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The Agency for Services and Payments Implements TrueConf Enterprise to Create a Safe Collaborative Space for 3,000 Employees in France

January 26, 2022
Maria Mihalyova

Maria Mihalyova

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The Agency for Services and Payments Implements TrueConf Enterprise to Create a Safe Collaborative Space for 3,000 Employees in France 1

TrueConf has provided the ASP, an inter-ministerial government payment agency acting under the dual control of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Labor in France, with a powerful and scalable enterprise-grade video collaboration system that unites numerous country-distributed offices in secure collaborative workspace.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the ASP faced the urgent need to digitize daily workflows to ensure productive collaboration in the conditions of remote work. Previously, the agency leveraged hardware video collaboration solutions powered by Cisco and Poly. However, it became challenging to maintain and scale previous video conferencing infrastructure first due to the rapidly increasing number of hosted meetings, second due to increased load on the IT department because Cisco and Poly endpoints need constant service.

Additionally, the ASP requires a scalable and fault-tolerant to network outages UC system that could be deployed locally, allows uniting all distributed offices into a single network, and keeps intra-corporate communications privacy safe. Plus, this solution should integrate seamlessly with existing video conferencing endpoints to justify initial investments.

To create a safe collaborative space for all employees and federate multiple TrueConf Server instances, the Agency for Services and Payments utilized TrueConf Enterprise, a scalable and powerful unified communications platform that provides flawless in-department collaboration across numerous distributed branches around the country. The agency has also connected its legacy endpoints to TrueConf-powered video conferencing network via the built-in SIP/H.323 gateway, thereby preserving the investments made in the IT infrastructure.

TrueConf makes it possible to schedule and run an unlimited number of video conferences for up to 1,000 participants at a time and easily manage large-scale events with advanced host controls. The platform provides the ASP employees with a built-in corporate messenger and collaboration platform with personal and group chats synchronization, content sharing, meetings recording, remote desktop control, and more. About 400 working video calls and online meetings take place on the TrueConf system per day.

“TrueConf allows the ASP to create a unified workspace and facilitate secure and reliable communications throughout all company departments in France. The organization highly appreciates the professional assistance of TrueConf team that has provided continuous support at every stage of the project implementation to meet our company’s requirements and standards for data safety,“ says Emmanuel Morin, TrueConf representative in France.

With TrueConf the ASP staff can hold unlimited meetings, swiftly resolve emerging issues, and exchange important information in full compliance with self-isolation policies, which is crucial during the pandemic lockdown. TrueConf is also used to conduct onboarding programs for remote employees across the country.

For more information, please contact:

Dmitry Odintsov,
TrueConf’s CEO
Phone: +1 (833) 878-32-63
Email: dmitry@trueconf.com

About TrueConf, www.trueconf.com
TrueConf equips desktops, mobiles, and meeting rooms with award-winning video collaboration capabilities and provides businesses worldwide with exceptional meeting experiences. TrueConf apps and solutions are easy to use and are fully compatible with legacy SIP/H.323 equipment, enabling customers to save money on infrastructure while still utilizing state-of-the art technologies such as scalable video coding (SVC) and intelligent stream manipulation.

About ASP, www.asp-public.fr
The ASP is a public body in charge of public support entirely dedicated to the implementation of public policies at European, national or local level in France. The ASP currently employs about 3,000 people and acts on behalf of more than 13 ministries, 80 general councils, a number of regional councils and state agencies.

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