On-Premise means using your own infrastructure and resources to host your software. Despite the fact that cloud solutions are becoming more and more popular, the on-premises approach has a number of advantages that cloud hosting isn’t meant to offer.

What is the difference between On-Premises and Cloud-based solutions?

Cloud-based solutions look promising at first glance. The customer does not need to take care of the server infrastructure. There is no need to worry about which vendors’ hardware to choose, how to provide an uninterruptible power supply, organize disk arrays and backup system. Ensuring information security, cooling, security and firefighting in the data center is the responsibility of cloud vendors.

From these advantages comes the main disadvantage of cloud-based solutions: you have no real control over anything. When outsourcing such critical areas as access to computing resources and information security of the company, you must be sure that the services provided to you are as good as those that you could organize on your own equipment.

In addition, cloud services often do not allow you to customize your infrastructure flexibly. You will have to choose from existing sets of configurations that may be insufficient or redundant for your needs.

On-premise is a classic model of access to computing resources. It means that the servers on which corporate software is installed are owned by the organization. As in the case of cloud solutions, the advantages here follow from disadvantages, and vice versa. You’ll have to monitor the deployment and maintenance of your server infrastructure, but it will fully meet your requirements. With the on-premises approach, you can control:

  • the price/performance ratio of the server infrastructure for optimal efficiency
  • organization data privacy
  • the competence of the employees maintaining the server
  • protection against physical damage to equipment by both natural phenomena and intruders
  • recovery time in case of failures.

TrueConf allows customers to choose a convenient way to deploy video conferencing solutions. TrueConf Server supports both hybrid and on-premises deployment within a closed corporate network. In addition, we offer TrueConf Online, a cloud-based video communications service.

Source: trueconf.com