How to connect TrueConf and Polycom users via SIP protocol

Alexander Galvita
May 28, 2019
Alexander Galvita

TrueConf Server users can call third-party PBXes and SIP/H.323 video conferencing endpoints and invite them to group video conferences from their client applications. We will demonstrate this feature using TrueConf for Windows client application and Polycom endpoints; however, the procedure will be the same for Mac/Linux applications).

How TrueConf users can call Polycom endpoints

Open your client application and enter the following call line in the search field above the address book #sip:@<IP>. In this case, <IP> is the endpoint IP address.

After that click on the call button in the pop-up menu (where you can also add an endpoint to the address book ).

If a Polycom endpoint is already available at the outer MCU or Gatekeeper, you can register TrueConf Server there as well. After that you will be able to call Polycom using the following call line #sip:<ID> where <ID> is the endpoint name.

How to Invite a Polycom Endpoint to a TrueConf Video Conference

Add a Polycom endpoint to the address book in your TrueConf client application (see the previous section) and invite it to the list of conference participants. You can also add the endpoint to the list of meeting participants when scheduling the conference on the server or in your conference scheduler.

Invitation will be received automatically by a Polycom endpoint when the conference starts.

How to Call TrueConf Users from a Polycom Endpoint

We shall use Polycom RealPresence Desktop software as an example.

Enter the following line <user_id>@<IP> in the field above the dial pad.

Here <user_id> is the name of the called user, while <IP> is an external IP address or a domain name of TrueConf Server.

For example:

Making a call from Polycom

TrueConf user will receive the following invitation in his/her client application:

Upon accepting the invitation video call will start: both users will see and hear each other.

Video call on Polycom side

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