TrueConf MCU licences: Comparison

Dimitry Zuykov
June 11, 2020
Dimitry Zuykov

TrueConf MCU video conferencing software allows you to host multipoint conferences with a wide range of configuration options. If you would like to activate TrueConf MCU or update its version, please contact us via online chat or any other convenient way, we will be happy to help.

Thanks to TrueConf MCU three-week trial, you can try all the features and benefits of TrueConf MCU before purchasing it.

TrueConf MCU licenses comparison


License type Free Paid
Maximum number of active connections 4 Up to 150
Maximum number of simultaneously running conferences 4 Unlimited
“TrueConf MCU Free” watermark above the video Yes No
Meeting time limit

User is automatically disconnected from the conference after the stated time period

45 minutes Unlimited
Connection to the registration server (via 4310 port) Required Not required

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