How to update client apps on TrueConf Server?

Elizaveta Nesova
May 16, 2019
Elizaveta Nesova
Categories: Knowledge Base

Updating TrueConf Server also updates client app installation files which are available for download on the guest page.

However, even after the update the users of older versions of TrueConf client apps can connect to your server. If that happens the server will  automatically update their app to the new version. You can manually set the version of the app that the server will auto update. You can also specify which updates are mandatory and which are recommended to everyone connecting to your server.

To set these settings you need to navigate to control panel, then to Settings (Application box). Each line there corresponds with a client app for a specific OS.

TrueConf Server 4.3.9 or older (or an updated up from 4.3.9 version) might not have the Windows version of the client app listed in Application settings. We explained earlier how it can be added there.

To customize update policy for client apps for an specific OS click the name of the app from the list on the left side of the box. The settings box will pop up once you click on the client app names. Its description can be found in documentation here:

  • application versions that are older than the specified minimal version will be auto-updated to the maximum version.
  • users running older versions than the current version will be suggested to upgrade their app to the maximum version.

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