • Implemented the mechanism of transmitting a high-quality (HQ) video;
  • Added the ability to record all the participants to a group video conference in .avi format;
  • Improved echo cancellation in video calls in client applications working on Windows XP;
  • Desktop Sharing works faster on high bit-rates.

TrueConf Server 3.0.7


  • VP8 is now a default video codec;
  • 64-bit Windows 7 / Vista systems are officially supported;
  • New improvements concerning sound quality in conferences;
  • Updating procedure from previous Server's versions is improved;
  • "Network errors" solved in UDP Multicast video conferences;
  • Server's network settings tab is updated.

TrueConf 6.0.0 for Windows

  • Improved Desktop Sharing feature for multimonitor configuration.

TrueConf Server 3.0.0


  • Russian localization of Server's configurator is added;
  • New flexible licensing system (additional options in calculator).

TrueConf 6.0.0 for Windows

  • The maximum number of the participants to a symmetric group conference is now 16, and 90 for a Virtual Meeting;
  • Added the ability to change video window layout (video window expansion);
  • Added the ability to change the size of a certain user's video window in full screen mode on a single click;
  • Added the ability to import PowerPoint files as slide show;
  • Improved sound and automatic gain control;
  • Added video window layout modes to full screen group conferences;
  • History and smiles are added to text chat;
  • Added the ability to create conferences of any type;
  • Added the ability to set up a theme of a group conference.
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