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Vietnam Improves Online Medical Treatment with TrueConf Collaborative Technologies

April 5, 2023
Maria Mihalyova

Maria Mihalyova

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Vietnam Improves Online Medical Treatment with TrueConf Collaborative Technologies 1

TrueConf video collaboration solutions were used to implement a secure telemedicine system for a healthcare organization that serves more than 10 thousand people living in Phuoc Thanh Commune. The new service powered by TrueConf Server helped to raise the quality of patient care and improve cooperation between doctors working in different hospitals. It connected 21 medical centers and enabled them to save time and costs.

Phuoc Thanh Commune Health Station is a Vietnamese healthcare organization providing primary patient treatment. It is a part of Củ Chi Medical Center that includes 21 hospitals. This organization was compelled to adopt video collaboration technologies because many patients had to spend a lot of time traveling to upper-level district hospitals for provisional diagnoses or minor medical examinations. Similarly, medical workers from hospitals had to travel between medical stations which resulted in greater workload, poor time-efficiency, and increased costs.

In response to these challenges, the management decided to build a secure telemedicine system that could help patients get timely medical assistance without the need to travel to district main hospitals. It was also critical to speed up day-to-day operations. This project was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of Củ Chi District Medical Center and Haproinfo, TrueConf’s official representative in Vietnam. The telemedicine service was powered by TrueConf Server, an all-in-one team collaboration platform that guarantees maximum security of confidential information. This solution is deployed in a private network which makes it impossible for any unauthorized party to access patients’ records.

Vietnam Improves Online Medical Treatment with TrueConf Collaborative Technologies 2

Source: Ra mắt trạm y tế kiểu mới tại xã Phước Thạnh, huyện Củ Chi

With TrueConf client applications (for desktops and mobiles), healthcare providers can interact with patients remotely from their workplaces and medical rooms equipped with PCs and 4K cameras. They are also able to discuss diagnoses and day-to-day operations with their colleagues from upper-level hospitals and conduct an unlimited number of real-time video examinations. The telemedicine system helps to save both patients’ and physicians’ time and reduce the risk of medical errors since healthcare providers can consult with their colleagues at any time. Besides, patients and doctors minimize personal contacts and conduct online medical consultations which is critical for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Overall, this initiative contributed to the improvement of patient care for people who did not have an opportunity to travel and required urgent medical help.

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“With TrueConf video conferencing system, Củ Chi District Health Center continues to support personnel of Phuoc Thanh Commune Health Station in emergency work, timely medical examination and therapy. TrueConf helps to strengthen professional connections with higher-level hospitals to improve the service quality of the local health network. It also allows us to ensure adequate provision of primary medical services for each resident in the area,” says Nguyen Huu Nam,TrueConf representative in Vietnam.

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