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Bhutan Commissions TrueConf System for 200 Administrative Districts

May 30, 2018
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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The Royal Government of Bhutan has deployed a secure video conferencing system across 10 ministries and 200 districts of the country. Their TrueConf Server system unites more than 400 government officials, and significantly reduces travel expenses in the difficult geographical terrain of Bhutan.

Bhutan Commissions TrueConf System for 200 Administrative Districts

The Royal Government of Bhutan is an executive authority responsible for the allocation of budgetary resources, healthcare and education services as well as protection of citizens of the country.

The Government was in need of a stable and reliable video conferencing system for effective communication between ministries, administrative districts and sub-districts of Bhutan, a system which accounts for several thousand PC users. The legacy communication system could not support large-scale participation and lacked video communication, which led to frequent business travel and significantly increased travel costs. Additionally, the varied landscape and difficult geographic terrain of the country imposed barriers to travel and encumbered reacting to emergency situations at the territory of the Kingdom.

The Royal Government of Bhutan decided to deploy an improved video conferencing system to enable video communication among ministries, administrative districts and sub-districts of Bhutan. Their Department of Information Technology & Telecom sought an easily scalable unified communications solution, which could provide stable performance across variable bandwidths and be platform agnostic. Additionally, the system needed to be secured and hosted within the government’s network.

The Department explored video conferencing solutions which could support on-premises deployment and found TrueConf to be a perfect match. TrueConf Server is easily integrated with existing webcams and Polycom devices, and has conference features to support 36 * 36 symmetric group conferences, 1 * 36 asymmetric group conferences and 6 *250 (maximum of 6 speakers and 244 listeners) role-based conferences. With TrueConf Server, government workplaces can easily adapt to the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept, as employees now can participate in the meetings using their existing laptops. To run 4K video conferences, government officials are using TrueConf Server, TrueConf client applications for Windows and Logitech BRIO webcam. The system provides a full stack of collaboration tools, including instant messaging, file sharing and conference recording.

With TrueConf Server, the Government has established a secure 4K video conferencing system that reduces travel costs, boosts internal management and improves communication and work efficiency while reducing IT expenses. TrueConf Server is now deployed across 20 Dzongkhag administrations, 15 Drungkhag administrations and 205 Gewog administrations with more than 400 user accounts distributed across government agencies.

‘‘TrueConf helps us run effective video meetings. Depending on the meeting’s type, we select one of TrueConf’s video conferencing modes and communicate without limits”, comments Jigme Lhendup, ICT Officer at Department of IT and Telecom. “Additionally, thanks to BYOD concept, there isn’t much need for purchasing additional video conferencing equipment.”

“With TrueConf Server, Royal Government of Bhutan can easily scale their video conferencing system and connect new users”, says Dmitriy Odintsov, TrueConf CBDO. “Due to world instability it is increasingly important for countries and corporations to invest into their own infrastructure independent of Internet connection.”

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