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With TrueConf, you can seamlessly escalate your team chat into Ultra HD (2160p) video meeting and enjoy live communication with teammates powered by rich collaboration capabilities.

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Team chat


Powerful unified communications platform used by tens of thousands of organizations globally.



Enterprise-class security, offline operation, end-to-end encryption, and complete control over corporate communications privacy.

Team messaging & collaboration

Team messaging & collaboration

Group and personal chats, slideshow, screen sharing, recording, remote desktop control, and more.

SVC-based architecture

SVC-based architecture

Ultimate video quality and reliable operation on any device without added costs or complex setups.

4K video conferencing

4K video conferencing

Host video meetings for up to 1,500 participants and enjoy top-notch communication with your team.



Participate in conferences from any convenient device: PC, smartphone, browser, or video-enabled room.

Team chat for different departments

Perfect for departments & teams of all kinds

TrueConf is one of the leading providers of video conferencing and team chat solutions. We provide a wide range of productivity tools to streamline remote workflows and keep dispersed teammates connected.

  • Developers: Share code-snippets
  • Sales: Integrate with leading CRMs
  • Human Resources: Make hiring decisions faster
  • Marketing: Collaborate on events and creative projects


TrueConf secures your data and keeps sensitive information shared in team chat confidential and inaccessible to third parties by unauthorized people. This self-hosted platform ensures strong privacy of intra-corporate communications and prevents the risk of eavesdropping and leakage.


Mandatory authorization


Lock your conferences from uninvited participants


PINs for every meeting


Provide unauthorized users with limited guest access

Team chat for groups and private messages
Group and personal chats
Working with messages in team chat
Edit, reply & forward messages
Tagging colleagues in team chat
Tag your colleagues
Deleting messages from team chat
Local and global delete for messages
File management in team chat
Chat management and shared file storage
Mass actions on messages in team chat
Bulk actions on multiple messages
Powerful feature set

Powerful productivity toolkit

Make your workflows effective and engaging: run Ultra HD video meetings for up to 1,500 participants, share messages in team chats, collaborate with colleagues using advanced productivity tools, navigate through your company’s departments and see instantly your teammates’ availability — all for free!

Secure & compliant

Secure & compliant

TrueConf is ISO27001 certified, GDPR and HIPAA compliant to ensure industry-best protection and safety of user personally identifiable information.

GDPR CompliantHIPAA ReadyISO 27001 Certified
Synchronizing team chat when logging in from multiple devices

Communication continuity

Sign in on multiple devices simultaneously and continue discussions with co-workers in team chat both from the office and on the go — the history of calls and messages is synchronized automatically.

Seamless administration with Active Directory

Seamless administration with Active Directory

Centralize and automate user account management with Active Directory: add new users or remove ex-employees, reset passwords, and keep user data up to date, with all information synced automatically.

Integrate your business processes

Integrate your business processes

TrueConf provides powerful SDK and API to help your application gain new opportunities! Embed Ultra HD video conferencing into your applications to create completely new solutions — video-enabled kiosks, contact centers, ATMs, etc. TrueConf team is happy to share our experience with you and find a perfect tool to fit your needs!

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What is a team chat?

Team chat is a form of instant messaging, which means it can be used for communication within your team just as easily as you might use it with somebody you’re seeing.

Chatting can greatly help you save time at work. Fast, short replies are accepted, and many chat apps provide plenty of emojis/GIFs that allow you to communicate better. Team chat or messaging apps have become a common means of communication. They help us communicate faster because they work 24 hours a day. They are less formal and let you be more creative. But it's important to always keep the conversation professional, though.

You can create separate projects or discussions with different threads and groups. You can increase employee productivity by having them focus on discussions that are related to their specific roles - this will help you save a lot of money.

What should I look for in a team chat app?

When you're deciding on a team chat app for your company, it's important to compare the prices and features offered by different options. There are apps with free plans and others that offer more robust paid subscriptions. But no single platform is perfect – you need to find out what the best option is for your needs.

It makes sense to choose an app with messaging capability and other features, such as:

• Voice and video calls;

• Task management;

• File storage and sharing.

What is a group chat vs. an individual meeting chat?

A one-to-one chat is just like a video call with another person, in that both of you are active participants. Group chats involve more than one person, and can be either personal or business related. TrueConf allows you to create chat rooms that can be escalated to video conferences. In one click, you can easily get all of your participants together for a meeting.

The best team chat apps

For now, we’ve explored the best chat apps:

Chanty is a team chat app that has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It's a simple, straightforward way to keep in touch with your team. It's designed for teams who want to discuss ideas and share information quickly, and it's also perfect for people who work remotely.

Brosix IM is a team chat app that is designed for enterprises to use. It has many features that are useful for enterprise applications, such as the ability to set up different rooms with different levels of permissions. The best chat apps are those with the most features and the least bugs. Brosix IM has a number of features that make it stand out from other chat apps, including the ability to set up different rooms with different levels of permissions.

Slack is an enterprise-grade messaging application that allows you to chat in real time with your team and keep track of all the conversations. There are more than 1000+ integrations available for Slack which makes it a safe bet for those who want to invest in an enterprise-grade messaging application with unlimited possibilities.

Microsoft Teams is primarily designed for office workers who need to collaborate with their colleagues and share information from various sources like email, chat, social media, and cloud storage. MS Teams integrates deeply with other Microsoft products such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Planner and Power BI.

Facebook Workplace is a social media platform that is similar to Facebook. The only difference is that it's made for the workplace. Workplace offers many of the same features as Facebook, such as group chat, live video streaming, and collaboration tools. It also has some unique features like a newsfeed where you can see what your colleagues are working on and post updates about your progress.

ProofHub is a project management tool that is also a communication app. The team can use it for tracking their projects, assigning tasks to each other, and for creating reports. It also enables the team to organize meetings, share files, and chat with each other in real time.

Google Chat is the new chat client, which was announced at Google I/O, allows users to have conversations with up to 10 people at the same time. This is done by combining the app with Google's other enterprise tools like Calendar, Docs, or Drive. With Google Chat, you can have conversations about a document right in your chat window without having to switch back and forth between apps. It is different from Hangouts because it is optimized for group conversations and meetings.

Team Inbox is a new app that is being developed by the team behind Flowdock. It's a messaging app that is designed for teams. It's designed to make it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate. It integrates with Slack, GitHub, Trello and Jira. The app is available on App Store and Google Play for free.

Rocket Chat is an open source chat application that can be used by organizations to create a private instant messaging platform for their team. The chat app has so many features, which make it a great choice for the tech savvy users looking to set up their own team's communication channels.

Flock is a team messaging app that has an unlimited number of messages and channels. It is a Slack alternative, with great features like GIFs, emojis, and other integrations. The only problem with Flock is that it has a free version which limits the amount of messages to 10K. This can be quite restricting for some teams who have been using Slack for years and now need to switch over.

Ryver is a project management tool that allows you to create, assign, and share tasks with your team. He charges per team, not per user. This makes it a great option for companies that want to use Ryver but don't want the additional expense of paying for more than one person's account. If you like the idea of putting Slack and Trello together in order to manage your projects and tasks, Ryver is worth checking out.

Glip is an all-in-one communications and collaboration tool. It can be used by small businesses to communicate and collaborate on projects, handle customer support, manage schedules, share files, or work together on documents. It also has a strong integration with RingCentral Office - which means that you can use it to send messages from your CRM database directly in Glip chats without having to switch between apps.

Pumble is a chat app that is designed to make work life easier. It offers features like being able to communicate with your teammates in public or private channels, as well as in one-on-one conversations. It also has a feature that allows you to organize your team's chats through the use of hashtags. This way, you can easily find and access the content you need without having to scroll through all of the messages.