How to schedule a video conference on TrueConf

February 28, 2019


With TrueConf Server, you can schedule video conferences in several ways: in the administrator control panel, on the guest page, via API, etc.

Benefits of conference scheduling

When scheduling a conference, you will be able to:

  • Create virtual rooms (constantly available meeting spaces) for weekly meetings and non-recurring events with a fixed set of participants.
  • Save conference settings as a template to be used for other meetings.
  • Share the conference ID and URL with other participants so that they can join the meeting in one click from a browser.
  • Send automatic email invitations to the participants thanks to the SMTP server integration. Your meetings can be imported to Google Calendar or any other calendar that supports .ics files (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).
  • Participants will be called automatically at the conference start.
  • Participants who failed to join the conference upon its start may be re-invited by an administrator from the TrueConf Server control panel or by regular users from their client application scheduler.
  • Meetings can be held bypassing the server with UDP Multicast technology.
  • Meetings can be streamed to popular services (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

Who can schedule a video meeting on TrueConf Server

Video conferences can be scheduled:

  •  by the administrator from the TrueConf Server control panel
  •  by regular users from the TrueConf Server guest page, personal area or the scheduler in a client application.

Finally, you can automate the scheduling process with TrueConf Server APIs.

How to schedule a video meeting

For administrators

Server administrator can schedule video conferences in the Group Conferences section in TrueConf Server control panel.

You can learn how to create public web conferences in this article.

Create conference TrueConf

For TrueConf users

From a client application

To open the conference scheduler, click the calendar button in the How to schedule a video conference on TrueConf 1 Conference Manager tab in TrueConf client application. Here you can open the scheduler and create a conference for the set time and date.


The alternative way to access the scheduling menu is to open TrueConf → Conference Scheduling.

From TrueConf Server guest page

Firstly, you need to get the web link to the TrueConf Server guest page from URL administrator. Secondly, you need to open the guest page and click on Schedule a conference


Please, sign in if an authorization window opens afterwards.

Then, click Continue to schedule a meeting.

In the personal area

Go to the personal area by clicking TrueConf → Personal Area in your client application. You can also access the personal area from the TrueConf Server guest page by clicking Sign in. To create a conference, click on +New conference button.


How to schedule video meetings via TrueConf Server APIs

Third-party developers can use the TrueConf Server APIs to schedule conferences. Below you can find cURL request example for creating symmetric video conference "type":0 for two users"max_participants": 2:


"start_time" is a video conference start date in UNIX timestamp format;

"duration" is video conference running time in seconds.

You can learn more about TrueConf Server operation via APIs in our knowledge base.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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