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Elevate your team interaction to a whole new level with TrueConf!

The solution supports not only personal and group chats, but also the exchange of images, documents, and other files. Thanks to message synchronization, you can seamlessly communicate from any device, no matter where you are.

Instant messaging (IM)

Team messaging. Without limits

TrueConf for Windows
Group and personal chats
TrueConf for Windows
Managing chat moderators and transferring owner rights
TrueConf for Windows
Edit, reply & forward messages
TrueConf for Windows
Text formatting: bold, underline, strikethrough, and italics
TrueConf for Windows
Tag your colleagues
TrueConf for Windows
Local and global delete for messages
TrueConf for Windows
Customization of pop-up notifications
TrueConf for Windows
Bulk actions on multiple messages
TrueConf for Windows
Chat management and shared file storage

Security in every conversation

TrueConf is a team messaging platform you can fully control and trust:

Data protection instant messaging softwareData protectionAES-256 encryption, ISO 27001 certified, GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant.
Secure and self-hosted business instant messagingSecure and self-hostedYour communications are stored on your own premises.
Confidential instant messaging platformRobust and privacy-firstProtection without compromising on must-have features and smooth, fast experience.

Pick up where you left off. On multiple devices

You don’t need to decide which device you can use to chat and organize meetings with your team. Sign in with your TrueConf account on multiple devices simultaneously - your calls and chat history is automatically synced anywhere you are going.

On the go

Seamlessly collaborate with your team right from your mobile device. With TrueConf mobile client applications, you can share media files and documents in group and personal chats, as well as join meetings with a single tab, wherever you are/

From your workplaceOn the go

From your workplace

Boost your workflow with TrueConf cross-platform client applications. Communicate in personal and group chats, run 4K video meetings and enjoy a wide range of collaboration tools for more effective teamwork.

From your workplaceFrom your workplace

Group and personal chats

Connect with teams before, during, and after meetings in personal and group chats. Bring everyone together in a shared chat space so you can exchange ideas, collaborate on common projects, and quickly escalate any chat to a video meeting for focused and meaningful discussions.

Group and personal chats IM

Organize your contacts

Keep track of your team in the address book! Navigate through your company’s departments, start conversations with your colleagues, instantly see their availability and view contact information.

Instant messaging for work: Organize your contacts

Presence statuses

Quickly check if your teammates are available, busy, away, working from home or offline and see the last time they were seen on TrueConf. Or set a custom status to set yourself to a focus mode and limit distractions.

TrueConf chat 9
TrueConf chat 10
TrueConf chat 11
Do not disturb
TrueConf chat 12
TrueConf chat 13
TrueConf chat 14
Recently active
TrueConf для Windows
On the phone
TrueConf для Windows
On the terminal

Pick up where you left off. On multiple devices

You don’t need to decide which device you can use to chat and organize meetings with your team. Sign in with your TrueConf account on multiple devices simultaneously - your calls and chat history is automatically synced anywhere you are going.

Work instant messaging

How does TrueConf compare to other team messaging apps?

Personal data stays within your corporate environment

Personal data stays within your corporate environment

Global address space, user groups and presence statuses

Global address space, user groups and presence statuses

All communications — in one app

All communications — in one app

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Content sharing, slideshow, meeting recording and much more

Content sharing, slideshow, meeting recording and much more

Consistent experience on mobiles and desktops

Consistent experience on mobiles and desktops

TrueConf Client Applications User Guide

Check our detailed user guide to learn more about key features of TrueConf client apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS.


What is the team chat?

Team chat is a software that enables team members or colleagues to communicate in real-time. The possibility of continuous interaction not only significantly increases productivity but also enables quick problem-solving during project implementation.

In most cases, team chats also allow you to easily share images, presentations, documents, and files. This feature not only speeds up task resolution but also enables more effective communication with colleagues, keeping them up to date.

Where are team chats most often used?

Team chats have been popular for a long time because, as mentioned above, they provide a convenient way for participants to communicate.

That is why this method of interaction has become widespread in several areas:

1.Organizations and companies quickly realized the ease and efficiency of working with team chat. An increasing number of businesses are adopting messengers or specialized solutions to enhance project collaboration and improve overall interaction. Chat rooms are now widely used across various industries, ranging from finance to healthcare.

2.In the software development industry, team chats have become an almost indispensable way to coordinate employee actions. Bug tracking and version integration features have been made as simple and fast as possible. At the same time, development teams often consist of individuals who are not only in different cities but even different countries.

3.In rapidly changing startup environments, team chats are widely used as the primary means of communication: they enable quick discussions on current projects and can be easily integrated into any infrastructure. It is important to understand that using secure messengers for interaction allows them to discuss new ideas without unnecessary risks.

4.In most cases, creative agencies, including advertising and design organizations, utilize chat apps for brainstorming and project sharing. In the creative field, third-party ideas can have a significant impact on both the inspiration and the perfection of the final result.

5.Educational institutions are increasingly adopting turnkey communication solutions that offer a secure educational process, including administration, teacher, and classroom chats. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as quarantine, the learning process will remain unaffected, and the actions of the staff will be coordinated.

6.Government organizations also utilize interoperability solutions that incorporate multiple layers of protection. Most often, in addition to chat, these platforms also include video communication for remote meetings and urgent discussions.

Do team chats differ from one another?

The primary and common functionality of team chats, as the name suggests, is to facilitate convenient interaction among colleagues. At the same time, the remaining features may vary significantly depending on the target audience of the solution and the developers' plans.

If we delve into the essence of the most popular team chats, we can identify several distinct characteristics that set them apart:

1.One of the fundamental aspects here is the breadth of features embedded in the platform. Shared file storage and the ability to send files to colleagues are undeniable advantages of many messengers. Many team chats now actively introduce video calls and multi-user conferences, seamlessly transforming text discussions into comprehensive online meetings.

2.Integration capabilities with third-party solutions are also crucial factors to consider when selecting a platform. Messengers that seamlessly integrate with work software are gaining popularity day by day. In particular, these can include business planners, corporate calendars, and video conferencing platforms.

3.Communication security is of utmost importance, particularly in the realm of business, irrespective of its scale. Even a small information leak can have irreparable consequences that may ultimately lead to the collapse of an organization. When it comes to narrowly focused team chats in various industries, strict compliance with requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA is necessary.

4.There are several ways to deploy solutions for team communication, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid options. To best align with the goals of the organization, it is recommended to choose a platform that is most suitable for the tasks being implemented. However, it must be borne in mind that data storage and security directly depends on the type of deployment: server is considered the most secure, and cloud is the least.

5.If you have plans to expand your team in the future, it is highly recommended to select a chat platform that offers scalability. Not all solutions offer such an opportunity, even for an additional fee, as they are primarily targeted towards small user groups.

How do we access our teams' chat features in our collaborative workspace?

The success of this process relies entirely on the platform you choose to facilitate communication. As a rule, to create a team chat, just click the appropriate button and add participants.

How does a team chat provide a better chat experience in collaborative work environments?

Team chat offers a greatly enhanced communication experience in a collaborative environment, as it allows every participant to stay updated on events and contribute new ideas whenever they want, leading to a more efficient and productive teamwork. The implementation of tasks requires constant monitoring of progress, which can only be achieved through the continuous interaction of all employees.

The ability to share files, especially images, documents, and presentations, plays an important role here: these files are often essential for regular planning meetings and working on projects. An extremely convenient feature is the ability to turn a group chat into a video conference, which allows for quick resolution of any disputable situations.

Thus, team messaging becomes an indispensable tool that sometimes even surpasses the convenience of working in the office. Simultaneously, everyone experiences a sense of belonging to the project, which enhances their level of engagement and motivation.

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