How to call Polycom SIP endpoint from TrueConf?

Alexander Galvita
March 14, 2014
Alexander Galvita

We have been supporting TrueConf Server integration with PBX and third-party video conferencing terminals via SIP protocol for a long time. Built-in SIP gateway allows not only to make 1-on-1 video calls, but also to participate in group video conferences.

Today will talk about how to connect TrueConf Server user to Polycom terminal user.

What Do You Need?

In order to call Polycom client, TrueConf Server subscriber should do the following:

  • Purchase a TrueConf Server license with support for built-in SIP gateway. You may choose between versions for 5 or 10 connections. The cost of such licenses can be calculated here. Keep in mind that when buying a gateway the server’s system requirements increase.
  • Make sure that the Polycom terminal, with which you want to contact in the video conference mode supports SIP protocol and is in the same network as your client application.

So now lets try to call from Polycom terminal to TrueConf Server and vice versa, as well as to invite a group of users in a conference on the SIP device or on TrueConf Server.

How to Make a Call from Polycom Terminal to TrueConf Server?

To call TrueConf Server, a user of Polycom terminal should use the following combination: user@IP, where ‘user’ is user’s name on TrueConf Server (i.e. TrueConf ID), and ‘IP’ is the IP address of TrueConf Server.

Making a call from Polycom

To start a video call press the Call button. TrueConf’ user will receive an invitation:

Receiving an incoming call from Polycom user

After accepting it, the conference will start:

Video call on Polycom side

How to Make a Call from TrueConf App to Polycom?

To call a Polycom endpoint just type #sip:@IP into Call To: field or new contact address, where ‘IP’ is the IP address of the Polycom endpoint. By the way you can replace sip with h323 to reach it over H.323 protocol (eg. #h323:@IP).

Adding SIP user to the Address Book

Double click the new contact in Address Book to make a call:

Making a call from TrueConf Client

Polycom user will receive such notice:

Incoming call on Polycom

Well, that’s it. Quite easy, right?

Note: If you specify the default SIP Proxy server address in TrueConf Server settings to connect it to existing MCU or Gatekeeper, then to call Polycom endpoint behind that gatekeeper you will only have to enter #sip:ID, where ID is the name of the endpoint in the network or CID of a conference.
Default SIP Proxy
Note 2: You can complete avoid third-party protocols prefixes like #sip if you register your SIP/H.323 endpoint directly on TrueConf Server instead of MCU. Yes, TrueConf Server can act as registrar!

How Can TrueConf User Invite Polycom Endpoint into a Conference?

There are two ways to achieve this:

1. Automatically, if TrueConf Server administrator list Polycom as one of participants for scheduled conference.
2. Manually from TrueConf app by conference host.

TrueConf Server allows to schedule a group conference in advance. The administrator creates an event where he indicates the date and time of a conference, creates the list of participants of all subscribers, including SIP/H.323 endpoints (using #sip: or #h323: notation). Once conference is started, all participants, including third-party endpoints will receive a call.


If you want to invite Polycom endpoint from TrueConf client application just add it into contacts and double click once conference is started, TrueConf Server will handle the rest.

Create Group Conference

After that, all the participants will receive an invitation to the conference:

Multipoint Conference

How to Invite TrueConf App into Conferences Hosted on MCU?

If the group conference is held on MCU you should call TrueConf_ID@IP, where IP is TrueConf Server’s IP address and TrueConf_ID is TrueConf user ID, to invite it.

Here is how a group conference will look like on Polycom:

Group conference on Polycom